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Deadpool 3: Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine To Wear His Comic Accurate Suit

We might just see Wolverine in Yellow! — Deadpool 3!

Fans everywhere are still reeling from the new Deadpool 3 announcement. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, we’re here to tell you that the third installment of Deadpool has been announced.

If that is not big new enough, then let us report that this movie will be set in the Marvel Cinematic universe. Not big enough? Fine.

Hugh Jackman will return to play Wolverine. Yep, you read that right. After years of being retired from his role as the Wolverine, Hugh Jackman has announced his return to the character alongside Ryan Reynolds in the upcoming Deadpool movie. It’s safe to say that this movie will break the internet when it finally comes out in 2024.

Most superheroes we see on screen today have had many incarnations and actors playing them. However, there has always been one hero whose face has stayed the same, and at this point, it appears impossible to picture anyone else playing him.

Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman Reveal Details On Wolverine’s MCU Debut

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Luckily, we might not even have to just yet. Hugh Jackman has played the character of Wolverine from the very first X-Men movie, and there has been no other replacement. I mean, if you played it so well, there is no way you could ever be replaced. Hugh Jack has appeared as Wolverine in 9 movies, including his solo features and other films from the X-Men franchise.

It looks like he is here to round that number off with Deadpool 3. No one saw this coming, and when Ryan Reynolds made his hilarious announcement of Deadpool 3, most were dumbfounded to see Hugh Jackman casually strutting around in the background. No one expected Jackman to return to the role after his character’s fitting end in Logan. Jackman himself said on multiple occasions that he was done playing the character.

We don’t know what or how Ryan Reynolds got Jackman to agree to this, but we don’t care. We just want to see this man play Wolverine again.

Since we now know that the impossible can be made possible, something else that we’ve been dreaming about for a long time could happen. The classic yellow suit has been teased before in other X-Men movies, and we might just get what we want. Touch Wood.

According to scooper, DanielRPK, the current plan is to have Hugh Jackman don the iconic yellow suit. Everyone mostly gave up this dream a very long time back. However, Marvel is in the business of giving the fans what they want, and if they are smart, they will make this happen. We’re not 100% sure about this, but RPKnews has been a reliable source of information for a very long time and has been quite accurate for the most part.

His Twitter account was one of the first to say that Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdoch will be making an appearance in Spider-Man No Way Home (link) and also that Chadwick Boseman had recorded his lines for Marvel “What if…?” before he passed away (link). His pages rarely miss, and quite honestly, we want to believe this rumor.

“The current plan for Hugh Jackman to wear the Yellow Wolverine suit in ‘DEADPOOL 3.’ – Daniel RPK (Patreon)

We’re excited enough about the fact that Hugh Jackman is returning as Wolverine. If he also wears the iconic yellow suit, fans will not keep it calm.

The prospect of Deadpool facing off with Wolverine has been the cause for debate for a long time, and we might finally get to see it on the big screen.

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Both the previous Deadpool movies have done the character justice, and we’re pretty confident that Ryan Reynolds won’t miss this one. Who knows, now that the Merc with a Mouth is part of the MCU, we could also see many other major characters make their appearances. It truly is hard not to dream at this point.

Deadpool 3 is set to release on September 6th, 2024. We can’t wait.

Watch the trailer here.

Well, What do you think, guys, Will Hugh Jackman bless the fandom in his comic-accurate suit? Ley us know it all in the comments below.


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