15 ISFP Anime Characters You Need To Know About

Colloquially dubbed as the “artists,” ISFJs have Introverted, Observant, Feeling, and Prospecting personality traits. They are more likely to be peace-oriented if they are healthy ISFJs. They also need time and space for themselves to recharge their energy. 

Here are 15 anime characters who can be classified as ISFJs.

#15 Archer and Emiya Shirou

#15 Archer and Emiya Shirou - ISFP Anime Characters

Anime: Fate/Stay Night, Unlimited Blade Works
ISFP Personality Breakdown:

Archer is Rin Tohsaka’s servant for the Fifth Grail War. The future version of Emiya Shirou, Archer, is a hero who has lost faith in his ideals. However, both individuals can be marked under the ISFJ umbrella. 

A cognitive introvert, Archer became a heroic spirit when he was summoned from an alternate timeline. Archer’s nature is quite contradictory. As Emiya, he relentlessly devotes his time and energy to safeguarding humans. But when the man realizes that humans are corrupted, he becomes a heroic spirit with a nihilistic outlook on life. Although Archer is a loyal servant of Rin, he cannot see eye-to-eye with his past self because of Shirou’s idealistic perspective that is yet to fade away. 

An accomplished fighter often unbeatable inside his reality marble, Shirou has Introverted Feeling (Fi-dom) and Extroverted Thinking (Te-Inf). Deep in his heart, Archer still has remnants of hope, which is why he trusts Emiya Shirou in the Stay Night arc when he chooses to engage Ilya’s Berserker. He thinks out loud, which can be determined by his boisterous chant titled Unlimited Blade Works. EMIYA also has Extraverted Sensing (Se-Aux) and Introverted Intuition (Ni-Tert). As a human, Emiya Shirou is a passionate ISFP hell-bent on becoming a Hero of Justice. 

#14 Lucy

#14 Lucy - ISFP Anime Characters

Anime: Elfen Lied
ISFP Personality Breakdown:

One of the main characters in this critically acclaimed ecchi series, Lucy, is Queen Diclonius. She belongs to a race of evolved humans, born with projectiles commonly referred to as “vectors.” 

Bullied throughout her formative years and later subjected to experiments, Lucy developed a deep-seated hatred toward humans. Members of her race also face severe discrimination. A shy and reserved girl, Lucy only lets her guard down around Kouta or when Nyu’s persona crops up. Sensitive and mindful of her surroundings, Queen Diclonius is a force to be reckoned with. Her reaction time is lightning fast. Thus she can annihilate her targets with relative ease. 

The pink-haired beauty has Introverted Feeling (Fi-dom) coupled with Extroverted Thinking (Te-Inf). This is visible if the audience notices Lucy’s behavior at the orphanage, where she is subjected to vicious bullying because of her “horns,” eventually culminating in the death of her dog and the subsequent massacre of her torturers. This girl also has Extraverted Sensing (Se-Aux) and Introverted Intuition (Ni-Tert). Lucy is an ISFP you should avoid under all circumstances. 

#13 Trish Una

#13 Trish Una - ISFP Anime Characters

Anime: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures Part 5- Golden Wind
ISFP Personality Breakdown:

The estranged daughter of Diavolo, Trish, is one of Giorno Giovanna’s allies. This quiet girl joined Bruno’s gang after being chased by her maniacal father. A faithful friend, Trish, played a significant role in the fight against a seemingly invincible Stand called Notorious BIG. 

Self-centered and demanding at first, Trish grew to be an efficient ally as the story unfolded. She showed concern for Narancia during the team’s battle against the Grateful Dead and Beach Boy (the Stand abilities of Proscuitto and Pesci, respectively). Trish willingly helped a victim aging rapidly instead of using the ice for her benefit, despite Bucciarati insisting otherwise. Trish is especially friendly towards Bruno, Mista, and Narancia, though she is not a big talker.

Perceptive and observant, Trish has Introverted Feeling (Fi-dom) and Extraverted Thinking (Te-Inf). Additionally, the pink-haired woman has Extroverted Sensing (Se-Aux) and Introverted Intuition (Ni-Tert). The boss’s daughter is unquestionably an ISFP. 

#12 Rolo Lamperouge

#12 Rolo Lamperouge - ISFP Anime Characters

Anime: Code Geass- Lelouch of the Rebellion 
ISFP Personality Breakdown:

An essential side character in the anime series, Rolo Lamperouge, is an assassin who has had a geass since he was 6. Purposefully implanted to serve as a brother to Lelouch in the absence of Nunnally, Rolo is a cold-blooded and efficient fighter and never hesitates to kill once he deems anyone to be a valid threat. 

Though he is conniving and cruel, Rolo is sincere and utterly devoted to Lelouch. The brown-haired boy grows to truly care for the one he is supposed to watch and kill if the need arises. This shows that Rolo has Introverted Feeling (Fi-dom), as he only expresses himself in the presence of Zero right before his demise. During the rest of the story, Rolo maintains a facade so that Lelouch’s friends don’t doubt their false memories. 

Rolo can sometimes be incredibly hasty, as he killed Shirley Temple even though she wanted to side with Zero. His hate for Nunnally is trumped only by his love for Lelouch. Rolo has unhealthy Introverted Feeling (Fi-dom), which manifests when he kills Shirley and in his hatred for Nunnally. He also has Extroverted Thinking (Te-Inf), Extraverted Sensing (Se-Aux), and Introverted Intuition (Ni-Tert). Rolo is the ISFP who never betrays the one who has captured his heart. 

#11 Ugetsu Murata 

#11 Ugetsu Murata - ISFP Anime Characters

Anime: Given
ISFP Personality Breakdown:

A world-famous violinist, Ugetsu was Akihiko Kaji’s boyfriend and a crucial character in the anime Given. Murata is a brilliant boy whose talent is praised by everyone listening to his notes. A withdrawn soul, Ugetsu has a volatile relationship with Akihiko, which leads to mental trauma for both the characters involved. 

A born prodigy, Ugetsu is often disturbed by his strong emotions, which he cannot convey except through his music. Ugetsu’s frequent fights with Akihiko this conundrum proves that the black-haired boy has Introverted Feeling (Fi-dom) coupled with Extroverted Thinking (Te-inf). Murata later confides in Mafuyu, telling him about their painstaking relationship and how it is slowly eroding them both. 

A genius violinist and a failure in love, one can’t help but empathize with Ugetsu. Furthermore, Murata has Extraverted Sensing (Se-Aux) and Introverted Intuition (Ni-Tert). Ugetsu is a pure ISFP with unhealthy tendencies who deserves a happy life. 

#10 Taiga Aisaka

#10 Taiga Aisaka - ISFP Anime Characters

Anime: Toradora!
ISFP Personality Breakdown: 

Taiga is a cute little tiger from one of the central protagonists of the romance anime popular today. A cognitive introvert, Taiga is prone to emotions, mostly anger. She often lashes out at Ryuuji without warning when the latter does something that irks her. The brown-haired girl is devoted to those she cares about. 

Raised in an aristocratic environment, Taiga is clumsy regarding chores. Thus Ryuuji, an expert chef and cleaner, assists her greatly once he notices the mess inside her house. Taiga has Introverted Feelings (Fi-dom), which is her defining trait; this can be seen in her fondness for Ryuuji’s support and her reactions around friends. 

Taiga’s outbursts are an excellent example of Extraverted Thinking (Te-Inf). Her feelings towards Kitamura indicated underdeveloped Introverted Intuition (Ni-Tert) and Extraverted Sensing (Se-Aux). Through her antics, Taiga is the ISFP who’ll make you experience a maelstrom of emotions. 

#9 Yukine

#9 Yukine - ISFP Anime Characters

Anime: Noragami
ISFP Personality Breakdown:

The main character in the hit anime series produced by Studio Bones, Yukine, becomes Yato’s shinki at the start of the tale. A reserved boy, Yukine tends to internalize his thoughts and regrets and often acts out in a rebellious fashion. 

Yukine’s father was an abuser who locked his son in a refrigerator. That’s how the blonde boy suffocated to death. As Yato’s shinki, Yukine greatly cares for his master, which explains why he put himself in harm’s way when the God of Calamity was attacked by Bishamonten and her subjects. As someone who cannot remember his life as a human, Yukine isn’t preoccupied with his past. 

In the manga, Yukine turns into a Nora (Stray) shinki following a series of events. However, he is fiercely loyal to the God of Calamity for rescuing him. Yukine has Introverted Feeling (Fi-dom) paired with Extraverted Thinking (Te-Inf). This manifests unhealthily through most of his character arc. Hence the need for ablution. Yukine also has Extroverted Sensing (Se-Aux) and Introverted Intuition (Ni-Tert). Thus, our beloved Shinki can be classified as an ISFP. 

#8 Shinra Kusakabe

#8 Shinra Kusakabe - ISFP Anime Characters

Anime: Fire Force
ISFP Personality Breakdown:

The protagonist of Fire Force, Shinra, is a third-generation pyrokinetic. Kusakabe is an effective team member who hopes to become a “hero” despite his devilish smile. Shinra lost his family at a tender age, with many believing he was the perpetrator behind the fire that ravaged his home. 

Propelled by positive and negative thoughts, Shinra moves forward and never falls short of his aim. The black-haired boy can rescue Tamaki from the clutches of Rekka Hoshimiya. The cognitive introvert is a tender-hearted individual who always tries to save his friends and innocents when they land in dangerous situations. 

Kusakabe gets his energy from his ideals and emotions, suggesting a man with Introverted Feeling (Fi-dom) and Extroverted Thinking (Te-Inf). Additionally, Shinra has Extraverted Sensing (Se-Aux) and Introverted Intuition (Ni-Tert). Shinra Kusakabe is a fully driven ISFP hero. 

#7 Thorfinn

#7 Thorfinn - ISFP Anime Characters

Anime: Vinland Saga
ISFP Character Breakdown:

The main character of the critically acclaimed anime series produced by Wit Studio, Thorfinn, is a Viking warrior who joins Askeladd’s band of mercenaries following the demise of his father, Thors. Prone to erratic behavior, Thorfinn wants to defeat Askeladd because of the role he played in his father’s death. 

Thorfin has Introverted Feeling (Fi-Dom) paired with Extroverted Thinking (Te-Inf). This is visible in his rage towards Askeladd. Additionally, the blonde boy is governed by Extroverted Sensing (Se-Aux) and Introverted Intuition (Ni-Tert). He is a vengeful ISFP warrior. 

#6 Tatsumi

#6 Tatsumi - ISFP Anime Characters

Anime: Akame Ga Kill!
ISFP Personality Breakdown:

One of the key characters in this anime series that doesn’t have a happy ending, Tatsumi, is a young boy who later joins Akame’s gang, Night Raid. During the story, Tatsumi becomes a fine soldier as the group tries to bring down a ruthless empire. 

A good-natured boy with incredible willpower, Tatsumi masters the Teigu Incursio after the death of his mentor Bulat. He is immensely protective of his friends, and during the final battle against the emperor, he sacrifices himself to save the innocents, a final testament to his Introverted Feeling (Fi-Dom). His unwavering expression in the face of immediate danger attracted Esdeath, a warrior with the strongest Teigu. Esdeath later became obsessed with Tatsumi and even died by his side. A friendly and outgoing boy, Tatsumi is a cognitive introvert. 

Tatsumi is also marked by Extroverted Sensing (Se-Aux) and Introverted Intuition (Ni-Tert). He is a terrible liar and is almost always honest. Tatsumi’s inferior function is Extroverted Thinking. He is an excellent ISFP character. 

#5 Matoi Ryuko

#5 Matoi Ryuko - ISFP Anime Characters

Anime: Kill la Kill
ISFP Personality Breakdown:

The main character in the hit mecha series, heavily influenced by the fashion industry, Ryuko Matoi, joins the Honnoji Academy to locate her father’s killer. Bold and beautiful, this girl never hesitates while speaking the truth to power. 

Ryuko is a rather stubborn and boisterous individual, but she is also a cognitive introvert. Her battles with Satsuki earn the wrath of her followers, as well as her mother, Ragyo Kiryuin. Matoi never abandons her path till she finds Nui Harime, the girl who murdered her father. Once she discovers the Kiryuin family’s history, Ryuko bands with her nemesis sister to foil her mother’s evil plans. 

Matoi cares deeply about her loved ones and has a special bond with Senketsu. Thus, she has Introverted Feeling (Fi-Dom) and Extroverted Sensing (Se-Aux), along with Introverted Intuition (Ni-Tert) and Extraverted Thinking (Te-Inf). Ryuko is a dynamic ISFP. 

#4 Yuji Itadori

#4 Yuji Itadori - ISFP Anime Characters

Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen
ISFP Personality Breakdown:

The primary protagonist of this supernatural anime series set in modern-day Japan, Yuji Itadori, is an accomplished athlete. The pink-haired jolly fellow is fond of occult activities, which was demonstrated at the beginning of Jujutsu Kaisen.

After swallowing a Special-Grade curse object, Itadori’s body became a host for Sukuna, the undisputed King of Curses. Yuji joins Jujutsu High in Tokyo. Under the guidance of Satoru Gojo, Itadori learns how to channel his abilities seamlessly to be a better sorcerer so that he can deal with the monster residing within. 

Itadori suffers from a savior complex. This explains his devastating demeanor when he realizes that Sukuna wreaked havoc in Shibuya. This demonstrates Introverted Feeling (Fi-Dom) as Sukuna’s actions contradict his principles. Furthermore, Yuji has Extraverted Sensing (Se-Aux), Introverted Intuition (Ni-Tert), i.e., a personal set of morals, and Extroverted Thinking (Te-Inf). Itadori is a consistent ISFP. 

#3 Minakami Mario

#3 Minakami Mario - ISFP Anime Characters

Anime: Rainbow- Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin
ISFP Personality Breakdown:

One of the main protagonists of this incredibly moving series written by George Abe, Mario’s character arc is the primary subject matter in the show after Sakuragi’s demise. A headstrong and impulsive man, Mario is mentored by Rokurouta and 5 others when they are sentenced to serve time at a juvenile detention center.

After the death of Sakuragi, Mario sets out to locate and kill Ishihara, the man who murdered “an-chan.” He doesn’t involve the rest of his crew in his plan. This demonstrates that Minakami has Introverted Feeling (Fi-dom) as he doesn’t abandon his principles. Fiercely loyal to his friends, Mario can’t bring himself to forgive Ishihara. 

Mario is also characterized by Extraverted Sensing (Se-Aux), which he uses as a professional boxer, Introverted Intuition (Ni-Tert), explained by his unflinching set of ideals, and Extroverted Thinking (Te-Inf). Mario Minakami is the ISFP who will sacrifice everything for his loved ones. 

#2 Eren Yeager

#2 Eren Yeager - ISFP Anime Characters

Anime: Shingeki no Kyojin
ISFP Personality Breakdown:

The protagonist of this renowned manga series, Eren Yeager, is a stubborn and reckless fellow who hails from Paradis Island. After the attack on his homeland and the subsequent loss of his mother’s life, an adult Eren joins the Survey Corps.

Commanded by the enigmatic Erwin Smith, Eren dedicates his life to fighting the titans who periodically ravage Paradis. When Reiner, Bertolt, and Annie betray his team and reveals their identity as Marleyan spies, Eren’s rage against the enemy multiplies.

After the death of Erwin Smith, Eren becomes single-minded. At the close of the series, he decides to unleash hell upon the outside world that was preparing to launch an offensive against his home. Blessed with an indomitable fighting spirit, Eren has Introverted Feeling (Fi-Dom) as he deems his ruthlessness a necessary precaution for the sake of Paradise. Additionally, Yeager has Extraverted Sensing (Se-Aux), which explains how quickly he could locate Willy Tybur’s sister hidden underneath the Warhammer Titan. With Introverted Intuition (Ni-Tert) and Extraverted Thinking (Te-Inf), this unruly ISFP soldier won’t compromise, even in the face of Armageddon. 

#1 Ichigo Kurosaki

#1 Ichigo Kurosaki - ISFP Anime Characters

Anime: Bleach
ISFP Personality Breakdown:

The primary protagonist of the hit anime and manga series, Ichigo Kurosaki, was a delinquent in the human world. After a chance encounter with Kuchiki Rukia, Ichigo obtains the powers of a shinigami. 

Ichigo always wants to protect his loved ones and family. The orange-haired rascal is Sado’s closest mate and develops a great bond with Rukia over time. He will never think twice before putting himself in an unpredictable situation for the sake of the people who matter to him. A cognitive introvert, Ichigo can be impulsive, especially when he is angry. 

Resolute and backed by a strong constitution, Ichigo has Introverted Feeling (Fi-Dom) and Extraverted Sensing (Se-Aux). Kurosaki can take down powerful opponents by staying in tune with his surroundings. Furthermore, Ichigo has Introverted Intuition (Ni-Tert) and Extraverted Thinking (Te-Inf), making him one of the most reliable ISFPs on this list. 

Honorable Mentions

  • Haruka ‘Haru’ Nanase (Free!)
  • Genya Shinazugawa (Kimetsu no Yaiba aka Demon Slayer)
  • King (Nanatsu no Taizai aka The Seven Deadly Sins)
  • Ryuunosuke Akutagawa (Bungou Stray Dogs)


Are ISFPs rare?

Slightly uncommon, ISFPs comprise roughly 5% to 10% of the general population. 

Is Sasuke Uchiha an ISFP?

Some do believe so. But Sasuke Uchiha, the deuteragonist in Naruto Shippuden, is most definitely an INTJ, i.e., an architect who has Introverted Intuition (Ni-dom).

Who should an ISFP marry?

ISFPs are most compatible with ENFJs and ESFJs, so individuals from these groups would be perfect partners for the artists. 

Which MBTI fits Rapunzel best?

Rapunzel is an ENFP character. She is the dreamer, as the girl with long locks has a vivid imagination and is creative.  

That’s all for now, folks! What are your thoughts on this carefully compiled list? Are there any ISFPs you know personally? 

So, Who’s your favorite one on this list? We’d love to hear from you!

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