15 ESFJ Anime Characters You Need To Know About

ESFJs are commonly referred to as caregivers or consuls. They are good-hearted, organized, uninhibited, and faithful individuals who recharge by being in the company of friends and family. ESFJs are expert motivators and usually welcome strangers with an unbiased and warm outlook. 

Here are the 15 Anime Characters who can be classified as ESFJs.

#15 Sasaki Haise 

#15 Haise Sasaki - ESFJ Anime Characters

Anime: Tokyo Ghoul
ESFJ Character Breakdown:

The protagonist of the hit manga and anime series, Haise Sasaki, is a newly-established identity with an exceptional work ethic and a kind soul. His ghoul self, Ken Kaneki, lies submerged deep within his psyche. 

A faithful warrior affiliated with Arima, Sasaki enjoyed working with other investigators. He showed mercy towards ghouls when needed. Sasaki is friendly toward his junior officers and has a heightened sense of awareness. The white-haired fellow’s jovial and carefree nature led to his underlings disobeying orders, yet Sasaki was anxious about their safety. 

Haise proved his worth as an investigator. He can be regarded as a peacemaker, although Kaneki within him is an INFP. Sasaki’s attitude demonstrates that he is an ESFJ.

#14 Kyouko Hori 

#14 Kyouko Hori - ESFJ Anime Characters

Anime: Horimiya
ESFJ Character Breakdown:

A significant character in Horimiya, Kyouko is a Katagiri Senior High School student. Being an exuberant girl, Hori spreads happiness everywhere she goes. Kyouko is an overachiever who frequently tops in her exams. When backed into a corner, Kyouko resorts to violence. 

Hori is highly possessive of Miyamura, her love interest; jealousy invades her psyche when she sees his man conversing with other women. Kyouko has a masochistic side that surfaces when she enjoys being berated by Miyamura, the latter being a reserved man.  

Committed to her goals, meticulous, and tender-hearted, Hori is a classic version of an ESFJ. 

#13 Kaori Makimura 

#13 Makimura Kaori - ESFJ Anime Characters

Anime: City Hunter
ESFJ Character Breakdown: 

The female protagonist of City Hunter, Kaori, is no stranger to Ryo’s antics around attractive women. And yet, she willingly follows in her brother’s footsteps and assists Saeba in his adventures across Japan. 

Kaori always disciplines Ryo when his perverted side surfaces. Makimura is friendly toward Saeko, a police detective with close ties to Ryo. This boisterous brown-haired tomboy is involved in managing client details and related tasks, which displays her organizational skills. Makimura is a passionate and cooperative girl who doesn’t hesitate to join Ryo’s agency after her adoptive brother is gunned down by an assailant. Kaori is an affectionate caretaker who is often troubled by Saeba’s whims. 

Ryo and Kaori later ended up as soulmates. A quick-thinker who doesn’t condone nonsensical behavior, Kaori is a delightful and hilarious ESFJ. 

#12 Hiyori Iki 

#12 Iki Hiyori - ESFJ Anime Characters

Anime: Noragami 
ESFJ Character Breakdown:

The love interest of Yato, Iki, is a teenage girl who befriends the God of Calamity. After risking her life to save a stranger, Iki encounters Yato, who is a minor god going through a rough patch. Hiyori turns into a half-phantom as a direct result of her interaction with Yato and contracts him so that she can have a normal life. 

This cute brunette is a benevolent soul who likes helping people stuck in troublesome situations. Hiyori’s love for Yato is displayed when she gifts him a handmade shrine, showcasing her dedication to him. This makes the goofy God of Calamity tear up. Iki always speaks her mind; her interaction with Yukine after she catches him swindling is a testament to that. 

Hiyori is compassionate towards Yato and Yukine. She willingly helps the duo rescue people in distress. The girl is fiercely loyal and an honorable friend. Hiyori is sensitive and emotional but can also put up a good fight if circumstances demand it. 

#11 Haruki Nakayama

#11 Haruki Nakayama - ESFJ Anime Characters

Anime: Given
ESFJ Character Breakdown:

The bassist who is an integral cog in Ritsuka’s band, Haruki, is a reliable mate who never abandons his friends. Nakayama is a caregiver, as he nurtures his loved ones when necessary. Haruki is fully absorbed in his craft as a vital band member. 

Nakayama is unsure of his full potential and doubts his ability as a guitarist. The blonde-haired boy’s relationship with Akihiko sours following an altercation. Kaji later apologizes for mistreating Haruki and vows to be a man worthy of his love. 

Nakayama always smiles in the presence of others; he doesn’t wish to trouble his friends with his sorrowful life. A delicate boy, Haruki is beautiful, inside and out. He is an ESFJ. 

#10 Orihime Inoue

#10 Orihime Inoue - ESFJ Anime Characters

Anime: Bleach 
ESFJ Character Breakdown:

Orihime Inoue is a teenager and a part of Kurosaki Ichigo’s circle of friends. The bond between the two was strictly platonic at first, but Ichigo is the love of her life. Orihime can be air-headed, and her cheerful persona helps soothe the hearts and minds of those around her. 

Orihime is most effective as a healer; she can use her skills to undo severe damage. This was determined when the orange-haired savior restored Grimmjow’s arm. Ulquiorra is the strongest Espada who is in charge of safeguarding her. While Inoue was imprisoned in Hueco Mundo, the duo shared a special connection. Orihime empathizes with Ulquiorra and tries to discern his nihilistic outlook. 

Inoue is an easy-going, amicable girl. She is receptive to people’s feelings, thoughtful, and selfless. Though naive at times, Orihime is still a topper at her school, signifying her focus on academics. 

#9 Yuigahama Yui

#9 Yuigahama Yui - ESFJ Anime Characters

Anime: My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU (Oregairu)
ESFJ Character Breakdown:

Yahallo! That is Yui’s signature catchphrase. She greets all her friends and family members with that word and a big smile plastered across her face. Warm, humorous, and mindful of her surroundings, Yuigahama is one of the main characters in Oregairu, a complex tale that dissects social exclusion and teenage relationships. 

Yui is drawn to Hachiman, but her rival-in-love is her best friend, Yukino. Despite this, Yuigahama tries to maintain a strong bond involving the three. A joyful extrovert, this pink-haired youngster has a great gift; her social skills help her navigate life easily. Hachiman infers Yui is immature at first but later realizes she is alert and perceptive. 

Yui prefers to avoid conflict. Thus she doesn’t always air her grievances. Her energy is crucial; without it, the trio would drift apart. She’s well-versed in academics and doesn’t disappoint as an athlete either. Yui quickly notices the camaraderie between Hachiman and Yukinon and accepts that she has lost at the end of the story. The girl who never fails to light up the room is undeniably an ESFJ. 

#8 Aoyama Nanami 

#8 Aoyama Nanami - ESFJ Anime Characters

Anime: The Pet Girl of Sakurasou 
ESFJ Character Breakdown: 

Aoyama is a significant character in Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo. With plans to become a successful voice actress, Nanami works diligently to achieve her end goal. Despite backlash from her family, Aoyama doesn’t stray from her path. 

Aoyama has developed romantic feelings towards Sorata. A dedicated worker, Nanami often puts herself under too much pressure. She is a driven girl who cares for all residing in the Sakurasou hostel. Nanami often second-guesses herself, which is evident if we observe her behavior around Yuko Kanda and Mashiro Shiina. In fact, one could say that she is too committed to her chores and duties. 

Despite all her shyness around Sorata, this lady fits the definition of an ESFJ perfectly. 

#7 Alex Louis Armstrong 

#7 Alex Louis Armstrong - ESFJ Anime Characters

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
ESFJ Character Breakdown: 

Popularly known as Strong Arm Alchemist, Alex is the younger brother of Olivier Mira Armstrong. He is a close friend of Sig Curtis. 

A skilled state alchemist, Alex has a disarming physique. But beneath the rough and tough exterior lies a fragile heart. When he became aware of Edward and Alphonse’s traumatic childhood, Alex was moved to tears. After that, the bald giant became a helpful ally in their struggle against the homunculi. 

Armstrong is an altruistic individual who can go to any extent to defend his subordinates and loved ones. Alex is quick-witted and knows how to plan and act upon it; he and Curtis were able to overpower Sloth with a series of well-synchronized blows. Alex is an energetic alchemist who is loud, overprotective, and a generous warrior with impressive biceps. 

#6 Kagome Higurashi

#6 Kagome Higurashi - ESFJ Anime Characters

Anime: Inuyasha
ESFJ Character Breakdown:

The female lead of the hit series Inuyasha, Kagome is widely regarded as the reincarnated Kikyo. She is the quintessential good girl, kind and helpful toward those who need her assistance. Though Kagome is jealous of Inuyasha’s bond with Kikyo, over time, her resentment vanishes. 

Higurashi matures as the story progresses. She hates evil-doers, which is visible when Naraku, the primary antagonist, is wary of her rage. Kagome is magnanimous; in combat, she uses her organizational skills and knowledge to complement Inuyasha’s impulsive behavior. This proves Kagome has learned to exercise caution. The black-haired lass became a full-fledged ESFJ near the end of this riveting adventure. This lady confirms that everyone is capable of growth. 

#5 Shirley Fenette

#5 Shirley Fenette - ESFJ Anime Characters

Anime: Code Geass
ESFJ Character Breakdown:

A female student at Ashford High, Shirley has a crush on Lelouch vi Britannia. This green-eyed beauty was an accomplished swimmer and a diligent associate of the Student Council. Fenette was also a topper at the academy and a friendly girl with little to no problems in life. 

Shirley develops hatred toward the masked “terrorist” when her father is killed due to Zero’s efforts. Once Shirley uncovers the truth behind Zero’s identity, she is distraught and yet, wounds Villeta to protect Lelouch. A keen observer, Shirley eventually locates the letter she wrote before the Emperor erased her memories and planted new ones.

A chirpy girl with a tender heart, Shirley’s primary weakness was her affection for Lelouch. At the end of her quest, Fenette decides to join Zero’s association but runs into Rolo, who shoots her as his jealousy towards Nunnally springs forth. 

#4 Yoko Littner 

#4 Yoko Littner - ESFJ Anime Characters

Anime: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
ESFJ Character Breakdown:

One of the main characters in the renowned mecha series by Gainax, Yoko, is an outgoing girl who comes across Kamina and Simon while engaging a Gunman underground. As the story unfolds, a soft-hearted woman who is meticulous in her planning, Yoko proves to be an invaluable sniper. 

This auburn-haired buxom girl is a survivor. Alongside Rossiu, Littner prefers concocting plans instead of recklessly rushing into the battlefield. Yoko is attracted to confident men. Thus she falls for Kamina. Yoko doubts Simon’s efficiency as a fighter, as she is unable to comprehend Kamina’s reason for trusting Simon. 

A pragmatic individual, Littner is able to come to terms with Kamina’s passing. When Kittan kisses her before setting out in his Gunman to tackle the death spiral machine, Yoko is deeply saddened but doesn’t fall apart. She hates violence, as she has lost so many close compatriots to war. 

Sensible, vibrant, and sweet are the best adjectives that describe Mrs. Littner perfectly. Yoko is an ESFJ you can always count on. 

#3 Leorio Paradinight

#3 Leorio Paradinight - ESFJ Anime Characters

Anime: Hunter X Hunter 
ESFJ Character Breakdown:

Leorio hopes to be a doctor one day. A comrade of Gon, Killua, and Kurapika, Leorio comes off as selfish at first. But in a conversation with Kurapika, Leorio reveals the reason behind his obsession with money. Paradinight wishes to be a healer who can help those in need, especially the downtrodden. But for that, Leorio must first become a respected Hunter to fund his education. 

Leorio is the primary caregiver amongst his friends; he can single-handedly go to war if his pals are hurt. When Leorio meets Ging near the end of the anime, he angrily scolds the senior hunter for being a rotten father. Upset at Ging’s disregard for Gon’s condition, Leorio punches Ging and sends him flying. This act further shows how considerate Leorio is towards his buddies. 

A key ally throughout the series, Paradinight helps his brothers out whenever they seem to be in a rough patch. Humorous, responsible, and practical, Leorio is a jolly good fellow and a talented ESFJ. 

#2 Reiner Braun

#2 Reiner Braun - ESFJ Anime Characters

Anime: Attack on Titan 
ESFJ Character Breakdown:

Reiner was raised in the Eldian concentration camp and trained to fight on behalf of Marleyans. He is Bertholt’s closest friend and Annie’s comrade. 

Reiner believed that if he served Marley with all his might, his father would return and praise his actions. Braun was able to infiltrate Paradis Island and played a significant role in the death of Eren’s mother and the destruction of his home. Reiner is supportive of his buddies and even nurtures the next generation of Eldian refugees who were supposed to unleash hell on Paradis. 

Braun wholeheartedly swallows Marleyan propaganda and believes that the residents of Paradis are “devils” who need to be exterminated by any means necessary. He becomes a better leader after Marcel’s death and fights with little to no hesitation in his heart. Reiner wanted both Annie and Bertholt to be safe, though he was sometimes critical of their actions. Reiner defends Gabi when Eren merges with Ymir and becomes a Founding Titan. Reiner had previously saved Falco. 

Eventually, his guilt catches up to him. Reiner understands that he is responsible for Eren’s unfathomable rage and offers himself as a sacrifice to save the Marleyans and Eldians. Braun always preferred suffering alone and gradually grew to hate himself. 

Reiner can hatch nifty strategies and cares about the emotions of his companions and foes. Coupled with the fact that he is conscious of his environment and adores being around his associates, you’ve got a fan-favorite ESFJ. 

#1 Kenji Miyazawa

#1 Kenji Miyazawa - ESFJ Anime Characters

Anime: Bungou Stray Dogs
ESFJ Character Breakdown:

An associate of the Armed Detective Agency, Kenji is blessed with super strength and is a prominent player in his organization. Kenji hails from a rural background. He fits the textbook definition of a “nice guy.” Miyazawa always greets people with a wide grin, showcasing his carefree demeanor. The citizens look up to him primarily because of Kenji’s gentle and conscientious persona. 

Kenji believes in the power of positive thinking; he sees the goodness in all, even in his adversaries. This simplistic outlook helps Miyazawa advance in his career as a detective. Although, when it comes to interrogation, Miyazawa can be naive and trustworthy of potential criminals. 

Kenji strikes fear into his enemies’ hearts as he uses his skill and power to round up and furiously punish culprits. The blonde’s “peculiar” methods are confusing even for Doppo Kunikida. Miyazawa’s straightforward disposition is a rare trait in the Agency, and he always finds a way to cheer up. Kenji is a pure boy with a ton of integrity and belongs at the top of this list. 

Honorable Mentions

  • Historia Reiss (Attack on Titan)
  • Shouko Nishimiya (A Silent Voice)
  • Ochaco Uraraka (Boku no Hero Academia)
  • Hinata Tachibana (Tokyo Revengers)


Are ESFJs rare?

They are more common than you would realize. Approximately 12% of the whole world’s population are ESFJs. 

Who can an ESFJ marry?

ESFJs are best paired with ISFPs (the artists) and INFPs (the mediators).

Which Disney character is an ESFJ?

Cinderella from the animated musical is an ESFJ.

Are ESFJs and INTPs compatible? 

Healthy ESFJs and INTPs can form lasting relationships. Logicians also need love, don’t they?

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