15 ESFJ Superheroes You Need To Know About

It’s fun to break down the personalities of your favorite Superheroes. The psyche behind why they do what they do and why they are a certain way. Some heroes like to take charge, and some want to save the day and do their business. Then there are not in the spotlight but go out of their way to help and assist fellow day-savers.

The ESFJ personality type depicts someone who is generally a caregiver. These people are typically extroverted and get energy from the people around them. They are loyal to their cause and work best in a team. Trust will not be an issue if you have an ESFJ on your superhero teams.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite Superheroes that lean towards the ESFJ personality type. Let’s check it out!

#15 Beast Boy

#15 Beast Boy - ESFJ Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
ESFJ Personality Breakdown:

We kick this list off with Beast Boy (or Changeling). We are most familiar with Beast Boy from the Teen Titans. He is an extroverted hero who can shapeshift and adapt to any situation. He has green skin and has quite a bizarre power. This makes him feel different from the people around him and insecure about his appearance.

Here is the kicker though- he refuses to let that get him down. This teenage shapeshifter has such a big heart that he goes out of his way to make other ‘different’ individuals feel otherwise. He understands that he needs to use his power for the good of everyone. 

Even when working with Teen Titans, despite his immaturity, he is loyal to his teammates and does everything he can to ensure they are safe. 

#14 Ant-Man 

#14 Ant-Man - ESFJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ESFJ Personality Breakdown:

Scott Lang’s Antman is one of the most liked characters in the Marvel Universe. This was a refreshing change from Hank Pym’s version, which is quite the pill. What makes Scott Lang such a good character is the funny quips and the kind heart. He is always ready to help someone in need and, no matter the size of the opposing force is not afraid to stand his ground.

With a strong sense of morality, Antman is set on doing what is right and helping his teammates in whatever way he can. Just a good guy to have on your side.

#13 Falcon

#13 Falcon - ESFJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ESFJ Personality Breakdown:

Before taking on the mantle of Captain America, the Falcon made his name by being one of the most trustworthy people in the Avengers. Not to say that others aren’t trustworthy, but rather that the Falcon is a solid, reliable guy. On the face of it, the real power he has is flight, and that doesn’t seem like much of a threat, but it seems that his most important trait is his likability. This was probably one of the reasons that he was the natural choice to become the next Captain and the leader of the Avengers.

Falcon was Captain America’s most trusted confidant. If Cap trusts you with his life, it isn’t hard for everyone else to follow suit. An incredibly loyal, disciplined military guy. This just screams ESFJ.

#12 Damian Wayne

#12 Damian Wayne - ESFJ Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
ESFJ Personality Breakdown:

When they look at Damian, most people see a lethal assassin trained under the best fighters in the world. However, looking closely, you can see a child doing his best to fit in. When he was part of the League of Shadows, he wanted the approval of Ra’s Al Ghul and his peers and therefore did his best to excel. When he joined his father’s ranks, he followed the rules and became one of the best robins.

As he grows up with the Batfamily, he begins to understand the value of fellowship, which becomes very important for Batman. Damian simply wants to blend in and be appreciated for his work. As long as he gets that, he remains loyal. 

#11 John Constantine

#11 John Constantine - ESFJ Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
ESFJ Personality Breakdown:

Constantine is a hard one to describe. His personality traits are all over the place with his trauma and difficulty, but some indicate that he falls in the ESFJ personality type. Under all the bravado, John Constantine is kind-hearted and, no matter the darkness John has seen, he remains loyal to the good cause. With everything he has been through, he believes people still need to be saved. 

Despite the flaws and the supposed loner act, Constantine works well in a team and is even a good leader. While working with the Dark Justice League and the JLA, he has proved to be a valuable asset and a reliable teammate. His relationship with Zatanna helps him explore this side and has helped him better express it.

#10 Black Canary 

#10 Black Canary - ESFJ Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
ESFJ Personality Breakdown:

Black Canary is the ultimate team player, a member of the Birds of Prey and pretty much every other central DC superhero team. Like many on this list, she strongly believes in the benefits of team strength. Canary tries to ensure that everyone on her team is doing well, regardless of how big or small they are. This doesn’t stop at providing moral support. She even volunteers as a trainer and mentor for the Teen Titans.

This makes her relationship with Oliver Queen appropriate; they’re both fantastic team players and great partners. Black Canary often steps back from the leadership role mainly because she believes her teammates are more important than the mission.

#9 Dr. Fate

#9 Dr. Fate - ESFJ Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
ESFJ Personality Breakdown:

Most ESFJ personality types are seldom in the spotlight. They have their battles to fight, but for the big ones, they prefer to work in a team or require the help of other heroes to carry out missions. Dr. Fate is one such hero. The magical hero does not often interfere in the matters of the world as the entire concept of this hero is to leave everything to fate. Only when there is an anomaly does Dr. Fate interfere.

We find the hero appearing mostly when other, more prominent names are going through trouble or warning them of impending danger. He is bound to his cause and will stop at nothing to carry out the wishes of the Lords of Order. 

#8 Sue Storm 

#8 Sue Storm - ESFJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ESFJ Personality Breakdown:

Anyone who ends up with Reed Richards has to have a large heart, the kind that is incredibly patient and kind-hearted. That is precisely the type of person Sue Storm is. 

The Fantastic Four is a small team, and they don’t have too many heads trying to cook the pot. However, they somehow have the most drama amongst themselves. This is why the Invisible Woman is probably their most valuable asset, present there to ensure that everyone is taken care of and that the boat stays afloat. 

Sue Storm is loyal to her teammates and usually finds herself as the team’s in-house therapist. She is very well organized and compassionate and is a necessary opposite to the driven and overly focused personality of Mr. Fantastic.

#7 Storm 

#7 Storm - ESFJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ESFJ Personality Breakdown:

Orora is an Omega-Level mutant with the power to call down lightning. She has her name because she can cause a storm and create havoc, destroying everything in her path. However, this is contradictory to the kind of person she is. Storm is one of the most active members of the X-Men and has been their leader on many occasions. She is one of Xavier’s most trusted aides and would be the one that gets the keys to the school if anything were to happen to the professor.

Storm is usually the one looking out for everyone on the team, and her role as a teacher at the school makes her very close to being an actual caregiver. Orora is known for her kindness and patience. Like a good teacher, she constantly looks out for her students, and those classroom habits find their way to her teammates.

#6 Cyborg

#6 Cyborg - ESFJ Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
ESFJ Personality Breakdown:

Cyborg might just be one of the best Superhero examples of the ESFJ personality. Even before he was turned into half man, half machine, he was a high school student trying to figure out his life. He was already doing his best to fit in and make sure that people around him liked him. When he became the Cyborg, this increased tenfold. 

Origin stories of the character have varied over the years. The most popular one sees Cyborg start his career out with the Justice League and then, later on, go on to join the Teen Titans. With both teams, Cyborg is usually the one that sights the importance of being a team and sets a standard for loyalty and support. Cyborg is also a great team player.

#5 Superman

#5 Superman - ESFJ Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
ESFJ Personality Breakdown:

Superman might just be one of the greatest heroes of all time. You don’t get to be that way by having a one-dimensional personality. This is a being of alien origin, raised to be more human than anyone else, and goes on to save the universe on multiple occasions. He can endure many hardships but always keeps his cool and never loses hope. He gets that off the people around him. The Kents, Lois Lane, and his birth parents are the epitome of goodness, which has led Superman to always believe and hope. 

Superman never wavers from his ideologies and is always loyal to the cause; he flies to his teammates whenever they require help. He is a caregiver and stops at nothing to protect his loved ones. Even though Kal is one of the most powerful beings in the universe, he tries to make everyone feel important.

#4 Green Arrow

#4 Green Arrow - ESFJ Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
ESFJ Personality Breakdown:

When you look at the entire Justice League roster and see the powerhouses on there, it is possible to overlook the Scarlet Archer. However, Green Arrow might just be the most loyal and trustworthy member to be a part of the team. 

The Arrow never shied away from a fight and always leaped into action whenever his teammates were in danger. Whenever a new member joins the league, Green Arrow doesn’t exactly throw a parade, but he still cracks his quips and helps the newcomer feel at ease. Arrow gets a kick from talking to people, which he does a lot. The live-action depiction of the character is an off-shoot in that regard. Nonetheless, Green Arrow is well-organized, extroverted, and loyal to the cause. All of this makes him a good candidate for the ESFJ personality type.

#3 Luke Cage

#3 Luke Cage - ESFJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ESFJ Personality Breakdown:

Luke Cage comes from a part of New York City that has not had the best of luck or conditions. His entire life, he has been faced with racism and bigotry. Most people would have caved and fallen into that same pattern of hate but not Cage. This hero saw the hardships going on around him, and even before he gained his powers, he was doing what he could for his community.

Once he gained his powers, Cage waltzed back into his neighborhood and used his gifts to fight off the evils that were haunting it. Even though Cage could have gone off to fight with the Avengers or SHIELD but chose to stay back and keep an eye on his community, he needed to make sure that people were still there to look after the downtrodden and managed to create a sense of hope for his people. 

#2 She-Hulk

#2 She-Hulk - ESFJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ESFJ Personality Breakdown:

Jeniffer Walters, a cousin to the Hulk, is a hero that is a little off the books. She is constantly in her Hulk state, and the green skin is a little hard to hide. However, unlike her cousin, she doesn’t revel in the like of heroism and would instead just fit back into her everyday life. Again, the green skin makes that harder to do.

Even after being transformed into a massive, muscular Superhero, Jeniffer returns to her Lawyer life and continues her practice. It is typical of an ESFJ to try to fit in and not stand out. The constant stares and the noticeable physical differences make it hard for her to ignore. Hence, She-Hulk tries to go out of her way to make the people around her feel at ease. Of course, the absence of a raging temper helps. 

She-Hulk ensures that she is extra kind to the people around her and always gives 110% when working with a team. This way, she slowly earns the trust of her teammates. Gaining the trust of Wolverine is one of the hardest things to do; she is the only one who can make a move called ‘The Fastball’ with him. Google it, and you will not be disappointed.

#1 Miss Martian  

#1 Miss Martian - ESFJ Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
ESFJ Personality Breakdown:

We top this list off with none other than Miss Martian. Most ESFJs want to fit in with their peers, and of course, one of the last surviving members from Mars would depict these personality traits when trying to live on Earth.

Miss Martian is the niece of the Martian Manhunter and also one of the last White Martians. She does share the same twisted ideologies as the other members of her species but knows very well where she comes from. The awareness of her race’s actions has led to Miss Martian trying extra hard to ensure that the people around her know that her intentions are pure. 

Hence, the White Martian is extra careful to be mindful of everyone’s needs and tries to be there whenever her teammates need her, even if she has to go out of her way. Miss Martian’s loyalty is unmatched, and she is the most trustworthy teammate known by the Teen Titans or the Justice League. 

The fact that she is super friendly to everyone is just the cherry on top.

Honorable Mentions

  • Shazam (DC comics)
  • Flash (DC comics)
  • T’Chakka (Marvel comics)
  • Starfire (DC comics)
  • Booster Gold (DC comics)

This brings us to the end of the list of ESFJ Superheroes. They are great teammates and strongly believe in the strength that unity brings. Can’t argue with that.


Which Superhero is an ESFJ?

Miss Martian and She-Hulk are some examples of ESFJ Superheroes. These kinds of heroes work well in teams and are very well organized.

Which Disney Character is ESFJ?

Cinderella and Hercules are good examples of the ESFJ personality type. ESFJs are the kind that simply wants to fit in with others, and these two are very much like that.

Which characters have the ESFJ personality trait?

Green Arrow, Storm, and Anna (Frozen) are some characters that may be of the ESFJ personality type. The people with these personality traits are generally loyal, extroverted, and work very well with others.

Is ESFJ a rare type?

No, ESFJ is not that rare. It is the second most common personality type in the population.

Who should ESFJ marry?

The best-suited match for an ESFJ is an ISFP or an ISTP. They both possess feeling and sensing traits, and the contrast between the Introvert and Extrovert will keep things interesting between them.

So, Who’s your favorite one on this list? We’d love to hear from you!

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