Aquaman 2 Jason Momoa Shares A BTS Footage Of Arthur Curry Addressing The UN

At this point, the executives at Warner Bros. can admit that the studio is going through a rough patch in efforts to build cinematic universes and put more movies out there. The Discovery Warner Bros. merger ran its course, followed by reported losses in its third-quarter earnings, making CEO David Zaslav pull all the strings to get the studio back on its feet.

However, there’s still some help that Zaslav could get in the form of James Gunn and Peter Safran as the leading men. The DC Universe sure has a strong lineup of projects up its sleeve that could mean 2023 would be an excellent year for fans, Warner Bros executives, and everyone involved.

Ahead of the latest Warner Bros Discovery (WBD) Earnings Call, Zaslav announced four big projects confirmed to hit the theatres in 2023. And to add a cherry on top, Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom Star recently took to his Instagram to share an interesting behind-the-scenes photo from the sets of James Wann’s DC Comics sequel.

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Just a day ago, Momoa shared a heartfelt Instagram post paying homage to his late Grandmother. The shared post happens to be a photo carrousel that, when swiped to the last slide, gives an insight into a scene that appears to be a shot of Arthur Curry addressing the United Nations. Though it’s not clearly distinguishable to figure out who the characters in the photo next to Arthur are, it can be said from their attire that the caricatures are his fellow Atlanteans.

Looking back at his Grandmother’s passing, the actor wrote in the caption, “I got the news when I was giving a speech to the UN on Aquaman. talking about saving our beautiful planet. I think the scene didn’t make the cut but it was a hard day and she was right there with me.”

DC fans were quick to spot the leaked photo from the sets of Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom as it garnered much attention.

Jason Mamoa Shares A BTS footage Of Arthur Curry Addressing the UN In Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Although the actor said that he believes the scene didn’t make the final cut, it’s already gotten hard for fans to contain their excitement regarding some real-world information about the much-awaited Aquaman sequel. It was reported that the movie wrapped its production in January 2022, but the project’s release date got delayed by a year.

Part of the reason is the leading actress, Amber Heard, with her ongoing legal battle against her ex-husband Johnny Depp. The courtroom episode attracted a ton of negative press, forcing Warner Bros to keep pushing the release date even further. Fans also released a boycott campaign asking the studio to replace Amber Heard in the role of Mera. Yet again, the controversy surrounding the actress has returned to the forefront, as her ex-husband Johnny Depp appealed against her $2 Million defamation trial win on Saturday, November 5.

A ray of hope did come with director James Wan sharing multiple concept art images from the movie that was enough to help the sequel sustain some hype.

  • Aquaman 2 Concept Art 1
  • Aquaman 2 Concept Art 2
  • Aquaman 2 Concept Art 3
  • Aquaman 2 Concept Art 4
  • Aquaman 2 Concept Art 5
  • Aquaman 2 Concept Art 6

At last, it is assumed that the movie would feature Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) as the main villain, along with director James Wan drawing inspiration from the ’60s Italian horror film Planet of the Vampires.

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It’d be interesting to see what the highly anticipated DCU’s biggest financial venture to date, Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom, will bring for the fans resting their hopes on the DC and its not-so-uniform cinematic universe.

Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom is expected to release on December 25, 2023.

What are your thoughts regarding the Aquaman sequel? Would you like to see Black Manta as the main villain? Do tell us in the comments, and visit for more superhero updates.