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What’s The Scariest Type Of Anger? — Manga Artist Reveals

If you are reading this on the Internet, I’m pretty sure someone/something must’ve made you angry the past week. Or maybe, you are angry at the moment, eh? I mean, Monday Blues do exist.

Humans, or from a broader point of view, living beings naturally resort to anger throughout their lives. But each individual has a different way of expressing their anger. Some go all berserk, while some make others worried for no reason. What’s your type, though? Is it scary? Well, this manga artist will help you answer those questions in a simple, fun way.

Types of Anger — Moderate, Berserk, Scary!

Types of anger by Mangaka

Japanese manga artist ゐ Wi (@irk_hrk) reflected upon various types of anger in a manga strip and shared it on their Twitter account.

The artist differentiates between three types of anger along with their distinct characteristics. But (And that’s a big one) one of them is, by far, the scariest way someone could get angry.

As strange as it may seem to some, the scariest way to show anger is when the person puts on a rather peculiar smile. As if they are all calm and collected from the outside but raging from the inside! The “Buddhist saint”! — As Wi calls it.

Mangaka on the scariest way to get angry

You may have crossed paths with individuals bearing this anger trait. Or who knows? You are one of them! Well, we could only find that out if we ever piss you off. (Just kidding! We don’t want that to happen!)

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Soon enough, the tweet got flooded with comments from people relating to the manga and sharing their own experiences with anger. Take a look:

  • “If you fight with a combination of No. 1 and No. 2 , No. 2 will look smart, which is annoying! So I realized that neither of them were smart, so I became No. 3.”
  • “I totally get it. People who are always smiling are the ones you have to watch out for…”
  • “Hmm. The bodhisattva type of No. 3 is the scariest…? It would be scary if someone really important to me like my family, but if someone else did it, I probably wouldn’t even notice it. I’m not angry. Haven’t you seen me lately? What’s wrong? end with. . People who have strong opinions are usually scary. (laughs)”
  • “I might be a No. 3… If I feel I’m being treated unreasonably, I leave without saying a word.”
  • “The scariest one is ② . I have a boss with that kind of temperament in my company, but the number of subordinates who suffered from mental illness, went to the hospital, went on leave, and retired was the most.”
  • “I have experienced a No. 2 boss. It was too hard, so I dealt with it by being a No. 3”
  • “I’m a No. 3 at work, but a No. 1 as a parent.”

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If being honest was the only option, which one are you? Do tell us your views on this in the comments! And make sure to visit averagebeing.com for more such exciting anime/manga updates. We promise never to piss you off!

Source: @irk_hrk


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