Bleach: TYBW Crew Visits A Temple To Pray For The Anime Success

Tite Kubo and Bleach Thousand Year Blood War staff offer homage to a temple before the anime release!

Fans of Bleach don’t have to wait much longer. After a day, the latest episode of Bleach will be simulcasted worldwide via Hulu (on American Soil), Disney Plus (in selected territories aside from Asia and the Middle East), and Ani-One Asia (for premium members in Asia and the Middle East).

Tite Kubo, as in the mangaka who worked tirelessly on Bleach for over a decade, and the main staff associated with the TYBW anime visited a temple. Their faith in the gods will ring true once Bleach becomes an Anime of the Year contender following its release. The anime shall compete against Chainsaw Man, Blue Lock, My Hero Academia, and many more shows for the top spot.

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A special screening of Thousand Year Blood War Arc took place in Shinagawa, Tokyo. The voice actors Masakazu Morita (Ichigo’s VA), Fumiko Orikasa (Rukia’s VA), and Noriaki Sugiyama (Ishida’s VA) were present at this event. They spoke of their joy and nervousness with unveiling the final product.

The trio also recalled various memorable moments that transpired during the recording sessions over the years. Orikasa-san talked of her doubt about being able to convey the same level of excitement to Bleach fans and humbly requested them to watch the whole series till the end.

Fumiko Orikasa stated that she finds Byakuya’s lines cool. She would have loved to utter the phrase “Scatter Senbonzakura” or “Senbonzakura Kageyoshi.” Also, can we talk about how fine Byakuya looks in the upcoming anime?

I mean, the contemptuous captain has a great sense of fashion, and his hairstyle is always on fleek. Take a look.

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In yesterday’s panel discussion, Sunshine Ikezaki (an established Japanese comedian) exemplified Byakuya’s badassery.

Masakazu Morita said that he would be delighted if he had the opportunity to play Genryuusai Yamamoto if a remake of Bleach is made sometime in the future. Morita sensei confessed that while the other captains and shinigami looks dapper, Yamaji’s screen presence was amazing.

Despite being severely old and having been at the zenith of Soul Society for 1000 years, Yamamoto still maintains his imposing, muscular body and wields the strongest fire-type zanpaktou Ryujin Jakka.

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The manga has more than 130 million copies in circulation now, and the number is expected to grow following the anime’s return. Bleach is scheduled to release across the globe on the 10th of October this month. Are you ready, folks? This level of hype hasn’t been seen in the anime hemisphere for a long period.

One of the Big 3 is returning to our TV and computer screens. Do tune in and ensure that Pierrot’s efforts don’t go to waste. Sayonara, Tomoyo!

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