15 ENTJ Anime Characters You Need To Know About

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator gives a detailed analysis of a human’s definitive qualities. 

ENTJs are the rarest of us all. They are dominant commanders who can lead even the most hesitant souls into battle and win amidst the harshest circumstances. These individuals are extraverted as they revel in the company of their friends and followers. They are intuitive, always trusting their gut; they employ analytical and logical reasoning to move forward and overcome obstacles. Their planning as well as organizational skills aid in the process of triumphing against all odds.

Here is a list of ENTJ anime characters who possess all the features mentioned above.

#15 Miya Chinen

#15 Miya Chinen - ENTJ Anime Characters

Anime: SK8 the Infinity
ENTJ Personality Breakdown:

Widely regarded as a prodigy across Japan, Miya was a free-spirited boy when he was young. He loved skating with his friends. But the innocence faded when Miya became a famous skater. His friends abandoned him, as they felt he greatly overshadowed them. Miya was heartbroken and lost his passion. 

Bottling up his despair, Miya became a cold, indifferent individual who frequently ridiculed others, calling them slimes. His closest pal Takashi once said that heroes shouldn’t waste their valuable time by being around slimes. Once his favorite activity, skating turned into a joyless event for him. Miya is regarded by many as a potential national team candidate. Though hopeful, he finds no pleasure in his hobby.

Adam notices the emptiness in his heart and asks him to race Langa Hasegawa. Adam is delighted that Langa is a worthy opponent for Miya. His technique and maneuvering skills while on the skateboard impressed Langa as well. During the last few seconds of the race, Langa skates over a rusty set of rails to gain pace. This causes Miya to panic, as he is fearful that his rival might fall and injure himself. However, as Miya stops to warn him, the latter overtakes and wins the race. 

Chinen often acts bossy, which further exemplifies his cocky nature. He also cares deeply about the well-being of his loved ones. An expert at the sport and someone who enjoys being in the company of friends, Miya is most definitely an ENTJ.

#14 Hibana

#14 Hibana - ENTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Enen no Shouboutai (Fire Force)
ENTJ Personality Breakdown: 

As the sadistic captain of the Special Fire Force Company 5 and a committed researcher, Hibana is a force to be reckoned with. She is worshipped as Princess Hibana by her soldiers and is a third-generation pyrokinetic. She particularly enjoys inflicting pain and suffering on her own men. The Infernals she resents are experimented upon for the sake of research. For Hibana, her position is one of the most significant elements in life.

She was raised at the Holy Sol temple since she was a child. When a devastating fire led to the deaths of nuns at the temple, Hibana abandoned what little faith she had in the Sun God. With a heart laden with a spirit of vengeance, Hibana hopes to catch and torture the perpetrators behind the traumatic incident that rendered her cynical at a young age. 

However, her personality switched yet again once she met Shinra Kusakabe. His heroic nature helped Hibana let go of her hostility. Thus, she became cheerful. As a scientist, her shrewd and calculating behavior is made clear. Her primary focus is her research which means the world to her. Her Company is efficient in dealing with Infernals, and her men are loyal to her. Though Hibana is romantically attracted to Shinra, her bossy attitude proves she is a true ENTJ.

#13 Esdeath

#13 Esdeath - ENTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Akame Ga Kill
ENTJ Personality Breakdown: 

Esdeath is the primary antagonist of the anime series Akame Ga Kill. She is the strongest Teigu user. Esdeath fought on behalf of the Empire but had selfish reasons. She is a brutal killer who believes that the strong always triumph over the weak. Esdeath is an able and qualified commander of the Empire who relishes the sensation she experiences while fighting powerful enemies. 

As someone keen on catching and executing all associated with Night Raid, Esdeath fails to stop herself from falling in love with Tatsumi. Esdeath chases after him, and the man can’t convince her to switch sides due to her unshakeable faith in the archaic concept of social Darwinism. She is unable to deny her instincts that were solidified during her adolescence. 

Though the principle philosophy of “kill or be killed” is downright vicious and inhumane, countless soldiers who fought for the Empire idolized Esdeath. As the saying goes, “She is cold as ice.” 

#12 Gilgamesh

#12 Gilgamesh - ENTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Fate/Zero
ENTJ Personality Breakdown: 

The King of Heroes is one of the mightiest servants in the Fate series. He is a cocky, arrogant demigod worshipped as the origin of all myths. Tokiomi Tohsaka summons Gilgamesh before the start of the Fourth Grail War. An archer-class Servant, Gilgamesh has an incredibly formidable weapon- Enuma Elish, the final Noble Phantasm that he only uses against the enemy he deems worthy. 

Iskandar earned his respect when he decided to charge the King of Heroes with Ionioi Hetairoi, a reality marble that includes the souls of his faithful comrades who fought for the King of Conquerors till the end of his time. Moved by his commitment to his men and his unwavering spirit in the face of defeat, Gilgamesh proceeds to use his Trump Card to best Iskandar.

In Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, Gilgamesh underestimates the abilities of Emiya Shirou, the protagonist of the tale resulting in a loss. Gilgamesh praises Shirou for being truly strong right before he is vanquished. 

This man was once the King of Uruk. Gilgamesh is a charismatic character enchanted by Saber. His Gate of Babylon contains all the weapons associated with every hero that is part of history and legend, as his epic tale comes before all. Gilgamesh never ventures away from his ideals. He never betrays his way of life. His capacity as a schemer is exposed when he serves Kotomine Kirei during the Fifth Grail War.

#11 Rimuru Tempest

#11 Rimuru Tempest - ENTJ Anime Characters

Anime: That time I got reincarnated as a slime
ENTJ Personality Breakdown: 

Satoru Mikami is a salaryman. He gets stabbed to death by an assailant while trying to save his co-worker. The Storm Dragon Veldora gives him a brand new name – Rimuru. The dragon becomes his first friend in the new world. At first, the slime may come across as immature and laid-back to an observer, but beneath the childish exterior lies a calculating mind that hopes to avoid unnecessary trouble and is always trying to be one step ahead of his opponents. 

Rimuru’s affection for his followers is visible when he establishes the Jura Tempest Federation in the forest. This kingdom is a haven for all, where no species faces discrimination. The Falmouth invasion resulted in the death of Shion and many other townspeople. As the slime gazes at the lifeless body of his beloved secretary, anger swells up within him. Rimuru decides to evolve and become a demon lord to resurrect all the citizens of the Federation. After consuming 10,000 human souls, Rimuru grows and obtains immense power. 

Tempest has one crucial goal: peace. And peace would be a distant dream if hate and mistrust breed easy. Thus he creates an alliance to move one step closer to his goal. Shuna, Benimaru, Diablo, and dozens of others strike fear into the hearts of their foes; they are his devoted kinsmen. 

#10 Roy Mustang

#10 Roy Mustang - ENTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
ENTJ Personality Breakdown: 

Roy Mustang is an extraordinary man who offers his services to the Fuhrer of Amestris. Mustang is commonly known as the Flame Alchemist. He was a hero following the victory of Amestris over the Civil War that enveloped Ishval. A superior officer who enjoys teasing Edward Elric, Roy Mustang also has a bad reputation as a voracious womanizer and a politician; a warrior will stop at nothing to reach new heights. 

But, there is more to him than meets the eye. Roy is a compassionate individual who hopes to protect and be a worthy commander to his soldiers. His actions during the Ishval Civil War led to him wanting to rule and create a more just environment for all. Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes was his best friend. When Hughes passes, sadness and fury spill forth inside Roy, much like an active volcano. He later kills Lust, one of the homunculi having a hold over the military but the fight leaves him severely injured. 

Once he discovers the truth of the matter, Roy fights against the corrupt system. Fuhrer Bradley is another homunculus who outwits him. Roy Mustang meets Envy, the one behind the murder of his buddy Hughes but decides against killing him. Roy loses his eyesight as the battle rages on, but at the end of the story decides to use his skills to rebuild Ishval. Mustang is a daring leader willing to fight and die for his men, like an overprotective father. He is a quick thinker too and can anticipate enemy movements as well. 

#9 Griffith

#9 Griffith - ENTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Berserk 
ENTJ Personality Breakdown: 

Griffith is the beautiful and talented chief of Band of the Falcon. He deserves to be on this list. Before he and his mercenaries met Guts, Griffith was peerless in the art of fighting. Guts is the only one who was able to conquer Griffith. Berserk is an unrivaled work of fiction. The whole idea of Griffith is that his dream takes precedence over all. However, his goal comes at a terrible cost. The continual sacrifices of his men cause Griffith to lose his sanity. 

Griffith and Guts are comrades, and the duo is separated when Guts leaves the Band of the Falcon. As a result of his departure, Griffith loses composure and mates with Princess Charlotte. He is then imprisoned and tortured for over a year. Following the arrival of Guts and the subsequent rescue, the Band is chosen as the ultimate sacrifice. Griffith’s outlook on life and death had warped, and he used all his soldiers as sacrifices. Reborn as Femto, Griffith joins the God-Hand and rapes Casca out of spite. 

But throughout the tale, Griffith stands by his ideals. His dream to create and govern a personal kingdom never diminishes. As the head of a prominent mercenary gang, Griffith is cunning, resourceful, and conflicted by his feelings toward Guts. 

#8 Tanya

#8 Tanya - ENTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Saga of Tanya the Evil 
ENTJ Personality Breakdown:

Tanya Degurechaff is a child who hopes to conquer God one day. A salaryman in her previous life, Tanya was reborn as a girl in an alternate universe. She rises through the ranks once she joins the military despite being at an impressionable age. Her cold-blooded nature results in significant victories against the enemies on the battlefield. 

Tanya wants to win the war by using any means at hand. Because of her barbaric nature, her subordinates either fear her as an insane tyrant or respect her patriotic spirit. Degurechaff is immoral, sarcastic, and a puppeteer who hates being amid troublesome situations. Due to her resentment towards her second life, Tanya aims to kill “Being X” after destroying the Republic. 

Viktoriya Ivanovna Serebryakov is a junior officer who is a trustworthy ally of Tanya Degurechaff. The latter hates incompetence, and even an iota of disobedience can incur her wrath. 

#7 Kongming / Zhuge Liang

#7 Kongming Zhuge Liang - ENTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Ya Boy Kongming
ENTJ Personality Breakdown: 

Once the Chancellor of Shu Han, the legendary strategist dies while the Battle of the Wuzhong Plains ensues. His final wish is to be reborn in an era where man has found peace. In Tokyo, while visiting a BB Lounge, Kongming comes across Eiko Tsukimi, a girl who dreams of becoming a pop icon. 

Eiko’s voice captivates Zhuge, and he decides to help her achieve success in the field of music. As an ex-commander of massive armies, Kongming has spectacular powers of persuasion. As a brilliant tactician, he can trap and overcome his enemies while simultaneously helping Eiko scale new summits. 

His provocative words propelled Kabe-taijin to work around his stage fright and finally collaborate with Eiko Tsukimi. As the series progresses, Kongming has to accomplish more challenging tasks and outsmart dangerous opponents to aid in the fulfillment of Eiko’s dream. 

#6 Balalaika

#6 Balalaika - ENTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Black Lagoon 
ENTJ Personality Breakdown: 

The woman who reigns at Hotel Moscow, Balalaika, was raised from a tender age by her grandfather. She grew to be an unmatched marksman under the influence of a general affiliated with the Red Army. As commander of Hotel Moscow, she is a ruthless and useful operator but is frowned upon by residents of the Island. 

A former soldier turned mercenary, Balalaika is a Trotskyite. Thus, she is apprehensive of the USSR under Stalin. She detests American soldiers with a blind passion and maintains a cordial bond with Revy, Rock, and even Dutch. The latter once saved her life, which explains why she feels indebted to him. 

A born leader and rebel, Sofiya Pavolvena is the overlord who presides over a wide range of criminal activities. Balalaika’s exploits have further refined her skills. 

#5 Dio Brando

#5 Dio Brando - ENTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures Phantom Blood, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures Stardust Crusaders, and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures Stone Ocean
ENTJ Personality Breakdown: 

On his deathbed, his alcoholic, abusive father asked him to head to the Joestar mansion to live a better life. With rage and resentment boiling in his heart, Dio ventured towards his destination, where he met Jonathan Joestar, a man raised in a warm and kind household. Dio subjected Jonathan’s dog to an agonizing death and even harassed Erina Pendleton, the protagonist’s love interest.

When the two had a violent confrontation in their mansion, Dio lost to Jonathan. His jealousy multiplied, and he kept thinking of new schemes to entrap Jonathan. When Dio came across the mysterious stone mask, he wore it and became immortal. As a newly-born vampire, Dio murdered George Joestar and escaped from the clutches of the police.

Jonathan began hunting Dio to foil his plans for world domination. Under Zeppeli’s guidance, a determined Joestar mastered Hamon, a technique that would later help the Joestar defeat the menacing vampire yet again. Dio’s attempt to seize power was thwarted when Jonathan chose to sacrifice himself in the presence of his beloved wife, Erina. 

However, over a century later, Dio would return with the body of his bitter enemy firmly under his control. Brando would enlist many Stand users to destroy the Joestar family. Men like Vanilla Ice, Enrico Pucci, and ladies like Mariah were all attracted to Dio. His megalomania and authoritative nature spill forth as the story advances. His followers fear and respect the vampire. 

#4 Sinbad

#4 Sinbad - ENTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Magi – The Labyrinth of Magic 
ENTJ Personality Breakdown:

He is an essential character in Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic and the titular character in the Adventures of Sinbad. Sinbad helps Alibaba and Aladdin during this fascinating tale set in the mystical world of the Arabian Nights. He is also the founder of Sindria. 

Sinbad has embraced the dark side and can use white as well as black rukh. He is an adventurous sailor with a few steadfast followers aiding him every step of the way. 

Sinbad can be mischievous and manipulative too. He is felicitated as the High King of the Seven Seas and is an infamous playboy. Kougyoku Ren, one of the generals linked with the Kou Empire, is drawn to Sinbad as he enjoys playfully flirting with the Princess. He lovingly treats his subjects as one would treat members of an extended family. 

#3 Oda Nobunaga

#3 Oda Nobunaga - ENTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Drifters 
ENTJ Personality Breakdown:

Known for being wild and unpredictable, Oda is an excellent schemer. He is a ferocious man who executes his plans with maximum efficiency. Nicknamed “the Fool” and the “The Demon King,” Nobunaga was renowned for his eccentric behavior and the ability to surprise his rivals. 

Oda resents how he treated his son Nobutada. Hence he hopes to gain a second chance by teaching a hothead like Shimazu how to lead in life. Recognizing Toyohisa’s indomitable will, Oda can wield it and trigger a rebellion of the elves. He can create highly systematic plans to ensure the possibility of a win. 

When Shimazu Toyohisa was sparring with Hijikata Toshizo, the protagonist applauded Oda’s decision-making abilities and the will to see through a plan in dire straits. Oda seems to enjoy being around people if one is to take note of his antics surrounding Olminu and all his comrades in the show. 

#2 Erwin Smith

#2 Erwin Smith - ENTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Attack on Titan 
ENTJ Personality Breakdown:

Erwin Smith is a crucial character in the Attack on Titan manga series. He is a key figure who helps in shaping Eren’s outlook. Being the commander of the Survey Corps, he has lost hundreds of men in the war against cruel giants continuously attacking Paradise Island. Erwin understands that Eren will be a deciding factor in the war. 

While being dragged by a Titan from atop his horse, he screams “Advance” with tremendous vigor to motivate his Corps and plays the pivotal role in rescuing Eren. Levi and countless others look up to Erwin because he never falters in the grimmest moments. While conducting an expedition, Smith suspects the presence of a spy. 

The Commander is a boisterous bloke with the ability to stir the hearts of cowardly and courageous fellows. Erwin uses his oratory to keep the fire alive in the hearts of men and women who follow in his footsteps. He is single-minded, and his speeches impact Eren, Floch, and every individual assigned to work under him at the Corps. His plans involving the traitor come to fruition when Annie is finally caught, following a violent scuffle with Eren. Until his death, Smith could ignite his men’s passion with dynamic enthusiasm.

#1 Light Yagami

#1 Light Yagami - ENTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Death Note
ENTJ Personality Breakdown:

Light Yagami is one of the protagonists of the series who hopes to unleash total control by getting rid of all criminals on the face of the earth. All who attempt to stop him are regarded as threats by Yagami and promptly eliminated. The son of a prominent police officer, Yagami is methodical in his approach. But, his viewpoint is rather selfish. 

Mass media is a valuable tool for Kira. News channels broadcast the names of those he hopes to kill without fail. Ryuk’s Death Note and Misa’s role as a die-hard lover of Kira help Light in his journey towards infinite glory. He is a genius at navigating through situations when he can feel the heat on his shoulders. The encounters with Ray Penber and later his fiancee prove that Yagami doesn’t leave anything to chance. 

But Light’s greed for power gives rise to a rather monstrous mindset. Yagami is cruel and efficient when he decides that an individual or a group is a barrier for him. He successfully outwits L, but the latter figures out the identity of the real Kira before dying. His proteges, Near and Mello, jump into the fray to apprehend Yagami. Even though Light enjoys working alone, he wishes to influence the entire globe and relishes being the center of attention. His hubris receives a boost when the people begin to revere him. 

Honorable Mentions

  • Asuka Langley (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
  • Madara Uchiha (Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden)
  • Katsuki Bakugo (Boku no Hero Academia)
  • Guren Ichinose (Seraph of the End)


What does ENTJ stand for?

An ENTJ is a person who feels active in the company of people (Extraverted) and relies on their instincts and worldview (iNtuition). They employ their capacity to ponder over perplexing matters (Thinking) and often take an organized and meticulous approach (judging) instead of being spontaneous. 

Are ENTJ Females rare?

ENTJs or Commanders are rare, comprising roughly 2% of the general population. ENTJs are even rarer in the female group, occupying less than 1% of the entire bunch. 

Who should ENTJs marry?

An INTP and an ISTP would be the best-suited matches for an ENTJ. In most cases, the logician and the virtuoso are drawn to commanders (take a close look at the camaraderie between Levi Ackerman and Erwin Smith).

Who is an ENTJ in Haikyuu?

Tetsuro Kuroo is the captain of Nekoma. As the head of the volleyball club, Kuroo comes off as relaxed but as a crafty, intelligent man who is adept at analyzing and predicting his opponents’ moves. He is a majestic leader whose attitude helps his teammates play with absolute focus.

Is Sukuna an ENTJ?

Sukuna, also known as the King of Curses, is an ENTJ. He enjoys negative attention from others, and his murderous intent scares Mahito despite the latter being an extremely powerful S-grade curse. Sukuna relishes being a commander; although he prefers being a lone wolf, he is happy that no other curse has been able to reach his level of notoriety.

What MBTI is Daisuke Kambe?

Daisuke Kambe is an ENTJ. For Daisuke, money is the ultimate problem-solver. He can avoid harsh circumstances because he is sufficiently rich. For him, morality is secondary, and his primary purpose is finding a means to an end. Many depend upon him, though his haughty expressions and selfish outlook may push people away.

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