Blade Director Elegance Bratton Shares His Approach To Direct The Vampire Superhero Film

Director Elegance Bratton dreams of directing MCU’s Blade movie, as he feels a personal connection to Vampire hunting superhero. Bratton is going to make his directorial debut with his semi-autobiographical The Inspection movie. The movie has earned a lot of praise at numerous film festivals. But he has just got started.

After Bassam Tariq left directing Blade in September due to scheduling conflicts, rumors suggested that Bratton might take over the role.

Elegance Bratton’s Approach To MCU’s Blade

While speaking exclusively to Screen Rant, Bratton reveals his approach to directing the Blade movie.

He said, “Well, I think yes for sure. I’m very much interested in a contemplative and thoughtful camera approach when it comes to filming Black actors. I think a lot of times we observe and dissect difference in cinema rather than spend time. So, I think I would want to kind of spend that time to bring Blade into a more recognizably human place.”

He added, “Secondarily Blade’s story is very much my story. This is a young Black man, abandoned by his mom and I would really want to explore that. And I guess the last thing is Blade, as a Black man, if you go to a barber shop the conspiracy theories around Whiteness, Blackness, immortality all sorts of things are kind of swirling around.”

After explaining the social aspects, he spoke about how it will be relatable to Marvel-type of movies. He said, “So, in that kind of Marvel-esque humor, I would want to bring some of that barber shop humor into it because I’ve been in conversations about Blade with five percenters and Black Israelites, and kind of all these…I think Blade, kind of as a mythological character exists in a lot of different parts of the American consciousness that I would love to poke around in and provoke with. But ultimately, it’s an action movie. It’s fun. Vampires are sexy and fun and I want to make a really fun action film. And the fact that Mahershala is playing Blade, he’s one of the best actors on God’s green Earth, and I like working with great actors.”

It is safe to say Elegance Bratton has studied Marvel movies very well. In recent years, Marvel has started to acknowledge social issues. Series like Falcon and Winter Soldier, Black Panther, and She-Hulk: Attorney at Law are prime examples of those. They also connected Namor from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever to a mythological story.

Marvel has demonstrated their adaptability to the horror genre with Multiverse of Madness, Werewolf by Night, & Moon Knight. They are trying to build a team with supernatural and dark superheroes.

Reports suggest that the script of Blade received a lot of changes after the director left the movie. But Blade has a massive fan base, as the character was one of the first superheroes to appear on the big screen.

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Marvel has always been experimental, and they may take a risk by handing over the film to Bratton.

Balde’s character exploration, as Bratton suggested, may make the film as amazing as the recent Batman movie. Matt Reeves also did character exploration in his movie.

At the end interview, Bratton did not confirm his involvement with the project. But Blade is a major character and may kick-start the Midnight Sons team-up, full of supernatural superheroes. That will be an amazing thing to watch.

Source: Screenrant