15 Best Dr. Fate Comics With Easy To Follow Reading Order

With the new Black Adam movie around the corner, the JSA is making a resurgence. With it, Dr. Fate will be taking the stage, and just by the trailer, we can tell that we are in for a treat!

For those new to the comic world, doing a little homework before rushing into the theater would be convenient. And we are here to help you.

We have compiled a list of some of the best Dr. Fate comic books out there!

Relax and let the magic take over.

Doctor Fate Comics Reading Order

The best place to start is sometimes the very beginning. Here is the order in which you can read the Doctor Fate comics.

1Doctor Fate Vol.1The story follows Eric and Linda Strauss as the new incarnation of Doctor Fate.
2Doctor Fate Vol. 2It starts with Eric and Linda, and they eventually bring back Kent and Inza Nelson. They become Dr. Fate once again.
3Doctor Fate Vol. 3This series follows the new Dr. Fate, Hector Hall, as he learns the ropes as the sorcerer and fights a new enemy under the guidance of Nabu.
4Immortal Doctor Fate, Vol. 1A 3-issue story that pulls bits and pieces from all the classic Dr. Fate stories that came before it.
5Helmet of Fate, Vol 1A series of 5 shorts that shows the helmet in the hands of various others before finding its way back to Kent Nelson.
6Countdown to mystery, Vol. 1The Helmet of Fate finally finds its host in Kent Nelson, and he must become Dr. Fate.
7Doctor Fate Vol. 4This series follows the story of the new Dr. Fate – Khalid Nossur, guided by Kent Nelson.

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Here is a list of what we think are the best Dr. Fate comic issues to date!

#15 Doctor Fate Vol.1 #1 (Cycles)

#15 Doctor Fate Vol.1 #1 (Cycles) - Best Doctor Fate Comics

The comic starts with Dr. Fate fighting against Typhon, a Lord of Chaos. Just as he is about to win, Dr. Fate has been transported away, and the Lords of Order tell him that he, Kent Nelson, can no longer be the host of Nabu. 

This comic issue gives us the first glimpse of the newest Dr. Fate – Eric Strauss. Kent passes on this power to Eric at the young age of 10, and Nabu possesses the boy’s body to continue the fight with Typhon.

Why Read This: 

This comic introduces Eric Strauss as Dr. Fate for the first time, and the comic is the first issue of a 4 issue miniseries that is easy to read. 

#14 Helmet of Fate: Detective Chimp #1

#14 Helmet of Fate Detective Chimp #1 - Best Doctor Fate Comics

This bizarre storyline follows the adventure of Detective Chimp, one of the best detectives in the universe. Since the death of Kent Nelson, the Helmet of Fate has been traveling to different hosts, and one of the hosts turns out to the Detective Chimp. He comes across the helmet while investigating the deaths of a bunch of wannabe superheroes.

This story sees the Chimp wear the helmet and becomes aware of everything all at once. Ultimately, the helmet proves too much for Chimp, and he sends it away.

Why Read This: 

The comic is a direct one-shot read and requires no other knowledge to be ready. It is simultaneously bizarre and interesting, with little thought required to keep you interested. You can expect some quirky artwork and comedic dialogues.

#13 The Countdown to Mystery Vol. 1 #1

#13 The Countdown to Mystery Vol. 1 #1 - Best Doctor Fate Comics

This picks ups where the helmet of Fate storyline ends. The Helmet’s search for a host ends with this comic when it finally finds Kent V. Nelson. Kent wears the helmet to shield him from the rain and suddenly starts to see all the memories of Dr. Fate in his previous lives.

Towards the end of the comics, we get to see Kent transform into Dr. Fate, and he looks cool, to say the least. A battle with a hellhound ensues, and Kent manages to slay the beast. 

We see glimpses of heroes like Shazam, Detective Chimp, Phantom Stranger, and even Zatanna.

Why Read This: 

It serves as the character’s origin story and gives an idea of the past lives that the Helmet had lived. A quick recap of all the most important adventures of the helmet.

#12 All-Star Squadron #47

#12 All-Star Squadron #47 - Best Doctor Fate Comics

This follows another origin story of Dr. Fate. It supposedly starts at the very beginning when Kent Nelson and his father awaken Nabu from his deep slumber. However, Kent’s father is killed in the process, and Nabu rids young Kent of his guilt by filling his mind with magic and the secrets of the universe.

The guilt remains, and Kent uses his new magic to tear Nabu apart in a fit of rage. It is, however, revealed that he is just energy and that energy chooses Kent as its new host. The attire of Dr. Fate appears on Kent, and he turns into an agent of the Lords of Order.

Why Read This: 

This storyline gives us an idea of how Nabu became the entity in the helmet and how Kent Nelson discovered the helmet in the first place. 

#11 Doctor Fate Vol. 3 #5

#11 Doctor Fate Vol. 3 #5 - Best Doctor Fate Comics

This is the third issue in a 5-issue long miniseries. This comic continues the story of Howard Hall, the grandson of Hawkman as Dr. Fate. We see him preparing himself to fight a mage called ‘Curse.’

The best part about this comic is not Dr. Fate, though. We get to see Nabu in action against Curse. In a flashback scene, we see Nabu going up against the dark mage and winning temporarily. Nabu tells Howard the story and all he must do to stop the Curse.

Why Read This: 

We get a rare look at Nabu in action against a foe. He looks spectacular, and the retro artwork just makes it kick-ass.

#10 More Fun Comics #55

#10 More Fun Comics #55 - Best Doctor Fate Comics

This comic book gives us the very first appearance of Dr. Fate. We see him go up against Wotan, who also makes his first appearance. Dr. Fate weaves his magic for the first time and saves a sacrificial girl from the clutches of Wotan. 

The ensuing fight is reminiscent of comics of the period, and the dialogue follows suit. However, the retro art style and the no-brainer writing style make it one of the most straightforward and charming comics you can read. We also get a glimpse of Inza, who would make many more appearances in the later telling of Dr. Fate’s stories.

Why Read This: 

It is the very beginning of any story told of Dr. Fate. The art and writing style is charming and effortless to follow. You can switch your brain off for this one.

#9 The Immortal Doctor Fate #3

#9 The Immortal Doctor Fate #3 - Best Doctor Fate Comics

The issue is the last in a 3 issue telling. It begins with Kent looking at his magic orb and seeing calamities after calamities happen, and he senses that a malevolent force is behind it. He eventually discovers that it is a renegade Lord of Order, Ynar.

This comic issue follows a rather dramatic story, with a lot of friction between Kent and his wife Inza that escalates soon. Dr. Fate also spends a considerable amount of time on this issue fighting against Vandaemon.

His eventual victory against Ynar also ends with him making peace with his wife. Good on you, Kent!

Why Read This: 

This comic issue gives a good understanding of the Lord of Chaos and further explores Kent’s relationship with his wife. Another thing that makes it eye-catching is the artwork, as Dr. Fate is taken through a multitude of dimensions. 

#8 Doctor Fate Vol. 2 #25

#8 Doctor Fate Vol. 2 #25 - Best Doctor Fate Comics

The story in this issue follows the couple Kent and Inza, who decide to take a break from their work with Dr. Fate. They arrive in a new neighborhood that is run down and is suddenly attacked by a rogue Lord of Order. While trying to turn into Dr. Fate, Kent gets knocked away, and Inza suddenly becomes Dr. Fate for the first time.

The battle that follows is interesting because we see Inza learn the ropes while battling an enemy that is dangerous to even a seasoned Dr. Fate. Inza defeats the Lord of Order and also proceeds to wear the cape for the next couple of issues.

Why Read This: 

We see Inza donning the Dr. Fate cape for the first time, and we get to see a refreshing female version of the superhero. You can expect some comedic relief from this one.

#7 Doctor Fate Vol. 4 # 7

#7 Doctor Fate Vol. 4 # 7 - Best Doctor Fate Comics

Here we see another version of Dr. Fate, Khalid Nossur, being kidnapped by the followers of the house of death. Anubis himself rises from the dead and judges Khalid. The unjust judgment invokes the wrath of Thoth, the God of Wisdom, and he comes to the aid of the fallen Dr. Fate. 

However, Thoth is defeated by Anubis and leaves behind his staff for Khalid. He picks it up, uses his powers to increase his own, and finally defeats Anubis. The battle during these events is a treat to the eyes, and even the dialogues are compelling. 

Khalid defeats Anubis and returns to the land of the living. It is clear to him that this is a test and that his adventures are only about to begin.

Why Read This: 

The artwork and storyline are combined well to give a new look to Dr. Fate, keeping the style of the New 52 in place. New readers would love this one.

#6 The Last Days of the Justice Society of America

#6 The Last Days of the Justice Society of America - Best Doctor Fate Comics

This particular comic begins with JSA members gathered around for the funeral of Robin and Huntress of Earth-2. As they stand there and contemplate their use among these new heroes, a wounded Spectre appears to give them a message.

One thing leads to another, and they find themselves in Asgard, with the God preparing for Ragnarök. They merge with these Gods to increase their power and help them defeat most of their enemies. However, since Ragnarök is a never-ending battle, the heroes must fight it over and over to prevent the end of the world. Dr. Fate uses his magic to sustain the heroes in this never-ending battle.

Why Read This: 

It gives us a glimpse of Dr. Fate working with the rest of the JSA, which is always a treat. The Justice Society have their last hoorah, and they pull all the bells and whistles for this one.

#5 Blue Beetle (2016) #10

#5 Blue Beetle (2016) #10 - Best Doctor Fate Comics

In one of the most surprising yet incredible team-ups, we have Dr. Fate alongside Teri, Ted Kord, Jaime Reyes, and Omac. They band together to fight the monster Arion and save the world from his wrath. Dr. Fate succeeds at tying him up for a while but is suddenly bested and trapped by the monster.

Jaime fights back, gains control of his scarab, defeats Arion, and frees the rest of his teammates. Dr. Fate is also seen in the next issue as they seal Arion in prison that he cannot escape. 

Dr. Fate uses his magic to add the final toppings.

Why Read This: 

Dr. Fate is a member of the JSA and has not had many appearances over time. It is refreshing to see such an old character mingling with the new heroes and fighting alongside them. It is also a very unusual team-up that worked well.

#4 Earth 2 Vol.2 Tower of Fate

#4 Earth 2 Vol.2 Tower of Fate - Best Doctor Fate Comics

This issue marks the beginning of Earth 2 Khalid’s Dr. Fate Journey. Upon finding the helmet, he tries to wield it but takes it off because he cannot handle its power. Wotan seeks the power of Nabu that lies within the Tower of Fate and forces Jay and Khalid to go inside. They are faced with a giant beast that Jay attempts to fend off within the tower. 

Meanwhile, Khalid finds the helmet again and puts it on for good this time. As he puts it on, he talks of how Jay Garrick inspired him and that this was his fate, to become Dr. Fate. Whole lotta goosebumps. From here, Khalid braces himself to face Wotan.

Why Read This: 

The Earth 2 series has given a different perspective to our heroes, and in these refreshing takes lies many new worlds to work with. Dr. Fate’s art and the new costume he wears are more than enough to make you look twice.

#3 Doctor Fate Vol. 4 #14

#3 Doctor Fate Vol. 4 #14 - Best Doctor Fate Comics

We see the old and new Dr. Fate work together in this particular issue. Or rather, they have something of mentorship going on. Kent sends Khalid into a portal to close a door he accidentally left open when he defeated Anubis. Without any specifics, Khalid mutters to himself like a teenager and finds his way to the door. He encounters a monster snake, overpowers it, and eventually manages to seal the door.

There isn’t much going on in this issue, but it is very intriguing to see Kent and Khalid work together and form a student-teacher bond. Khalid seems to be learning what it takes to be Dr. Fate and that he must look beyond his imagination.

Why Read This: 

The artwork takes the cake on this one. More importantly, Khalid cannot rely on Nabu as he is dead. The helmet still holds power, and we see Khalid learn of it without any guidance from anyone. A teenager is forced to learn something without any guidance. That is also a fun thing to see.

#2 Earth 2 #12

#2 Earth 2 #12 - Best Doctor Fate Comics

In this issue, we see Khalid Nossur’s Dr. Fate take on an empowered Wotan. The issue starts with Earth 2 Flash warning Dr. Fate of Wotan and his powers. Dr. Fate is not sure he can take the wizard on, as he has not learned to control his new powers. 

Dr. Fate goes on to prepare himself and eventually finds Wotan. Battles ensue, and both magical beings throw mighty powers at each other. During most of the fight, Wotan seems to have the upper hand, but Khalid eventually finds his footing and defeats the evil wizard. 

There are appearances from other Earth 2 heroes such as Alan Scott, Jay Garrick, and even Hawkgirl.

Why Read This: 

The artwork in this comic alone makes it worth reading. We see our favorite heroes don costumes slightly different from Earth 1, and the entire volume gives us a peak at their variations. It makes you think, ‘What if.’

#1 The Immortal Doctor Fate #1

#1 The Immortal Doctor Fate #1 - Best Doctor Fate Comics

This is the final and the best comic you must read if you’re new to Dr. Fate and want as much information as possible. It is a capsule-sized pill of Dr. Fate’s backstory and what the character is all about. This particular issue deals with his origin stories again, pulling bits and pieces from the other origin stories. However, this one is a little more elaborate and shows us the various training that Nabu takes Kent through.

The comic is read from the perspective of Inza, Kent’s wife, and shows his sadness as Kent leaves each time to fight the Lords of Chaos. It is worth noting that Inza is trapped in the Tower of Fate, and it has not been allowed out for nearly 40 years at this point. 

Why Read This: 

It serves as a booklet for all things Dr. Fate and provides precise information on the character. The fact that it is written from the perspective of Inza makes it all the more interesting. The retro art style is the icing on the cake.

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Honorable Mentions

  • The Immortal Doctor Fate #2
  • Earth 2 #10-20
  • Golden Age Doctor Fate Archives Vol.1
  • Justice League of America #55
  • Legends #1-6

With that, we’ve reached the end of the Dr. Fate must-reads. We hope to see a live-action version of the hero soon, but before we do, better read up!


How Many Doctor Fate Comics Are There?

There are mainly 4 comic volumes that have the character as the main protagonist. That is around 140+ comic book issues.

Does Dr. Fate Have a Wife?

Yes, Dr. Fate has a wife. Her name is Inza Nelson, and she also becomes Dr. Fate at one point.

What Is Dr. Fate’s Real Name?

There are many versions of Dr. Fate, but the famous one is called Kent Nelson.

Is Dr. Fate the Strongest Sorcerer?

Dr. Fate is one of the strongest sorcerers in the DC universe, along with Spectre, Phantom Stranger, etc.

Who Is Stronger, Dr. Fate or Dr. Strange?

It would be a tough battle. Both Dr. Strange and Dr. Fate know countless spells, use artifacts, and both can manipulate time. A difficult conclusion, but Dr. Fate will eventually wear Dr. Strange down with his experience and almost infinite power.

Also, let us know which is your favorite Dr. Fate comic book.

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