Marvel Fans Are Rooting For A She-Hulk & Daredevil Hook-Up

She-Hulk & Daredevil – A ship we didn’t know we needed!

Ever since the MCU began, fans have been flooding social media with suggestions and fantasies of whom they would like to see paired up. Many of these fantasies have stemmed from original comic book couplings, and some simply from creative minds who want to see how two characters would work together.

Some fans even try to manifest romantic relationships between characters you would never even think of together. There has been a brand-new addition to this long, long list – She-Hulk & Daredevil.

Since the Daredevil show ended, fans everywhere have been vying for Charlie Cox to return to the cowl. There was a legitimate rage around the time the show ended, as it was one of the best Marvel TV shows to this very day.

The casting was brilliant, the storyline was engaging, and the fight scenes were choreographed to absolute perfection. There was nothing not to like about this show. It indeed was the best portrayal of the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. However, they pulled the plug in it, and since then, Marvel fans have been manifesting the return of the red cowl.

During the Spider-Man: No Way Home events, we finally got what we were hoping for. Charlie eventually returned as Matt Murdoch, and that moment was electrifying. (That movie certainly was full of surprises, huh?)

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At this point, the fans were sated, and everyone calmed down a bit. Then, the She-Hulk trailer finally dropped, and there he was. Matt Murdoch is in all his glory in the iconic yellow Daredevil suit. Minds were blown, and prayers were answered. Marvel knew what the fans wanted and gave it to them. Or so we thought.

Since She-Hulk aired, there has been only one clear reference to the Devil of Hell’s kitchen so far. There is a shot of the yellow/golden helmet that you just cannot miss. However, that’s about it so far.

To say the least, fans have not been happy. The MCU has been teasing far too much, and we get it. It’s starting to get old. She-Hulk is a good show in and of itself. It has had great cameos ranging from the Hulk himself, all the way to beloved Wong. The show has done well, and we’re certain that the Devil will show himself later. It’s just that fans are tired of waiting, and their minds have started to wander.

In a bizarre new feat of fans shipping superhero characters together, She-Hulk and Daredevil have been the talk of the town. Hardcore fans of the show and the female Hulk have been let down over and over by the male love interests of the show, and they’re looking for someone who can fill those shoes. Ironically, they’re looking directly at Daredevil, who can’t exactly… look. Too much?

Here are some not-so-subtle fan tweets that are shipping these two hard.

This is bizarre for a myriad of reasons. There is some major comic book history between the two, but nothing major. She-Hulk could crush him, and he might be too gritty for her. The list could go on. However, there are a few fantastic reasons why they would be great together.

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Let’s start with the obvious. They’re both Lawyers. Not just any lawyer, they both believe in using their career to help people. They are both incredibly wholesome. Even when Daredevil was gritty, he was wholesome.

The most important reason is this. Jennifer Walters has had trouble with her alter-ego and how it has made it hard for her to find love. She retains her charming personality but changes in physical appearance.

So, most men can’t see that she is the same. Do you know who else can’t (literally) see? Matt Murdoch. They might just be the perfect couple if they were to get together. He would like her for who he is exactly, and she would understand his way of life. Voilà! It’s a win-win.

We think. If nothing else, it’s funny.

It’s a pretty big shot in the dark, but Marvel wants to bring Daredevil to a lighter side, and this might just be a good way to do that.

Do you think we will finally see Daredevil in the next episode of She-Hulk?

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