God of War Ragnarök Thor's Mjolnir Is Much Attractive Than MCU's

In comparison to the MCU, God of War Ragnarok gives the God of Thunder more depth and fidelity to Norse mythology. But there is no denying the fact that MCU’s Thor was no less in any way; he still managed to impress many of the fanbases.

Thanks to his pivotal part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe over the past ten years, we have gotten familiar with the Norse god. The one thing that stands out the most apart from the Thor character itself is the weapon he wields- the Mjolnir.

MCU’s Mjolnir looks quite minimalistic and possibly best suited for the world of cinema; however, the Mjolnir we see in God of War is much more intricate and WAY BIGGER than the MCU’s Mjolnir.

God of War’s Mjolnir looks more aesthetically pleasing as opposed to its MCU counterpart. The Mjolnir that Thor wields more closely resembles the hammer we see in ancient carvings and artwork. MCU’s Mjolnir is more akin to a short-handed sledgehammer with a rectangular anvil and a short grip.

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Apart from Thor’s thrust hammer, there was a massive difference in the depiction of Thor himself. Both depictions of Thor are set in quite distinct historical and cultural situations. God of War was inspired by the original Old Norse epic poems, which adds authenticity to the game.

MCU Mjolnir vs God Of War Ragnarok Mjolnir

Santa Monica Studios clearly did in-depth research into Norse mythology and dug deep into their folklore and myths. In contrast, the MCU’s Thor and its portrayal of the Norse universe only loosely draw inspiration from Norse mythology, and throughout these films, Thor has developed into a unique character in his own right.

Compared to his MCU counterpart, Thor’s character in God of War Ragnarok is darker; he is also a drunkard and a sporadically violent individual, unlike MCU’s portrayal.

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While God of War Thor is conceited and ready to be harsh when the situation calls for it, Marvel’s Thor is a superhero whose heart is always in the right place. All said and done, one Thor is someone we hold in high regard and would towards him, and the other Thor is someone with whom you don’t won’t cross paths.

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