15 ENFJ Anime Characters You Need To Know About

ENFJs are more likely to be protagonists. They are givers, constantly trying to accommodate the desires of others in their lives. Embodied with a strong sense of purpose, these saviors are imbued with extraverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging personality traits. Keeping their conscience clean, they always strive to make the right move. 

Here are 15 anime characters who deserve a place on this list.

#15 Teruhashi Kokomi

#15 Teruhashi Kokomi - ENFJ Anime Characters

Anime: The Disastrous Life of Saiki Kusuo
ENFJ Character Breakdown: 

Kokomi is a perfect girl but an unhealthy ENFJ. She craves attention and loves being showered with compliments from passers-by. The blue-haired girl is a classmate of Saiki Kusuo and is infatuated with him.

This is because Saiki makes an effort to avoid Teruhashi at any cost. He doesn’t enjoy being around crowds, and Kokomi attracts hordes of people wherever she goes. Teruhashi is perplexed that Saiki isn’t taken in by her beauty, and thus she wants what she can’t have. She makes a strong impression every time she is in public; men and women can’t take their eyes off her. 

Teruhashi has always been blessed with praises her whole life. Thus she expects everyone to treat her like a queen. She can concoct plans to trap Saiki but fails even though she is quick-witted. Kokomi is confident in her abilities and can mesmerize most individuals around her. Only Saiki and his brother are immune to her charms in the series. 

#14 Hashirama Senju

#14 Hashirama Senju - ENFJ Anime Characters

Anime: Naruto: Shippuden
ENFJ Character Breakdown: 

Nicknamed “the God of Shinobi,” Hashirama led the Senju clan and was a bitter rival of Madara Uchiha, who was also his best friend. Born amidst a period where the Uchihas and Senjus were ruthlessly hunting each other, Senju grew to resent fights. 

He is one of the strongest ninjas in the series. Madara used his cells to inculcate an ability to heal his body, which is why he survived the battle against Guy. Senju was a dependable man with a warm, tender-hearted persona; he is deeply empathetic as he weeps for the losses of his clan and Madara’s siblings. Till the end of his life, Hashirama stayed true to his role as a peacemaker and protected Konohagakure from Madara’s rage. This black-haired maestro was an idealistic ENFJ. 

#13 Daichi Sawamura 

#13 Sawamura Daichi - ENFJ Anime Characters

Anime: Haikyuu!!
ENFJ Character Breakdown: 

The captain of the Karasuno volleyball team, Daichi, is the glue that holds the rest of the club together. He also played the role of a coach when Ikkei Ukai was hospitalized due to complications related to old age and overwork.

Daichi is a compassionate individual who is fully engrossed in the sport. He reminisces about the times when Karasuno was a legendary team and hopes to usher in a new Golden Age. Daichi understands the friction between Hinata and Kageyama and tries to defuse the tension between the two. A man whose sole purpose is to take Karasuno to new heights, Daichi hopes that the crows will retake flight. Sawamura’s dream became a reality when his volleyball team triumphed over the feared Shiratorizawa. 

Aided by Sugawara and Asahi, Sawamura is a player who has dedicated his whole life to the pursuit of volleyball. Considerate and a meticulous strategist, Daichi is most definitely an ENFJ. 

#12 Yona

#12 Yona - ENFJ Anime Characters

Anime: Akatsuki no Yona/ Yona of the Dawn
ENFJ Character Breakdown: 

The protagonist of this renowned series, Princess Yona, is the true heir of the Kouka Kingdom. Following Soo-Won’s betrayal and her father’s assassination, Yona was forced to leave her palace with Hak as her protector. 

Immature and self-centered at first, Yona blossomed into a fine warrior by the end of the anime. She became a leader who the 4 four dragon warriors greatly admired, and some of them even developed romantic feelings for her. Armed with a mesmerizing disposition and well-versed in the art of war, Yona became a general capable of commanding an army. 

The crimson-haired girl is regarded as the reincarnated King Hiryuu by her faithful dragon warriors. Yona accepts that her father made mistakes as a ruler, invoking his people’s ire. The red-haired princess is insightful and organized in her plans as a princess and can’t seem to rid herself of past trauma due to Soo-Won’s treachery. Yona is a full-blown ENFJ when the story concludes. 

#11 Rock Lee

#11 Rock Lee - ENFJ Anime Characters

Anime: Naruto
ENFJ Character Breakdown: 

The ace student of Guy Sensei, Rock Lee, is unable to use ninjutsu. After training for years to build his strength under Might Guy’s guidance, Lee became a brilliant combatant and had an incredible fight with Gaara, a jhinchuriki from the Sand Village. To this date, Lee vs. Gaara is one of the most famous fights in anime history. 

Lee is a nice guy; he is backed by positive thinking due to Guy’s influence on him. Just like his teacher, Lee is particular about promises and subjects himself to harsh training if he breaks an oath. This black-haired stalwart can persevere through everything; even when drunk, he held his ground against Kimimaro. Lee proves to be a vigilant and effective shinobi. 

Lee was romantically drawn toward Sakura Haruno, even though the latter was already in love with Sasuke. Rock forgives Gaara after his limbs were crushed during their battle. Endearing, kind, boisterous, and an organized fighter, Lee played a crucial role in the Fourth Shinobi War as well. He is an ENFJ. 

#10 Goro

#10 Goro - ENFJ Anime Characters

Anime: Darling in the Franxx
ENFJ Character Breakdown: 

Goro is one of the children in-charge of safeguarding human settlements from Klaxosaurs. He is in love with Ichigo, but these feelings are not reciprocated till the end of the series. 

A brother willing to die for the sake of his loved one, Goro is a man who will always watch your back. The bespectacled teenager is caring, mindful of Hiro and Ichihgo’s feelings, and has an extroverted nature. He acts as a support system for all his mates, particularly Hiro. When the latter is driven sick after riding Strelizia with Zero Two, Goro is the first to notice Hiro’s suffering. 

Goro never betrays the trust of his friends. His selflessness is further exemplified when he decides to safeguard Ichigo’s life and willingly puts himself in harm’s way. A responsible leader with an empathetic attitude, Goro is the ENFJ we don’t deserve. 

#9 Suzuki Iruma 

#9 Suzuki Iruma - ENFJ Anime Characters

Anime: Welcome to the Demon School! Iruma-kun
ENFJ Character Breakdown: 

A young human boy with selfish parents, Iruma, was sold to a demon named Sullivan. Iruma later enrolled in Babyls Demon School at the behest of his newly-adopted grandfather. Although he was frightened by his classmates and the school anthem, Iruma decided to masquerade as a demon. 

Iruma was subjected to neglect and abuse by his human parents. Despite enduring so much, he never let negativity seep into his soul. The azure-eyed boy is an affectionate individual who doesn’t hesitate before helping his friends and family. Even the staff at Babyls are fond of him since Iruma is always willing to step up and do chores. 

Iruma’s sensitivity knows no bounds, even when his devilish phase comes to life. Soft-spoken and blessed with a loving nature, the blue-haired boy is a clear ENFJ. 

#8 Rias Gremory

#8 Rias Gremory - ENFJ Anime Characters

Anime: High School DXD
ENFJ Character Breakdown: 

The busty Rias Gremory is head of the Gremory household. With her main pawn Issei and other family servants, Rias proves to be a formidable force in the world inhabited by demons, fallen angels, and many mystical creatures. 

Rias cares deeply for Hyoudou Issei and other members of her clan. The younger sibling of Sirzechs, Mrs. Gremory, often quarrels with Akeno who is also infatuated with Issue. Mrs. Gremory is an expert in hatching schemes, evident from the battle against the Phenex clan. 

The Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess is enraged if any harm befalls her servants. Rias is an optimistic individual who dislikes being respected solely due to her family’s popularity. Gentle to her peers and cruel towards her foes, this intelligent princess pays heed to her surroundings when faced with a conflict. Rias is undoubtedly an ENFJ. 

#7 Oikawa Tooru

#7 Oikawa Tooru - ENFJ Anime Characters

Anime: Haikyuu!!
ENFJ Character Breakdown: 

The captain of Aoba Johsai High and their primary setter, Oikawa’s defining trait is his sharpened intuition. He says so himself, “Talent is something you are born with, instinct is something you polish.”

From a young age, Oikawa was fascinated with volleyball. Although uncouth towards his teammates and rivals, Tooru is a gentle soul beneath that facade. Jealous of Ushijima and Kageyama’s natural abilities, the brow-haired setter is hit with a sense of inferiority whenever he faces them. Thus, Tooru puts himself through rigorous training regimes and even analyzes games featuring his foes to develop nifty strategies. 

Tenacious, flirtatious, and a remarkable captain despite his drawbacks, Oikawa is a force to be reckoned with once he reaches the volleyball court.

#6 Toshinori Yagi, aka All Might

#6 Toshinori Yagi aka All Might - ENFJ Anime Characters

Anime: Boku no Hero Academia
ENFJ Character Breakdown:

The man who was once quirkless before becoming the No. 1 hero of the world, Toshinori, is a single-minded man who has sacrificed his youth, mind, and body to stay afloat as the “Symbol of Justice.”

Yagi chooses Deku as his successor and passes on the “One for All” quirk to the meet, green-haired boy. Toshinori always tries to rejuvenate the hearts of those around him. He is a cheerful man who showcases his wit when faced with challenging situations. 

In his fight against Nomu, All Might used all his strength and more to defeat his opponent. Nomu’s quirk was shock absorption, so All-Might’s blows grew in power to push past the monster’s limits. All-Might is an ENFJ who always saves the day. 

#5 Jonathan Joestar

#5 Jonathan Joestar - ENFJ Anime Characters

Anime: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures Part 1- Phantom Blood
ENFJ Character Breakdown: 

The protagonist of Phantom Blood, Jonathan Joestar, is the only son of George Joestar. The latter later decides to adopt Dio Brando to pay a debt he owes his father. 

A chivalrous man with a friendly demeanor, Jonathan has a high standard of morality. Despite Dio’s actions towards his friends and family, this determined fellow never hated Brando. He seeks help from Zeppeli to beat his enemy, who had turned into an immortal vampire. 

Jonathan is a highly courageous individual who is always concerned about the safety of others over himself. He sacrificed his life to protect Erina Pendleton and forgave Dio. There is not a single selfish bone in his body. A man with an unshakeable character, Jonathan is a faithful ENFJ. 

#4 Emma

#4 Emma - ENFJ Anime Characters

Anime: The Promised Neverland
ENFJ Character Breakdown: 

Emma’s main character in the Promised Neverland series is a talented, studious girl with a friendly demeanor. Almost all the orphans are drawn to her. With each episode, Emma matures as she learns the dark reality of her world. 

Alongside Norman and Ray, Emma is renowned for her sharp wit and high exam scores. She generously showers love on all her foster siblings. Emma is incapable of being selfish, as she refuses to leave anyone behind when engineering an escape from the orphanage. 

Her noble and courageous spirit is an excellent motivator for all the other children, as it prepares them for the dangerous world filled with strange demons. This orange-haired girl never loses the twinkle in her eye; once she decides to focus on a plan, she never deviates, no matter what obstacles she has to encounter. Emma is willing to make any sacrifice necessary for the safety of her siblings. Frank, hard-working, and mindful of her surroundings, Emma is a classic version of an ENFJ. 

#3 Falco Grice

#3 Falco Grice - ENFJ Anime Characters

Anime: Attack on Titan
ENFJ Character Breakdown: 

Falco belongs to the new generation of Eldian refugees who was selected as the successor for Reiner. Originally chosen as the next Armoured Titan, Falco later inherited the Jaw Titan’s power because Zeke Yeager meddled. 

Although he is not a keen warrior, Falco rushes to defend his friends when a bad situation arises. He is immensely fond of Gabi and is deeply in love with her. Falco is a soft-hearted boy whose compassionate side is visible when he converses with a war veteran. The blonde boy’s altruistic actions on the battlefield also testify to his humanity. 

Falco pities Eren when the latter reveals his true identity and talks about how his homeland was invaded and destroyed. At the same time, he starts thinking of ways to apprehend Eren, considering that Yeager had the power of the Founding Titan. Methodical when necessary, this young soldier is an alert ENFJ. 

#2 Tanjiro Kamado

#2 Tanjiro Kamado - ENFJ Anime Characters

Anime: Demon Slayer 
ENFJ Character Breakdown: 

The protagonist of Demon Slayer, this hard-headed boy, is the only one who survived Muzan’s attack against his family, alongside Nezuko. Upon learning that his beloved sister had turned into a demon, Tanjiro decides to train and become a slayer. 

Tanjiro is an exceptionally empathetic individual who chooses to forgive all his enemies before executing them. His determination is demonstrated when the doe-eyed boy fights even a Hashira to protect his sister. To Tanjiro, Nezuko’s safety and cure take precedence above all else. 

Joyful and a fantastic fighter, Tanjiro proves his worth as a demon slayer during the grueling Selection process. Kamado harbors tremendous hatred for Muzan, the demon responsible for massacring his family, and hopes Nezuko will someday become a human again. A careful planner when facing resilient opponents, Tanjiro will always be an ENFJ. 

#1 Rokurouta Sakuragi

#1 Rokurota Sakuragi - ENFJ Anime Characters

Anime: Rainbow – Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin
ENFJ Character Breakdown: 

One of the story’s notable characters revolves around the lives of juvenile delinquents. Sakuragi is a mentor for Mario, Tadayoshi, Noboru, Mansaku, Ryuji, and Joe. These 6 individuals shared a cell with this benevolent gentleman at the detention center. 

The 6 lovingly refer to him as ‘an-chan’ (bro). Impulsive at first, these boys matured considerably under his guidance. Sakuragi cares deeply about others, which is evident when we realize he holds himself accountable for his father’s suicide. He tries to befriend Ryuji, but Nomoto keeps doubting his intentions. After Ishihara causes his cellmates to get trapped amidst a rousing fire, Ryuji repents and starts admiring An-chan like the rest. 

Rokurouta’s entire life has been filled with loss. His previous mate Hagino took his life when he could not bear sexual torture at the hands of Sasaki, the designated physician at the detention center. This is the main reason Sakuragi holds the doctor and Ishihara in great contempt, for they were complicit in the death of his dear friend. An accomplished boxer, Sakuragi taught Mario how to be an efficient fighter. A man of impeccable character, Sakuragi belongs at the zenith of this list. 

Honorable Mentions

  • Mirio Togata aka Lemillion (My Hero Academia)
  • Minato Namikaze (Naruto Shippuden)
  • Kyojuro Rengoku (Demon Slayer)
  • Shanks (One Piece)


What Hurts An ENFJ?

Being let down by their loved ones is what an ENFJ hates the most. Also, falling short of their goal. 

Who Should ENFJs Avoid?

ISTJs and ESTJs are not compatible with ENFJs. 

Are ENFJs Manipulative?

They can be if they have unhealthy and negative characteristics. 

Which Villains Can Be Classified As ENFJs?

Talia Al Ghul (DC Comics) and Thanos (Marvel Cinematic Universe) are good examples of ENFJ antagonists.

So, Who’s your favorite one on this list? We’d love to hear from you!

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