25 Best BoJack Horseman Quotes That Define His Personality

Despite ending two years ago, the show still is as popular as it was when it launched in 2014. The show is quite known for bursting you up with laughter, breaking your heart, and even tearing you up with its sad-hitting dialogues and moments.

Its quirky characters, goofy set-up, colorful cinematography, and choreography make it one of the most phenomenally and beautifully made dramedies. The show revolves around the essence of tragicomedy with its flawless writing – dark but hard-hitting. Some of the quotes in the list might be hard-hitting, but it is all part of life. It is essential to reflect, learn and move forward like our goofy, wacky, twisted and loved character, BoJack Horseman. 

Let us jump on a horse and take a ride throughout the city of “Hollywoo,” in search of the 25 Best BoJack Horseman Quotes That Define His Personality.

Warning: The List Contains Spoilers


#25 “I Don’t Think I Believe in Deep Down. I kind of Think All You Are is Just The Things That You Do.”

#25 Bojack Horseman Quote

Seen in: Season 1, Episode 12

BoJack asks Diane if she thinks he is a good person deep down. To which she replies with the above dialogue/quote. For BoJack, the response is depressing because, like most people around him, he has convinced himself that deep behind the layers of his selfishness and narcissism, a good part of him is still alive. 

#24 “Closure Is A Made-Up Thing By Steven Spielberg To Sell Movie Tickets. It, Like True Love And The Munich Olympics, Doesn’t Exist In The Real World.”

#24 Bojack Horseman Quote

Seen in: Season 1, Episode 5

BoJack says this to Diane; in his own twisted and weird way, he is trying to comfort her, showing his care for her. He does that while taking a jibe at Hollywood’s endings and concepts while drawing a reference to Speilberg’s movie. The movie turns the terrible massacre and tragedy of ’72 into an action spectacle. 

#23 “Todd, I weigh 1200 Pounds. It takes a lot of beer to get me drunk.”

#23 Bojack Horseman Quote

Seen in: Season 1, Episode 1

Love beer and breakups? So does BoJack. He sure can handle his alcohol. BoJack says the above quote when Todd asks if his drunk. According to Todd, he is boozing to cope with the breakup with Princess Carolyn. Only BoJack can reduce something as fragile as a breakup to a witty remark. 

#22 “Why 12 Steps? Nobody Wants To Do 12 of Anything. Did You See ’12 Years A Slave’ and Think ‘That’s a Short Number of Years To Be A Slave?”

#22 Bojack Horseman Quote

Seen in: Season 6, Episode 1

Crude coupled with dark humor, and we have the formulae that make up most of the episodes of BoJack Horseman. BoJack takes responsibility for his addiction and goes to rehab to set his life straight. He has a twisted way of the idea of rehab. He outright makes fun of other patients in the rehab and jokes through most of it. He has to go through twelve steps of therapy to renew himself. And for him, that is absurd. 

#21 “This is My Last Chance To Make People Love Me Again. If This Goes Out, Everybody’s Gonna See The Real Me. Now, I Spend a Lot of Time With The Real Me, And Believe Me, Nobody’s Gonna Love That Guy.”

#21 Bojack Horseman Quote

Seen in: Season 1, Episode 11

BoJack talks about a book and how that book would have an impact on his character. Once again, we see the self-loathing personality of BoJack; he so much so goes on to say that even he would not love himself, having spent so much time with himself. 

#20 “I’m Responsible For My Own Happiness? I Can’t Even Be Responsible For My Own Breakfast!”

#20 Bojack Horseman Quote

Seen in: Season 1, Episode 1

This quote is from the opening episode of the series. It has a satirical yet impactful and deeper meaning added to it. BoJack tells Diane that he is barely responsible for his breakfast, let alone his happiness. The quote follows a brief flashback of him struggling to pour a bowl of cereal. Showing his dependency on others for even a small thing like breakfast and the fact that he is not happy despite having it all and making big. 

#19 “I Need To Go Take A Shower So I Can’t Tell If I’m Crying Or Not.”

#19 Bojack Horseman Quote

Seen in: Season 1, Episode 11

The show flawlessly connects the fine line between funny and tragic. And this is one of those episodes where the show does this perfectly. BoJack is going through a rough time, and according to him, crying through the shower is one way of dealing with it.  

#18 “It’s a Warm Summer Night, and The Fireflies are Dancing in The Sky. And Your Whole Family is Here. And They’re Telling You That Everything Is Gonna Be All Right.”

#18 Bojack Horseman Quote

Seen in: Season 4, Episode 11

Beatrice Horseman regains her consciousness from dementia and recognizes BoJack. She is confused and frightened by her surroundings and the walls of the nursing clinic. Instead of erupting with anger as he imagined, he keeps his cool and recounts a pleasant scenario, only to please his confused mother. Despite his otherwise painful childhood because of his mother, instead of lashing out at his mother, he stays calm.

#17 “Same Thing That Always Happens. You Didn’t Know Me And Then You Fell In Love With Me. And Now, You Know Me.”

#17 Bojack Horseman Quote

Seen in: Season 2, Episode 10

BoJack is describing his dating life through this quote. He has struggled to keep his dating life from failing down the spiral. Though most of it is through his faulty behavior, he accepts this fact. But the reason for people falling for him is not his fault.  

#16 “He’s So Stupid, He Doesn’t Realize How Miserable He Should Be. I Envy That.”

#16 Bojack Horseman Quote

Seen in: Season 1, Episode 1

In another quote from the pilot episode, BoJack describes the life of Mr. Peanutbutter and how genuinely happy he is in life. The quote sums pessimistic mindset rather well. His self-hatred personality and hatred towards everything surrounding life is the way of life for every person in his eyes. Those who fail to see through his mindset are in denial and do not understand life. 

#15 “Well, That’s The Problem With Life, Right? Either You Know What You Want, And Then You Don’t Get What You Want. Or You Get What You Want, And Then You Don’t Know What You Want.”

#15 Bojack Horseman Quote

Seen in: Season 1, Episode 12

The quote, in general, puts life into perspective. What are your goals? What is inhibiting you? The journey for some is never-ending, and also for BoJack. This quote by Diane is relatable to BoJack’s life. He has achieved everything an actor can, yet he is still as miserable as yesterday.  

#14 “I Don’t Understand How People… Live. It’s Amazing To Me That People Wake Up Every Morning And Say: ‘Yeah, Another Day, Let’s Do It.’ How Do People Do It? I Don’t Know How.”

#14 Bojack Horseman Quote

Seen in: Season 2, Episode 12

BoJack builds up a new orphanage, by accident, of course. But he does not shy away from the fact that he did this by accident and says he is no hero. Having had a rough childhood, he finds it hard to find the right words for his speech to the orphaned kids. And that is one he expresses himself with the above quote, showing the deep pain of BoJack hidden inside these words. He was finding it challenging to keep going every day; this quote sums up his state of mind and his personality. 

#13 Mr. Peanutbutter: Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, fiddle-dee-dee.

Virgil van Cleef: Fool me once, shame on you, but teach a man to fool me, and I’ll be fooled for the rest of my life.

Todd: Fool me once. Fool me twice. Fool me chicken soup with rice.”

#13 Bojack Horseman Quote

Seen in: Season 1, Episode 4

Now, this scene does not concern BoJack or his personality. The sequence in which the scenes go on about is downright hilarious. And since you made it halfway through the list, this quote is for you.

#12 “Todd, Your Good-Hearted Naiveté Has Once Again Conspired With Outrageous Happenstance To Completely Dick Me Over!”

#12 Bojack Horseman Quote

Seen in: Season 5, Episode 1

BoJack cooks up a sly plan of getting Todd into a janitor position and breaking into one of the executive’s rooms to write up a mail changing the script. Todd interviews for the role of the janitor, but they bump up to the position of the President. He refuses to help BoJack since it would make up look like a second-rate leader. Thus, the mentioned quote, said by BoJack. 

#11 “Settle. Because Otherwise You’re Just Gonna Get Older and Harder, and More Alone. And You’re Gonna Do Everything You Can To Fill That Hole, With Friends, and Your Career, and Meaningless Sex, But the Hole Doesn’t Get Filled.”

#11 Bojack Horseman Quote

Seen in: Season 3, Episode 5

A woman at her wedding gets cold feet and second-guesses her idea of getting married. BoJack relates to himself and advises the frightened bride to settle. According to him, two people do not complete each other, and all that is bogus. If you can find someone you can tolerate halfway through, you have to cling to them and settle.  

The quote hits closely in the ballpark of how BoJack lives his life, how he gets older and more alone, and how he uses his success to fill up the void. 

#10 “Sometimes I Feel Like I Was Born With a Leak, and Any Goodness I Started With Just Slowly Spilled Out of Me, and Now It’s All Gone.”

#10 Bojack Horseman Quote

Seen in: Season 1, Episode 9

BoJack Horseman series has never shied away from shedding light on toxic emotions. The quote portrays the side reality of BoJack’s life; as he contemplates his resentful upbringing. He wonders if the sole purpose of his life is to suffer and hurt the people who get close to him or those already close. 

#9 “Just Pretend You are Happy, and Eventually You’ll Forget You’re Pretending.”

#9 Bojack Horseman Quote

Seen in: Season 4, Episode 7

The scene happens when an earthquake at a fundraiser traps everyone inside the house. BoJack is known for his depression and self-loathing nature, and the quote hits depressingly close to reality. It is not a good practice to fake your feelings. This quote hits differently for Diane Nguyen, Who thinks that instead of complaining, she should work hard in life. 

#8 “You Were Right. I Don’t Love You, and You Don’t Love Me. We’re Just Two Lonely People Trying to Hate Ourselves a Little Less. Maybe That’s All We’ll Ever Be.”

#8 Bojack Horseman Quote

Seen in: Season 1, Episode 7

BoJack Horseman says this to Princess Carolyn when they are on a date. After the date, BoJack snaps back to reality after getting a phone call and thinks they are on a date only because they have one thing in common: Loneliness, and ends up breaking up with Princess Carolyn after.

#7 “I mean a-a-a-a-a-a-am I just doomed to be the person that I am? Th-The person in that book?”

#7 Bojack Horseman Quote

Seen in: Season 1, Episode 11

For BoJack, life is full of mistakes and agony, and the pain of living through irrevocable mistakes made him say the above quote. He asks Diane; if he is a good person or not while pointing out his flaws of how selfish and narcissistic he sometimes can be. The episode ends with BoJack saying: “Tell me, please, Diane, tell me that I’m good…” This Shows how much the book that Diane wrote shook his emotions and had him contemplating. 

#6 “Nothing On The Outside. Nothing On The Inside.”

#6 Bojack Horseman Quote

Seen in: Season 1, Episode 6

BoJack’s way of showing feelings is as twisted as his humor. He puts his hoof over a burning stove and murmurs, “Nothing on the outside. Nothing on the inside.” BoJack’s destructive and self-loathing personality made him numb to the outside. By pretending, he can hide his pain. 

#5 “Kelsey, In This Terrifying World, All We Have Are The Connections That We Make. I’m Sorry I Got You Fired, I’m Sorry I Never Called You After.”

#5 Bojack Horseman Quote

Seen in: Season 3, Episode 4

No one is perfect, and BoJack knows it. He pens an apology message for firing Kelsey. He does this in his messed-up manner. He goes on to say that; in this toxic world, connections are all we have. And it is crucial in life to hold onto those connections. 

#4 “Yeah, I ate them all in one sitting because I have no self-control and I hate myself.”

#4 Bojack Horseman Quote

Seen in: Episode 2, Season 1

A seal has called dibs on the last box of muffins, and BoJack snatches it from him. He goes on a tv interview calling out BoJack for horrendous behavior. And he says he ate them all because of his lack of self-control, pointing out his behavior and how petty he can sometimes be.  

#3 “That Voice, The One That Tells You You’re Worthless And Stupid And Ugly… It Goes Away, Right?”

#3 Bojack Horseman Quote

Seen in: Season 4, Episode 6

The scene takes place between BoJack and Hollyhock. She asks him if the voice inside her will ever go away, to which he says, “Yes. they do go away.” He tries to be and stay to be a good person for her. It shows how much he cares for Hollyhock. One of the reasons that spark this bond between the two is because their insecurities match up. Their conversations are genuine and heart-warming. 

#2 “It Gets Easier… Every day It Gets A Little Easier… But You Gotta Do It Every Day, That’s The Hard Part. But It Does Get Easier.”

#2 Bojack Horseman Quote

Seen in: Season 2, Episode 12

BoJack goes on a run, and while running through an inclined plane, he gets tired halfway through. He then starts complaining about how much he hates it and collapses onto the sidewalk. He has an epiphany in the form of “Baboon Jogger” and gives him some advice: that it gets easier with each day. BoJack takes some time to catch his breath and says, “Okay.” BoJack is ready to leap and do this every day. The quote also applies to the positive mentality of life.

#1 “Sometimes Life’s a Bitch and Then You Keep Living.”

#1 Bojack Horseman Quote

Seen in: Season 6, Episode 16

BoJack Horseman series wraps up with this scene. The series could have ended in multiple possible ways, but this probably might be the most befitting for BoJack. 

As credits roll down, the character goes on to live each of their lives. Life is hard; no matter what obstacles one faces, you keep pushing and moving forward.

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Well, These are our top BoJack Horseman quotes that sum up his life. Which BoJack Horseman quote do you seem fit?

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