This Golden Den Den Mushi AirPods Case Is Everything A One Piece Fan Needs

So far, One Piece Film Red has been one of the most celebrated anime films released in Japan this year. In no time, it beat the previously attained by the older One Piece films and ever rushed past Jujutsu Kaisen 0’s collections on domestic soil.

Considering that One Piece is the most popular manga franchise in Japan, this was bound to happen. Even a single appearance of Shanks sends the entire fanbase into a frenzy, as they keep looking for glimpses of the OG red-haired pirate who served as Luffy’s protector when he was young.

A figure of Nami as she appears in RED has been unleashed. There is a sizeable number of Boa Hancock and Nami fans amongst One Piece enthusiasts, so this will surely bring forth great responses for collectors. The theatrical costume was drawn by none other than Eiichiro Oda.

This is an official Banpresto figure which I don’t think will release in other territories anytime soon; it may be a limited edition figure, so if it’s available in your area, be sure to hit buy before stocks run out. Take a look at the tweet:

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Golden Den Den Mushi AirPods Case

An AirPods case is scheduled to be unveiled tomorrow. The pre-sale will kick off immediately on October 5th, and the general sale is slated to begin later on the same day at 5 pm.

The product is basically shaped like a Den Den Mushi (snails capable of telepathy scattered throughout the world of One Piece primarily used for communications). It is an AirPod case that can also be used to charge the devices inside. You can see the slick gold-plated device, which resembles a shiny zippo lighter, down here.

The One Piece Film Red premieres today, i.e., October 4th, within Indian borders. PVR has announced exclusive screenings, which shall occur at all the hit joints. This is the first pre-screening of an anime film emerging on Indian soil. Fans must be ecstatic as this means we’ll be able to see more of such movies before the rest in the foreseeable future.

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The official release is set for October 7th this year. Have you booked your tickets yet? Is OPM Red the most anticipated anime film this year, and will it overtake Jujutsu Kaisen 0’s collections in India? Would you like a Den Den Mushi case for your AirPods that frequently go missing? Let us know your thoughts on this recent collaboration down below.