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Deadpool Gets His Undies Clawed By Wolverine & It’s Hilarious

Ever since the news broke out that Hugh Jackman would be returning as Wolverine in the upcoming Deadpool 3, the internet went all crazy, and this is just the beginning!

Also, the Deadpool and Wolverine storyline correlates directly with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This has left fans in a sea of speculations, with some fans expressing their imaginations through various means.

Art is one of them and has been dominating social platforms across the web. Artists have started posting various artworks that showcase what would happen if Deadpool and Wolverine would share the scene, and to be honest. The artworks are pretty hilarious!

Please take a look at this artwork by salmanartworks on Instagram that portrays sort of a movie poster with Deadpool getting his undies clawed by Wolverine, and the post has gotten viral!

Deadpool 3: Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine To Wear His Comic Accurate Suit

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Then another artwork by bosslogic on Instagram stacks up as many pop-culture references as the artist can’s quite a task to get hold of. How many did you get?

Or just see if you can decipher this subtle dig at both Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman appearing in an epic standoff as their superhero characters.

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And who can forget this illustration that pays homage to the classic comic book accurate Wolverine suit while he’s carrying our beloved Deadpool on his back out of an explosion?

arifinity_ take a bow!

Well, there you have it, folks! We’re all excited to see two of the most iconic superheroes on the big screen, and it’s only a matter of time before the Internet breaks again should Marvel decide to drop a teaser of the movie soon.

Let’s be honest, our excitement can’t be contained, and these art pieces only add fuel to that! Which one did you like the most? Do tell us in the comments below!


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