15 Best INFP Anime Characters That Fans Love

Is there anyone who hasn’t heard about the term MBTI? There are tons of MBTI experts, but I doubt there are people who haven’t heard about it, even if they have no interest in MBTI tests whatsoever. 

If you are reading this, you are well aware of this MBTI type, but if you are someone who isn’t, let me give you a quick summary. There are 16 personality types, and we are talking about INFP in this listicle. 

In INFP, I stands for Introversion, N stands for Intuition, F stands for Feeling, and P stands for Perceiving. Yeah, the N is the “n” of intuition, weird, but I can’t do anything about that. 

These personality types are basically shy like to spend alone time, have limitless creativity, are morally strong, and are understanding. 

So, without further ado, let’s begin the list of 15 INFP anime characters you should know about.

#15 Alphonse Elric

#15 Alphonse Elric - INFP Anime Characters

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
INFP Personality Breakdown: 

Alphonse is empathetic, even towards his enemies. He is non-judgemental towards his friends and foes alike. He is often overwhelmed with thoughts of being responsible for all the disasters that struck his family. 

Alphonse Elric is the younger brother of Edward Elric, the protagonist of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Having performed the forbidden human transmutation, Edward lost a leg and an arm while Alphonse lost his physical body. He can still exist thanks to Edward alchemically attaching his brother’s soul to a suit of armor. 

To get their bodies back to their original state, Alphonse, along with Edward, embarks on a journey to find the Philosopher’s Stone. Though he is attached to a hollow suit of armor, Alphonse retains his warm and kind demeanor, which he doesn’t shy away from showcasing even to his enemies. However, that suit often brings out the insecurities he wants to hide deep inside. 

#14 Gaara 

#14 Gaara - INFP Anime Characters

Anime: Naruto 
INFP Personality Breakdown: 

Thinking with the heart rather than the head is one of the most prominent traits of an INFP in Gaara. And his character development shows the good and the bad side of this trait throughout the series. 

Just like Naruto, Gaara was a Jinchūriki since birth, which is why he became a subject of fear for the villagers. However, Gaara never got the kind attention and love Naruto got from a couple of villagers who looked out for him.

This made Gaara into a soulless monster, which began to change after coming across Naruto. Since then, he turned into a new leaf, as far as becoming one of the most loved people in his village and becoming the fifth kazekage. 

In both cases, it was Gaara’s emotions that led him forward. The hatred and disgust turned him into a monster in his childhood, and the love and affection turned him into a kind person, which is also his true nature. If you have watched Naruto, you probably know why. 

#13 Tadashi Yamaguchi

#13 Tadashi Yamaguchi - INFP Anime Characters

Anime: Haikyuu!!
INFP Personality Breakdown: 

Yamaguchi is quiet and reserved to outsiders, but a kind and fun-loving person with his volleyball teammates, especially with his childhood buddy Tsukishima. Besides, his low self-esteem has always been a highlight of his character. He worked on it and improved later.

Tadashi Yamaguchi joined Karasuno High’s Volleyball team along with Tsukishima. Both joined the team at the same time Haikyuu’s protagonists Hinata and Kageyama did. 

In a struggling volleyball team trying to find its identity, Yamaguchi found it hard to make it into the starting eleven. While his talent and skill are up there, the confidence to back his skills was absent, making him a bench warmer. 

However, he practiced hard and mastered the jump float serve to get Karasuno High’s volleyball team out of desperate moments. With that serve, he became a regular pinch server for the volleyball team. With the story’s progression, the character development of this INFP character is quite inspirational. 

#12 Shigeo Kageyama

#12 Shigeo Kageyama - INFP Anime Characters

Anime: Mob Psycho 100
INFP Personality Breakdown: 

Shigeo Kageyama is a true epitome of an INFP. He is quiet and reserved. He finds it hard to keep himself in check when all bottled-up emotions bursts open. He cares a lot about the people he is close to, and being compassionate is like breathing. 

Shigeo Kageyama was blessed with psychic powers since childhood, but it was interlinked with his emotions. And as if it wasn’t enough, he was and still is emotionally vulnerable, which makes it all the more dangerous to piss him off or test his patience. 

Once, he got so overwhelmed by his emotions that he ended up hurting his brothers as he didn’t have complete control over his powers. However, with time he made close friends and allies who helped him understand emotions better than before. And that is also why he cherishes all of them like his family. 

Like an INFP, he tries to avoid conflicts as much as possible. He tries to settle things with a peaceful conversation. But if the individual doesn’t understand, he knows how to do that very well in his way.

#11 Chifuyu Matsuno

#11 Chifuyu Matsuno - INFP Anime Characters

Anime: Tokyo Revengers
INFP Personality Breakdown: 

Chifuyu doesn’t need a reason to help anyone in need of help. He lets his emotion lead him even in the most critical situations and sticks with his friends even during their worst times. He can do anything for his friends and close allies. 

Chifuyu Matsuno is the vice-captain of the first division of Tokyo Manji Gang. Baji and Chifuyu are inseparable duo. A very competent fighter, Chifuyu never gets intimidated by his opponent because he lets his heart lead him, not his brain. 

In middle school, Chifuyu kept the thugs in check and was the top delinquent until he met Baji, who seemed a nerd at first, which made Chifuyu doubt. 

But when Chifuyu finds himself in a tough spot, Baji single-handedly knocks down the bunch of thugs who came to beat up Chifuyu. That’s how Chifuyu and Baji became the truest of friends. 

After Baji’s sudden demise, Takemichi tells Chifuyu about his time-traveling abilities and asks him for help. Soon after Takemicihi was appointed as the captain of the first division, Chifuyu became the vice-captain, essentially becoming Takemichi’s advisor from that point on. 

#10 Junpei Yoshino

#10 Junpei Yoshino - INFP Anime Characters

Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen
INFP Personality Breakdown: 

Junpei is reserved and emotionally vulnerable, which makes him an easy target. Isolating himself from others is one of his most noticeable traits as an INFP. 

Bullied at school and the fact that the teachers ignored it even after witnessing such acts made Junpei lose hope in humanity. While he has strong feelings about taking revenge, he couldn’t do anything as he would always find himself outnumbered. 

He was suffering alone until Mahito saw and manipulated him after finding out how emotionally vulnerable he was.

However, after his mother’s demise, Junpei lost his way and wanted to take revenge on everyone in his school. While he eventually got back to his senses, thanks to Itadori, it was a tad bit late as Mahito turned him into a transfigured human. 

Unfortunately for Junpei, he didn’t get a second chance at life like Gaara from Naruto, who got drunk on power and hatred. 

#9 Hinata Hyuga

#9 Hinata Hyuga - INFP Anime Characters

Anime: Naruto
INFP Personality Breakdown: 

Hinata is so INFP that you can replace the name of this personality with her name, and people won’t complain. She is quiet, reserved, cares for others more than herself, and tries to avoid conflict at any cost. She is overloaded with kindness and is so selfless that she decides to sacrifice herself a million times throughout the series. 

Being the eldest daughter, she was meant to be the heiress of the Hyuuga clan, but she was cast aside due to her timid nature and her skills not on par with her father’s expectations. Eventually, with the help of Team 8, she grew up stronger, physically and mentally. 

And as you might already know, Hinata’s love for Naruto was the most consistent thing in the Naruto anime, following the importance of friendship. Well, she married Naruto and gave birth to Boruto and Himawari.

#8 Izumi Miyamura 

#8 Izumi Miyamura - INFP Anime Characters

Anime: Horimiya
INFP Personality Breakdown: 

Izumi is hard to know and hardly interacts with anyone. Due to unfortunate circumstances, he has built quite a pessimistic nature which began to change once he made a friend. 

Izumi Miyamura’s shy and quiet nature attracted bullies, making him pessimistic. But after finding a true friend in Kouichi Shindou, Miyamura began to change in ways never seen before. 

Following this, he met Hori in high school, which made him less pessimistic, and more optimistic, and he began interacting with people even when Hori was not around. 

However, one thing that makes Miyamura stand out among other INFP on this list is his piercings and tattoos, making him the sweetest delinquent of all time. 

#7 Rinko Yamato

#7 Rinko Yamato - INFP Anime Characters

Anime: My Love Story!!
INFP Personality Breakdown: 

Rinko Yamato is kind at heart, shy, very emotional, and treasures people close to her. She is understanding and is quite open to her close ones despite her shy nature. 

Rinko Yamato got saved from a molester by Takeo Gouda. While to everyone, Takeo is an ugly giant, to Rinko, he is the perfect one for her, whom she fell in love with at first sight. She lacks self-esteem, which makes her think that she might not be up to Takeo’s standards, but in reality, Takeo feels himself the luckiest guy in the world to receive love from someone like Rinko. 

#6 Atsushi Nakajima

#6 Atsushi Nakajima - INFP Anime Characters

Anime: Bungou Stray Dogs
INFP Personality Breakdown: 

Atsushi Nakajima has low self-belief and self-esteem but gathers unbelievable confidence when it is about saving someone. On top of that, he is so considerate that he takes time to listen to his enemies. What a guy!

Atsushi had a tragic past at an orphanage. But thanks to Dazai, he is now part of the detective agency, where he can eat and sleep under a roof and not wander around the streets. 

However, his past keeps haunting him, but with the help of his colleagues, he takes one step at a time to become a dependable guy who can fight his own battle. Among all this, the one thing Atsushi never loses is his strong sense of morality. 

#5 Gohan

#5 Gohan - INFP Anime Characters

Anime: Dragon Ball 
INFP Personality Breakdown: 

Gohan is kind and polite. Though he has Saiyan blood running through his veins, he seems to avoid fighting as much as possible. He is intelligent and so much that he ranks top most of the time. But that doesn’t mean he can’t fight. If anyone tries to harm his family and friends, he could easily beat them to a pulp.

Gohan is the eldest son of Goku. While Goku always tried to train him like a Saiyan, Chi-Chi stepped in and made Gohan study to survive in human society rather than fighting around aliens like Goku. 

While one can avoid his blood, one cannot deny it. And same goes for Gohan. When Cell was wreaking havoc, Gohan gave Cell a beating of a lifetime. However, in recent times his lack of training is more visible. 

Will he train himself to attain his true potential? Only time can tell. 

#4 Kenzou Tenma

#4 Kenzou Tenma - INFP Anime Characters

Anime: Monster 
INFP Personality Breakdown: 

Kenzou Tenma is another member of the perfect INFP club. He is kind, selfless, has strong ideals, is dedicated to whatever he does, and is emotionally vulnerable, which is the most common trait of an INFP. 

Kenzou Tenma was a renowned neurosurgeon until his life turned upside down due to disobeying the hospital director’s order to save the mayor’s life. Instead, he chose to save the life of a young boy. Little did he know that the boy named Johan Liebert would grow up to become an untamed monster, hence the anime title. 

In Monster, Johan keeps questioning Tenma’s morals throughout the series. 

#3 Rosinante Donquixote 

#3 Rosinante Donquixote - INFP Anime Characters

Anime: One Piece
INFP Personality Breakdown: 

Rosinante is intelligent. Working alone is his specialty; he cares for and empathizes with his close ones. He can see the big picture. 

Rosinante belonged to a royal family before tragedy hit them, and both he and his brother Doflamingo’s lives were changed forever. While Doflamingo became a pirate, Rosinante became an undercover agent who worked for the marines. However, unlike the arrogance of pirates and marines, Rosinante enjoyed life while executing his missions. 

After coming across Law and knowing about his sickness, Rosinante stole the Ope Ope no Mi that was meant to be delivered to Doflamingo, which ultimately cost his life. However, while dying, he expressed his love and adoration to Law with a smile, knowing Law was cured.

#2 Noé Archiviste 

#2 Noé Archiviste - INFP Anime Characters

Anime: The Case Study of Vanitas
INFP Personality Breakdown: 

Noé is kind-hearted, values close relationships, and has exceptional emotional intelligence. Noé is morally strong. Even if it’s his enemy, Noé tries to avoid doing anything that feels wrong to him. Besides that, he is firmly determined. When he sets his sight on doing something, he won’t stop until he achieves it. 

Noé Archiviste is a vampire who is the only survivor of his clan, with no memories of his past. He was brought up in a rural village in France. After growing up, Noé was tasked to find The Book of Vanitas and observe it to find out more about the book. For this task, he was sent to Paris, where he met Vanitas, who is a human yet has The Book of Vanitas. 

Soon, Noé decides to join Vanitas on his journey, which is filled with nothing but obstacles. Being the narrator of the story who ends up killing Vanitas, you will learn more about it as you watch the anime. 

#1 Legoshi

#1 Legoshi - INFP Anime Characters

Anime: Beastars
INFP Personality Breakdown: 

Legoshi has all traits an INFP could possibly have. He is kind, humble, shy, loyal, and treasures close relationships. 

Being the protagonist of Beastars and a carnivore with tall stature, he is often a subject of fear. However, his timid nature has made him close to many friends who also treasure him as he does. 

Legoshi had low self-esteem, but after facing several life-threatening situations, he has grown in confidence. While he hates the idea of fighting, his wild carnivore self appears when needed, tearing the enemies apart.

Honorable Mentions

There are a lot of INFP, and among them are some characters who didn’t make it onto the list. 

  • Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)
  • Mitsuri Kanroji (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba)
  • Crona (Soul Eater)

Sheesh, it is one thing for human beings to know their personality type by taking the MBTI test, but doing the same for anime characters means you have to keep in mind their personality and their development throughout the series to know their personality type. 

Well, if you have enjoyed the listicle, that’s more than enough to keep writing articles like this based on MBTI personality types.

So, Who’s your favorite one on this list? We’d love to hear from you!

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