Lycoris Recoil Episode 13: Release Date, Time, Predictions

Death Stranding Creator’s new favorite anime, “Lycoris Recoil’s” finale is here!

After its release, the girl’s action series has taken the anime world by storm. Currently, 12 episodes have been broadcasted, and there’s one more left to conclude this season.

Lycoris Recoil is a media project developed by Spider Lily and Asaura.
The renowned anime series focuses on the unique bond between Chisato and Takina Inoue. They are both cogs, part of an all-female task force that operates under DA (Direct Attack).

Takina is forced to work alongside Chisato when the former disobeys orders during a mission, endangering her comrades. The brunette then learns from the efficient Chisato (who only has a few months left to live due to her artificial heart) and matures as an agent and a human.

The antagonists include those part of the Alan Institute, Shinji Yoshimatsu, Majima, and Robota. Studio A-Pictures is in charge of production and animation, with Shingo Adachi functioning as the director. Crunchyroll and Plus Media Networks Asia (Aniplus Asia) have streaming rights pertaining to this venture.

Check out the preview for the latest episode right now.

Episode 12 recap: Nature vs. Nurture

Alpha 4 pins down Majima after a confrontation with the enigmatic figure transpires through 2 episodes. The temporary leader then orders that the Lycoris must be taken out. Mr. Yoshimatsu tempts Chisato and asks her to choose live rounds and kill him to save herself. Chisato is unable to murder her beloved Yoshi-san in cold blood.

Kurumi, aka Walnut, who was presumed dead, returns to rescue the two heroines. She was able to locate Robota and taunt him. Then the maniac gets arrested by the police. Walnut helps the Lycoris clear their name by pushing a narrative that the majority of the population in Japan seems to believe. Kusunoki is happy that the Lycoris agents survive and takes over as commander of DA once again after LilyBell is asked to retreat.

Later, Majima ambushes the surviving girls and isolates Chisato from the rest of her friends. Takina tries in vain to reach her when the elevator descends.

It is now unclear whether the white-haired protagonist will survive since she needs the heart inside Mr. Yoshimatsu, and she must duel against Majima, the man who dwells in darkness yet again. The ending for the penultimate episode is deliberately left as a cliffhanger.

The designer and developer of “Death Stranding” is one of the series’ many fans. Hideo Kojima religiously watches the anime and keeps track of the story. Look at a few tweets that signify his love for the series.

Kojima-sensei expresses his joy after a staff member gets a few LycoReco goods at his request.

Hideo Kojima poses with Phil Spencer, the current CEO of Microsoft Gaming. He heads the Xbox brand. We can also see Kojima-sensei sporting a LycoReco shirt featuring the two female protagonists.

Kojima-sensei is excited that the series is nearing a nail-biting conclusion. He wonders what shall happen in the end.

Lycoris Recoil Episode 13 (Finale) Schedule

  • Pacific Time: 9 o’clock in the morning, 24th September
  • Central Time: 11 o’clock in the morning, 24th September
  • Eastern Time: 12 o’clock at noon, 24th September
  • British Time: 5 o’clock in the evening, 24th September
  • Indian Time: Half-past 9 in the evening, 24th September
  • Philippines Time: 12 o’clock at noon, 24th September
  • Central European Time: 6 o’clock in the evening, 24th September

About Hideo Kojima And Death Stranding

Kojima-sensei is known for his role in developing the critically-acclaimed Metal Gear series. He has also worked on Snatcher and Policenauts. After Kojima Productions split from Konami in 2015, he created the game titled Death Stranding, published in 2019.

The director’s cut was unveiled two years later. After the overwhelmingly positive reception, a sequel was scheduled and is currently in the process of development.

Do you think that Kojima-sensei is a man with good taste? Have you watched Lycoris Recoil yet? The series about girls laden with guns has turned quite a few heads and continues to garner traction. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. Adios for now!