Was Amber Heard In Blade Runner 2049? (The Truth Revealed)

The defamation case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard dominated social media last year. Court Drama is not something new to pop culture. They have been a long-supporting pillar of the entertainment industry.

Several TV shows have been running for a period longer than the popular social media figures. Whether it was the O.J. Simpson trial or the pop star Micheal Jackson molestation charges, millions were glued to their TV screens, with media monitoring every move very closely.

In each of the high-profile cases that are frequently mentioned as pop culture phenomena, the courtroom drama developed into a subject of fascination on par with the facts of the case.

Was Amber Heard In Blade Runner 2049?

Was Amber Heard In Blade Runner 2049?

Blade Runner 2049 is a 2017 science fiction film directed by Denis Villeneuve and stars Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, and Ana de Armas. Sylvia Hoeks, Robin Wright, Mackenzie Davis, and Dave Bautista all played supporting parts in the film.

The film is a sequel to Ridley Scott’s 1982 Blade Runner and is set 30 years after the first and original film. Was Amber Heard in Blade Runner 2049? The short answer is no; Amber Heard did not appear in Blade Runner 2049.

Ana de Armas played the role of Joi, an artificial intelligence hologram who serves as the love interest of Ryan Gosling’s character. She imbues Joi with a sense of innocence, vulnerability, and warmth, making her a sympathetic character that audiences can root for; even when her screen space is very short. But what led to the confusion among the netizens that Amer Head starred in the movie?

The confusion regarding Amber’s starring in Blade Runner 2049 was roused due to a cross-examination. The discussion between Kathryn Arnold and Wayne Dennison created quite a Twitter fest.

Why Do People Think That Amber Heard Was In Blade Runner 2049?

Why Do People Think That Amber Heard Was In Blade Runner 2049?

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s defamation case became the talk of the town last year. And it kinda was more than a simple court case; it became an entertainment of its own!

The social media was filled with memes relating to the trial, and the forums were blasting on everything related to the case. Things took quite a turn when the entertainment industry expert took the stand.

During the cross-examination, Arnold claimed that Heard’s Hollywood career suffered significantly due to the allegations that she made up domestic abuse claims against her ex-husband Depp. And she even went on to compare Amber’s career trajectory with rising stars like Ana de Armas, Gal Gadot, and Zendaya.

If not for the negative publicity surrounding the legal battles, Amber’s career would have been on par with these contemporaries, claimed the industry expert.

During the cross-examination, when asked by Dennison if (Kathryn) watched Blade Runner 2049, she said she did watch it. When he furthered the questioning by asking if she knew what she (Amber) did in the film, Kathryn replied by saying – “It was years ago, I don’t remember exactly what role she played but she was in that movie and from that her agency should have leveraged that to get her more movies.”

To the statement made by Kathryn, he added – “You have no knowledge that her principal role in that movie is a gigantic naked billboard?”

Man, court cases are a tad complicated, but at least get your facts straight, lawyers!

How can one get confused between Ana de Armas and Amber Heard? No offense to any fans, but they don’t even look alike, do they?!

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Who Miss Lead People To Think Amber Heard Was In Blade Runner 2049?

Who Miss Lead People Into Thinking Amber Heard Was In Blade Runner 2049?

Kathryn Arnold, a consultant for the entertainment industry, linked Heard’s success to Ana de Armas’ in a portion of her testimony. The entire fiasco happened when Depp’s attorney grilled the entertainment industry expert Kathryn Arnold for being unaware of Amber Heard’s movies.

According to Dennison, Heard played a tiny part in the science fiction movie Blade Runner 2049. Heard’s legal representatives had already brought up Ana de Armas. Elaine Bredehoft, the latter’s attorney, compared her to Ana de Armas, which enraged the social media.

Social media can be weird yet entertaining sometimes; even a cat vibing to music can get viral. But the internet pile on Depp versus Heard case may have a downside as it sucks away the seriousness revolving around domestic abuse.

Well, This is why people need to get their facts right before barging in. So, We hope you finally got some clarity on whether Ambe Heard was in Blade Runner 2049.