15 ESTJ Anime Characters You Need To Know About

Executives are a relatively uncommon bunch. They possess the Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging personality traits. They are individuals who can help their team pull through even if their followers have hit a roadblock. 

The flagbearers of tradition and peace in society and executives who help maintain order. They are skilled at bringing people together for the sake of optimal collaboration. For an executive, details and facts matter; their heightened observational skills are crucial for making progress, not a sum total of their experiences and instincts. That is what separates them from the ENTJs. 

Here is a list of 15 ESTJ anime characters that will help you understand more about this particular group.

#15 Misaki Ayuzawa

#15 Misaki Ayuzawa - ESTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Kaichou Wa Maid Sama!
ESTJ Personality Breakdown: 

Misaki is labeled as the “Demon President” because she comes off as unkind. Growing up without a father led to Misaki harboring resentment towards men. 

Whenever Misaki makes her presence known, the male students at Seika High cower in fear. Her tyrannical outbursts push all potential love interests away, except Usui. Ayuzawa is a hard worker and never shies away from helping those who deserve it. She is uncompromising and doesn’t falter even when faced with a seemingly impossible task. 

Misaki loves being in charge. She is inquisitive, and her organizational skills are second to none. Her attention to detail is observed since she rarely breaks character once she switches to her maid persona. Misaki fits snugly in this list. 

#14 Fuhrer King Bradley (Wrath) 

#14 King Bradley (Wrath) - ESTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 
ESTJ Personality Breakdown:

The Fuhrer of Amestris is a formidable enemy. Bradley became the ruler of Amestris at Father’s behest, a fearsome homunculus with impeccable swordsmanship. 

He is capable of kindness, which is an odd trait considering he embodies Wrath. However, during the funeral of Maes Hughes, Elicia’s voice left his hands shaking with pent-up anger. A cruel leader, Bradley can swiftly overpower most of his opponents. 

Bradley likes that the Elric brothers and Roy Mustang pose a genuine threat to Father’s grand scheme. He supervised critical events, including the massacre of civilians at Ishval. Wrath operates in an orderly fashion and always comes prepared for a showdown. 

#13 Ishihara

#13 Ishihara - ESTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Rainbow
ESTJ Personality Breakdown:

Ishihara is an addict serving Dr. Sasaki at the Centre for Juvenile prisoners. The doctor repeatedly molests many boys, and the guard doesn’t bat an eye. He is a vindictive fellow who takes pride in disciplining young inmates at the detention center. Hence, most are scared of his mania. 

Ishihara’s authoritative nature gets exemplified as the series progresses. He mistreats the students and is never worried about his colleagues watching. The senior guard is shaken by one pair of eyes: Sakuragi’s. So he keeps thinking of ingenious ways to render him immobile or dead. But due to Sakuragi’s determination, his sadistic plans fail. 

This character is an example of an unhealthy ESTJ. He is an inconsiderate dictator, and his conflict with Sakuragi leads to his downfall. 

#12 Rudol von Stroheim

#12 Rudol von Stroheim - ESTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures Part 2- Battle Tendency
ESTJ Personality Breakdown:

Von Stronheim is established as a minor antagonist in Battle Tendency. He is a Nazi super-soldier with a vibrant look. Over time, he becomes a key ally in the fight against Pillar Men.

An avid lover of German engineering and technology, Stronheim is a true patriot. He lends a helping hand in Joseph’s war against Kars, as he understands that humanity will be in danger if the Pillar Men seize power. 

 A military man who has led troops on the battlefield, Stronheim can be a stubborn and meticulous fighter. After he becomes a Cyborg, Stronheim uses his enhanced strength and firepower against all his adversaries. He is a textbook ESTJ character.  

#11 Saiko Metori 

#11 Saiko Metori - ESTJ Anime Characters

Anime: The Disastrous Life of Saiki Kusuo
ESTJ Personality Breakdown: 

Saiko is the richest kid in the series. To Saiko, everyone else is a commoner, and thus he deems them unworthy of attention.

Money and status are essential for Saiko. He knows that his father’s business enables him to have a luxurious life in Japan. Though brash at first, Metori softens his stance towards Nendou, Kuboyasu, Kaidou, and Saiki after spending time with them. 

Saiko hoped to grow closer to his friends by suggesting a trip on his magnificent ship, but that idea didn’t pan out. He could not foresee the accident that would prove to be a hiccup in their journey. 

Saiko enjoys directing people and procrastinating. After their ship capsized, he refused to eat food items consumed by “commoners” as they weren’t extraordinary. Metori belongs to this list. 

#10 Vegeta 

#10 Vegeta - ESTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Dragon Ball Z
ESTJ Personality Breakdown:

The son of King Vegeta and his true heir, Prince Vegeta, is brought forth as an arrogant antagonist. As the story advances, Vegeta evolves and becomes a trusted mate of Goku. He is the father of Trunks and is married to Bulma. 

Vegeta’s home world was reduced to rubble by Frieza. The prince believes he is the strongest Saiyan since he has royal blood pumping through his veins; thus, he can be classist. Since Goku debunks this theory, Vegeta’s anger towards his fellow Saiyan keeps growing. 

The Saiyan prince cares deeply about honor and tradition; he is grounded in reality and focuses on the facts at hand. He is single-minded and straightforward. Vegeta can be a brutal assassin and hatch conniving schemes to target his enemies. He deserves to be on an ESTJ list. 

#9 Sebastian Michaelis

#9 Sebastian Michaelis - ESTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Black Butler
ESTJ Personality Breakdown: 

The demonic butler who dedicates his time and energy to serving Ciel Phantomhive, Sebastian is a deuteragonist of the anime series Kurohitsugi. He never turns his back on his duty to the Phantomhive household and takes pride in his work. 

To the casual eye, Sebastian is a jolly and impressionable fellow engrossed in his work. However, beneath the surface, Michaelis is a monster, a creature contracted by Ciel to deal with threats plaguing the country. Jack the Ripper and Madame Red are akin to two bumps on the road for Sebastian; he relentlessly hunts them down for the sake of his master. 

Michaelis enjoys observing and making assumptions about humans from afar; he particularly revels in the fact that men can be violent and bloodthirsty. Curiosity killed the cat, not the devil. Punctual, diligent, and a fantastic butler, this list wouldn’t be complete without Sebastian.  

#8 Erza Scarlet

#8 Erza Scarlet - ESTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Fairy Tail
ESTJ Personality Breakdown: 

The warrior renowned for her swordsmanship, Erza Scarlet, is an irreplaceable member of the Fairy Tail guild. Erza is a kind soul who enjoys spending time with her loved ones. She is a strategist who can hatch schemes and aid less-experienced guild members. 

Erza has an intimidating persona. Even the strongest associates of the guild are wary of her temper. Her talent as an S-Class Mage is rivaled only by Laxus Dreyar and later Natsu and Gray Fullbuster. Erza is stern, quick-witted, and dependable. She often tries to fix her rowdy comrades and keeps them on a tight leash. Scarlet’s sense of discipline is evident as Erza tends to dominate other guild members. She is one of the more popular ESTJs on this list. 

#7 Ghiaccio

#7 Ghiaccio - ESTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures Part 5- Golden Wind
ESTJ Personality Breakdown:

Ghiaccio is a loudmouth who hates the way foreigners butcher the Italian language. He is a minor antagonist who proves to be a thorn in the path of Giorno Giovanna and Guido Mista in Vento Aureo. 

Linked with La Squadra Esecuzioni, Ghiaccio is a zealous combatant who chases after Giovanna and Mista without backup. He orchestrates several traps, and Mista is unable to circumvent them. Even when he is disadvantaged, Ghiaccio can figure out a way to direct his next attack. He remains undeterred till the very end.

A rebel devoted to his cause, Ghiaccio pursues the protagonist to locate the Boss’s daughter. 

#6 Gotou 

#6 Gotou - ESTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Parasyte: The Maxim
ESTJ Personality Breakdown:

A parasite created following extensive research and experimentation undertaken by Reiko, Gotou is the main antagonist of Kiseijuu. His body has 5 separate parasitic entities, making him a lethal weapon. 

Gotou is a brutal bloke. He rules over the other parasites in his body. A challenging foe, Gotou tests the ability of his newly-formed skeleton by taking out an entire company of Yakuza soldiers alone. Gotou feels no remorse towards the humans. In his eyes, the homo sapiens are an inferior race. He can adapt his body depending on his predicament. 

When dealing with an attack involving law enforcement officials, Gotou kills every assailant with little to no effort. He is loyal to parasites and accepts his role as a protector of their race. When he squared off against Shinichi the first time, Gotou’s pace and reasoning abilities stumped Migi, and the protagonist managed to bolt. 

Gotou can exercise restraint. He prefers inspecting the strengths and weaknesses of his enemies before making a move. At the top of the food chain, Gotou believes no other organism can overpower him. During his metamorphosis, Gotou’s instincts turn animalistic as he transforms into an unhinged “killing machine.” 

#5 Tatsumaki

#5 Tatsumaki - ESTJ Anime Characters

Anime: One Punch Man
ESTJ Personality Breakdown:

Simultaneously bossy and childish, Tatsumaki’s temper tantrums are legendary. The Tornado of Terror has dealt with imposing enemies like the Ancient King of the Lizard Clan without outside interference. As an esper, she is more efficient and taunts all others, including her sister Fubuki. She hates comments that ridicule her short stature. 

She is conscious of her surroundings and tries her best to protect the people when Boros’s invasion unfolds. Tatsumaki knows that the ship of Boros capsized because of an unseen event. Hence she looks perplexed when she gets credited for it. The mean girl never shies away from her duty. Overconfident and uncouth, Tatsumaki is an ESTJ who fights against the darkest threats and wins every time. 

#4 Maki Zenin

#4 Maki Zenin - ESTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen 
ESTJ Personality Breakdown:

A second-year student affiliated with Jujutsu High in Tokyo, Maki is a classmate of Panda, Inumaki Toge, and Okkotsu Yuta. Maki cannot use cursed energy and was thus cast aside by her clan. 

Zenin-senpai specializes in wielding cursed tools. She is mindful of her surroundings. This was confirmed when she fought Suguru Geto in Jujutsu Kaisen 0, as she was the first to detect him. She relishes being in the company of her buddies and juniors and frequently counsels Nobara. 

In the battle against Hanami, Maki could use Playful Cloud to inflict severe damage on the enemy. The cursed tool was not as effective in Todo’s hands, validating her increased physical strength. 

#3 Endeavor

#3 Endeavor - ESTJ Anime Characters

Anime: My Hero Academia
ESTJ Personality Breakdown:

As the Number 2 hero, Todoroki was a power-hungry maniac, jealous of All Might’s popularity. He had hoped that his son would reign as the supreme hero, but the relationship between the two soured due to Enji’s controlling nature.

Enji’s quirk Hellflame lets him create and manipulate fire at will. He was a cruel father and a lousy husband, as his wife was driven insane because of his destructive nature. Enji strategically raised Shoto in a hostile environment so that the latter could master and channel his quirk effectively. 

Enji’s ambitions know no bounds. His systematic training demonstrates he is willing to work toward his end goal at any cost. Over time, Enji’s stance toward his family softens. He is willing to pay the price for maltreatment meted out to Shoto and his siblings. Endeavor is immensely proud of his son’s accomplishments. His brazen and irate behavior is a testament to his extraversion. In the fight against an upgraded Nomu, Enji can compartmentalize and figure out a way to annihilate his opponent by utilizing Prominence Burn. Hawk-Eye provides support to his favorite hero. He is undoubtedly an ESTJ. 

#2 Nobara Kugisaki

#2 Nobara Kugisaki - ESTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen 
ESTJ Personality Breakdown:

Kugisaki is a classmate of Itadori Yuji and Fushiguro Megumi. A first-year student at Tokyo Jujutsu High, Nobara is a Grade 3 sorcerer who has proven her mettle as a sorcerer. 

Nobara was belligerent when she met Itadori and Megumi. An assertive and frank lady. Her awareness is evident when she can locate a curse hidden amongst dolls. She takes pride in being desirable and is a class clown alongside Itadori. 

Nobara fulfills her duties as a jujutsu sorcerer when she meets the Death Paintings, Eso, and Kechizu. Though Itadori assists her during the battle, Nobara outsmarts her opponents. She is the driving force behind their loss and death. Her critical thinking skills and the potential to tolerate excruciating pain help the duo emerge victorious. 

Impertinent at first, Kugisaki lets her guard down once she is acquainted with Yuji and Megumi. She admires Maki Zenin. Nobara chokes up when the news of Itadori dying reaches her. She is a fun-loving gal who keeps the team together. 

#1 Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto

#1 Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto - ESTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Bleach
ESTJ Personality Breakdown:

The Supreme Leader of the Shinigami at Soul Society, Yamamoto, is the man who uses Ryujin Jakka, a fire-type zanpaktou, to destroy his enemies. He has a special bond with Ukitake, Kyoraku, and Komamura. The rest of the captains pledge unwavering loyalty to him.

Genryusai is a stubborn head captain who doesn’t budge an inch from his path. The head of the 1st Division in Gotei 13, Yamaji is a resourceful shinigami with years of experience behind him. Positioned at the zenith of Soul Society, he dramatically appreciates Eastern culture and traditions and adores intricate tea ceremonies. The haori depicts the status of the captains; hence he berates Shunsui, Byakuya, and Zaraki when the three cannot comprehend the significance of the cloth. 

Beneath his rough exterior lies a caring individual who tries to protect his subordinates when faced with danger. As an executive leading the Gotei 13, he is instrumental in creating Fake Karakura Town to trap Aizen and protect the human race from collateral damage. Yamamoto is willing to battle all the “youngsters” who pose a hindrance to him. When Ichigo rescued Rukia, Genryusai condemned him. His resolve never flickers. Yamaji is a complete ESTJ who prioritizes stability and heritage. 

Honorable Mentions

  • Mary Saotome (Kakegurui)
  • Jean Kirstein (Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan)
  • Cornelia Li Britannia (Code Geass)
  • Mine (Akame Ga Kill)

That’s it for today’s article on ESTJs in Anime.


Are ESTJs rare?

ESTJs are unusually rare. Only 11% of the total population falls into this niche category. 

Who should an ESTJ marry?

ESTJs can be a good partner for ISTPs (the virtuosos) and INTPs (the logicians). Takumi Usui in Maid Sama! is an ISTP, and he perfectly complements Ayuzawa’s chaotic energy. 

Do ESTJs and INFPs get along? 

There is a stronger possibility of friction over the friendship between these two groups. 

What Personality Type is Naruto? 

Naruto Uzumaki, the protagonist in Naruto Shippuden, is an ESFP. He is extroverted and observant. He prefers being involved in the present instead of being preoccupied with the past and future. He favors harmonious scenarios and is shown to be impulsive.

So, Who’s your favorite one on this list? We’d love to hear from you!

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