15 ENTP Anime Characters You Need To Know About

Colloquially referred to as the ‘Debaters,’ ENTPs are spontaneous thinkers who find intellectual challenges hard to resist. Highly analytical, they are characterized by Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Perceiving personality traits. 

Listed below are 15 anime characters who can be categorized as ENTPs.

#15 Dororo

#15 Dororo - ENTP Anime Characters

Anime: Dororo
ENTP Personality Breakdown: 

Dororo is the protagonist of this hit anime series. She accompanies Hyakkimaru through his journey to retrieve body parts and organs he lost because of a curse. 

Cheerful and outgoing, Dororo is far from innocent. Her masculine persona leads to speculation surrounding her gender. Dororo is a perceptive individual who operated as an expert thief before meeting Hyakkimaru. Highly methodical and wary of monsters, Dororo approached Hyakkimaru when the latter saved her life. 

This cute chibi is a compassionate girl who grows to care for her savior. In the anime released in 2019, the character of Dororo is more relaxed when compared to her previous versions. The kawaii brunette is unmistakeably an ENTP. 

#14 Kamishiro Rize

#14 Kamishiro Rize - ENTP Anime Characters

Anime: Tokyo Ghoul 
ENTP Personality Breakdown:

The first ghoul who encounters Kaneki Ken, Kamishiro Rize, is a seductive and charismatic woman who could lure victims into satiating her need to consume human flesh. 

Rize first met Ken Kaneki at the beginning of the series. Kaneki was infatuated with her. Kamishiro uses this knowledge to her advantage. Rize carefully traps him and is about to finish him off when steel beams descend upon her, mutilating most of her body. Akihiro Kanou transplants her organs into Kaneki’s body and keeps her alive for his own purposes. 

Rize enjoyed her life as a ghoul, even though she had little control over her urges, which signifies her spontaneity. As a hunter, she is cunning and manipulative. The violet-haired glutton has a dynamic persona, and she is Ne-dominant, i.e., Rize has extroverted intuition. She is an excellent example of an unhealthy ENTJ. Even the conniving illusion in Kaneki’s head loves messing around. 

#13 Hisoka Morow 

#13 Hisoka Morow - ENTP Anime Characters

Anime: Hunter X Hunter 
ENTP Personality Breakdown:

One of the side characters in the critically acclaimed anime series, Hisoka, is sexually motivated when he squares off against powerful opponents. The red-haired maniac recognized Gon’s potential during the Hunter Selection exam. Hisoka is a keen observer who was also a member of the Phantom Troupe. 

Hisoka doesn’t live in the moment. He constantly searches for prospective combatants capable of giving him a worthy fight. This is the primary reason for his fascination with Gon Freecss and Chrollo Lucifer. Unlike Uvogin, who is an ESTP reveling in the heat of battle, Hisoka prefers psychological warfare, and using his wit to conquer his opponents gives him a significant high. In short, the red-haired clown lives for the challenge. 

Unreserved and a Ne-dom (Extraverted Intuition), Hisoka is an ENTJ always hunting for strong adversaries. 

#12 Jae-Ha

#12 Jae-Ha - ENTP Anime Characters

Anime: Yona of the Dawn
ENTP Personality Breakdown:

Jae-Ha is a Dragon Warrior who was previously a member of Gi-Gan’s group of pirates. His ability helps him jump high and cover large distances because of the power associated with the Green Dragon that resides in his left leg. 

Jae-Ha is a proficient playboy with an independent outlook on life. His responsibilities as a “Ryokuryuu” is a baggage. Jae hopes to avoid his fate, as he has no intention of serving Yona, the reincarnation of King Hiryuu. Jae later falls for Yona after witnessing her domineering self, which reminds him of Gi-Gan’s mental fortitude. 

Though he is a bit of a pervert, Jae-Ha never mistreats the women he fancies. This green-haired man doesn’t tolerate women being insulted or subjected to any form of abuse. A full-blown rebel, Jae-Ha is an insightful man, which was proven when he locates Yona with relative ease and tries to escape. A quick and effective planner, Jae is an excellent fighter who fits snugly on this list. 

#11 Koro-Sensei

#11 Koro-Sensei - ENTP Anime Characters

Anime: Assassination Classroom
ENTP Personality Breakdown:

A protagonist in the anime series Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, Koro-sensei, first operated as “The Reaper,” an assassin feared by all his enemies and law enforcement agencies. Born in a land devoid of kindness, the Reaper faced various hardships during his formative years. He is an astute assassin who successfully overcomes most of his enemies.

 As a contract killer, his talent is unrivaled. The Reaper is a sum of all his life’s experiences. The time spent with Aguri Yukimura helped him turn over a new leaf. Yukimura taught Koro-sensei the value of kindness and love, which is why the Reaper treats his students with great care. The joyous Octopus turns black with rage when his loved ones are in danger. 

Methodical yet sociable, Koro-sensei adapts to most threats with sufficient ease. The Yellow Octopus never shies away from imparting key life lessons, even before his death. A man raised amidst hate, Koro-sensei became one of the most beloved characters in recent anime history. As a teacher, he is unquestionably an ENTP. 

#10 Orochimaru

#10 Orochimaru - ENTP Anime Characters

Anime: Naruto Shippuden
ENTP Personality Breakdown:

Originally introduced as an antagonist in the Naruto series, the crafty Orochimaru is a dedicated researcher. He later becomes a key ally during the Fourth Ninja War. 

A close friend of Jiraiya and Tsunade, Orochimaru is shown to be meticulous. As a scientist, his logic and intuition have been sharpened over the decades. Although he is a cognitive introvert, Orochimaru can be social in the company of his pals and loved ones. He is future-oriented, as the snake has spent his whole life in the pursuit of knowledge. Orochimaru was fascinated by Hashirama Senju’s Wood Release, as it enabled the first Hokage to accomplish nearly impossible feats. He is also the one who fixes the flawed Reanimation Jutsu conceptualized by the Second Hokage Tobirama.

Orochimaru assists Sasuke and resurrects the first 4 Hokages. Without his meddling, our protagonists would have a more challenging time overcoming Obito and Madara. Taken in by snakes, Orochimaru has a network of spies that feeds him information. He is undoubtedly an ENTP, just not entirely healthy. 

#9 Askeladd

#9 Askeladd - ENTP Anime Characters

Anime: Vinland Saga 
ENTP Personality Breakdown:

The main antagonist in the first season of Vinland Saga, Askeladd, is the leader of a band of mercenaries involved in the killing of Thors, a feared Viking warrior. He also plays the role of a father figure to Thorfinn, the son of Thors who hopes to vanquish Askeladd on the battlefield. 

A descendant of Lucius Artorius Castus, Askeladd is a schemer and a brilliant swordsman. The blonde-haired chief gives several life lessons to Thorfinn when the latter joins his group. Askeladd is a scrupulous figurehead; his strategies have helped the band secure many victories. If faced with difficulties, Askelladd can adapt and look for different paths to reach a favorable outcome. 

Askeladd uses logic and reasoning to defeat his opponents. His ruthless attitude is visible when he remains stoic while perpetrating unspeakable acts of violence. Askeladd was raised in harsh circumstances by his Norse father, Olaf, who mistreated his Welsh mother and her people. Before the end of his life, Askeladd lowered his guard and was more compassionate, particularly towards Thorfinn. He is the ENTJ capable of making the right choice at all times, irrespective of the cost. 

#8 Arataka Reigen

#8 Arataka Reigen - ENTP Anime Characters

Anime: Mob Psycho 100
ENTP Personality Breakdown:

Reigen is a critical character in the celebrated anime series Mob Psycho 100. He plays the role of a mentor for Mob because the latter hopes to better understand his psychic powers. 

A smooth-talker, Reigen is an expert at obtaining and convincing clients. A shrewd businessman, Arataka is a high-functioning intellectual capable of exploiting humans, spirits, and even his own friends. A selfish man who will do what’s necessary to fill his pockets, Reigen is a fraud.  

This orange-haired man maintains composure even amidst dangerous situations. To date, Reigen has only shown kindness and concern towards Mob. He wants the protagonist to stay healthy and fit. Reigen is an intuitive extrovert (Ne-dominant) who uses logic to defeat his many adversaries. Arataka is an ENTP with Extraverted Intuition (Ne-dom) and introverted sensing (Si).

#7 Radical Edward

#7 Radical Edward - ENTP Anime Characters

Anime: Cowboy Bebop
ENTP Personality Breakdown:

Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivruski IV, popularly known as Radical Edward, is a character in the classic anime series. Known for his exceptional ability as a hacker, Edward joins Spike, Faye, and Jet as the story unfolds. 

Ed fits the stereotypical definition of an eccentric genius. Like her father, Edward can be absent-minded about anything outside her work. This orange-haired rascal cannot be tamed and is uninhibited in her actions. As a hacker, Edward is meticulous and undefeated. She is revered as a prodigy because of her high level of efficiency.

Ed is a gentle soul who loves being around her friends and family. At the end of her adventure, Edward departs with her father. Ed is an ENTP with unparalleled intuition and brilliance. 

#6 Panda 

#6 Panda - ENTP Anime Characters

Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen
ENTP Personality Breakdown: 

A classmate of Inumaki Toge, Maki Zenin, and Okkotsu Yuta, Panda is a cursed corpse created under the expert guidance of Masamichi Yaga. A boisterous individual, Panda, has a friendly demeanor, as he frequently teases his fellow Jujutsu sorcerers and motivates them to be better. 

In his fight against Mechamaru, Panda used his heightened instincts and experience gathered through many battles to overcome a formidable rival. His analytical skills are illustrated as the Cursed Corpse could figure out the exact direction his enemy’s cannon was pointed, thereby successfully protecting Nobara. Even Suguru Geto, an S-Grade sorcerer, praises Panda’s presence of mind. 

Backed by Extroverted Intuition (Ne-Si) and Introverted Sensing, Panda still hasn’t shown his full potential as a jujutsu sorcerer. Methodical during combat and mischievous off the field, Panda is undeniably an ENTP. 

#5 Osamu Dazai 

#5 Osamu Dazai - ENTP Anime Characters

Anime: Bungo Stray Dogs
ENTP Personality Breakdown:

A man fascinated with death, Osamu Dazai is a significant player in the 

Armed Detective Agency. Previously affiliated with Port Mafia, Dazai mentored Atsushi when the latter joined the agency. 

Enigmatic yet pessimistic, Dazai is a highly complex character. His motives aren’t clearly understood unless he decides to reveal them. Osamu is almost always preoccupied with death, looking for new and interesting ways to commit suicide. While an associate of the Port Mafia, Dazai quickly rose through the ranks and became an executive. His efficiency is further visible when he utilizes the art of persuasion to interrogate enemies who wouldn’t crack under pressure. 

Dazai hopes to obtain a deeper understanding of the human psyche through all the bloodshed. Meticulous ad effective, Dazai has extraverted intuition, his dominant trait (Ne-Si), and is assuredly an ENTJ. 

#4 Soma Yukihira

#4 Soma Yukihira - ENTP Anime Characters

Anime: Food Wars!/ Shokugeki no Soma
ENTP Personality Breakdown:

The protagonist of Food Wars! Soma is an extroverted man who dreams of becoming a renowned chef in the foreseeable future. He rigorously pursues his goal. From a tender and impressionable age, Soma has been passionate about cooking. Yukihira relishes the thrill of competing against other cooks. 

Soma is well-organized and applies his reasoning when he is involved in preparing delicious yet unusual dishes. A gregarious gentleman, Soma is often underestimated because he is not an aristocrat, unlike many others at the Totsuki Culinary Academy. The red-haired mastermind proves his worth as a chef by gradually soaring through the ranks and eventually reaching the Elite 10 Council. 

When backed into a corner, Soma quickly thinks of simple solutions, demonstrating his presence of mind. Always delighted when faced with noteworthy rivals, Soma never disappoints, even when he lands in a precarious situation. Laid-back, Yukihira is capable of staying calm under pressure. He is a gifted and experienced ENTP chef. 

#3 Satoru Gojo

#3 Satoru Gojo - ENTP Anime Characters

Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen 
ENTP Personality Breakdown:

One of the main characters in the recently popularized anime series, Satoru Gojo, is the world’s strongest jujutsu sorcerer. Satoru has only been defeated once by Toji Fushiguro, a mercenary sorcerer killer who Gojo later kills after perfecting his reverse cursed technique. 

When surrounded by friends and colleagues, Satoru is friendly. However, he hates taking orders from executives and immensely dislikes his enemies. Gojo knows that he is arguably the strongest sorcerer since he was born with the Six Eyes and Limitless abilities. This white-haired freak is arrogant and deservedly so; he had overcome all his opponents except Kenjaku, who sealed him before the massacre at Shibuya unfolded. 

A genius fighter, Gojo holds those he deems “weak” in contempt. Exceptionally loyal to his students, Gojo is willing to go to war with the ones in-charge to protect Yuta. Backed by Extroverted Intuition (Ne-dom and Si), the azure-eyed man is the quintessential ENTJ who effortlessly wins against feared foes. 

#2 Ryuk 

#2 Ryuk - ENTP Anime Characters

Anime: Death Note 
ENTP Personality Breakdown:

The shinigami bored in the netherworld, Ryuk dropped a Death Note in the human realm, hoping to see an “interesting” person use it for selfish reasons. His wish is granted as Light Yagami obtains the notebook and wishes to be a “God of the New World.” 

Throughout the story, Ryuk plays the role of a spectator, watching Light hatch his nefarious schemes from the background. With every step Yagami takes, Ryuk learns more about the twisted side of human nature. His fellow shinigami frequently mock him as they cannot begin to comprehend the reason behind his boredom and his subsequent activities in the realm inhabited by humans. 

Ryuk has Extroverted Intuition, Introverted Thinking, Extroverted Feeling, and Introverted Sensing personality traits. He deeply enjoys watching Light battle against his enemies. Ryuk’s humorous and outgoing persona, spontaneous actions, and ability to figure out Light’s plans before execution proves that he is an ENTP. 

#1 Edward Elric

#1 Edward Elric - ENTP Anime Characters

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
ENTP Personality Breakdown:

One of the notable characters in the renowned anime series, Edward, is Alphonse’s older brother. A highly able alchemist, Edward tried to revive his mother at a young age with his brother’s assistance. The duo failed miserably, and Alphonse lost his body in the process. 

Edward is loud and impulsive. He gives great importance to his friends and loved ones, as the blonde-haired protagonist willingly sacrificed his Gate of Truth and became a regular human. Perceptive and aware of his weaknesses as an alchemist, Edward accepts that some things are irreversible, no matter how sincerely one tries to alter reality. 

Edward is capable of great empathy and a soft-hearted ENTJ, a scarce find. 

Honorable Mentions

  • Vanitas (Vanitas no Carte)
  • Ryoji Kaji (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
  • Hawks (Boku no Hero Academia)
  • Rintaro Okabe (Steins Gate)


Are ENTPs rare? 

ENTPs are somewhat rare compared with other personality types. They make up 2% to 5% of the population.

Is Light Yagami an ENTP?

Light Yagami is an ENTJ i.e. a commander. He is not impulsive but a calculating evil genius who hopes to reign as a God. 

What Personality Type best describes Bakugo?

Bakugo is an ESFP.

Is Hange Zoe an ENTP?

Hange Zoe is a scientist in Attack on Titan. Just like Orochimaru, she is a full-fledged ENTP. 

Who should an ENTP marry?

ENTPs are more likely to gravitate towards INFJs, i.e., ‘advocates,’ and INTJ, i.e., architects. A romantic relationship involving these groups may be successful.

So, Who’s your favorite one on this list?

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