How Buying A Single Manga Saved Her Life

The entirety of the FairyTail series revolves heavily around the power and the value of friendship; some may connect with it, and some might find it annoying, but the series has not shied away from portraying it.

Friends are a powerful thing to have, and some may not get to experience it early on, but there is still a whole life ahead. Yuki Sohma, Uzumaki Naruto, Shouko Nishimiya, Haruka Kotoura, Yugi Muto, and many more had a tough time growing up without friends, but they never let themselves down; they kept on going.

One Piece has shown us that irrespective of your appearance and persona, they can all forge close-knit bonds. Luffy made his comrades his family; the friends we make through our journey, and the family we have, are one of the most critical aspects of our lives. And this is the tale of how friends changed a life of a manga fan.

Mae - Averagebeing Tales
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Name: Mae
Lives In: Philippines

Back in 7th grade, I transferred to another educational institute. It was a catholic school, and I was really looking forward to my new school. The teacher was nice to me, I was off to a good start, or so I thought.

I made no friends in the first year but got one in 8th grade. At the same time, it was the start where my life became like hell. Depression started kicking during 8th grade due to being bullied for volunteering for various tasks at school; hence I was named a teacher's pet.

I often heard some of them gossiping about me while passing the hallway. Whenever there's a group project, no one would really want to take me in; even the person I thought I was friends with didn't want me. The bullying got to the point where some of my textbooks would have scribbles taken and hidden in different classrooms.

I decided not to report it to my teacher since I knew the bullying would only get worse. 9th grade, and it was around November when I decided to buy a sleeping pill to end my life. I was crying, walking on the streets in a half-conscious state while looking at some of the students who went home with their group of friends. When I got home, I immediately hid the pills in my room and wanted to end this at night.

My mom came home exhausted from work, and I greeted her as my usual routine. While having dinner with her, she suddenly blurted out that she had bought me a manga from a local books store. What she bought me was my favorite anime. I couldn't believe she had remembered that I was really into Fairytail since she had seen me wearing a wristband of it all the time.

I went to my room with the manga and cried my heart out that night. It was stupid and inconsiderate of me to end my life. I may not have enough luck finding some friends, but I'm fortunate to have such a mom. I had stopped my plan of taking my life during that day.

Fairytail really inspired me to build and create meaningful friendships with different individuals. Although I never got any real friends during junior high school, I'm happy with the friends I have now. I'm already in college and having fun with my friends who treated me like what normal pals would do.

Key Takeaways

#1 Better Tomorrow

“If lives were lost today, then lives were also born. How important each day is… depends on how important you feel it is to you.” Each day of your life is important, no matter how low and sunken to the deepest depths you might be; we must keep our souls alive, and the light inside us should keep burning.

We can dwell on the things we, or rather cherish, the things we do have. Mae had a time making friends in school; she went as far as to take her life away. But she did not, and she went on to make friends who understood her. We may never know what life holds for us tomorrow, but giving up should never be an option – sit tight, and the day will always get better!

#2 Hope Never Dies

Deku had many mentors and teachers through his hero schooling; he was trained by the best to become the best. But the most impactful teacher in Deku’s life is his mother, Inko Midoriya.

Despite knowing that her son was quirkless, she helped and taught him to grow up to be a hero; even for one second, her hope never fumbled. She may be imperfect at times, but she helped him shape up to be the person that we see today. No matter how alone we may be, people are waiting for us to get back to them; if not for us, we should keep pushing for them.

#3 Adventurous Journey

The premise of Fairy Tail is experiencing numerous magical experiences; even the guild’s name is based on a timeless mystery and adventure. Life is no less of an adventure; there are ups and downs, there are muck and beautiful sceneries, there are hurricanes, and there’s a rainbow.

Life is one enormous adventure for everyone, whether they encounter thrilling new experiences, meet new friends and opponents, or have to conquer challenges. Enjoy this adventure of yours, and try enjoying it more with friends and family by your side.

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