The Flash: Is The SnyderVerse Dead? (Truth Explained)

With multiple rumors surfing the web, The Flash movie may actually erase the SnyderVerse but what does that mean to the fans?

Lately, There are multiple trusted sources claiming that Ezra Miller’s The Flash movie will move in a different direction than what it intended to be. Thus, making major changes to the SnyderVerse.

WB being the masterminds behind the screen, It is no surprise that they’ve decided to put an end to the old DCEU.

Here’s everything you need to know about Zack Snyder’s DCEU and how The Flash film may change the SnyderVerse forever.

Rumors About The Flash Impact On The SnyderVerse

First and foremost, Let’s see what these rumors are and analyze what they claim.

#1 MyTimeToShineHello The Flash Rumors

MyTimeToShineHello states that The Flash film will completely erase the SnyderVerse and form a new Justice League between Flash, Shazam, and Batgirl.

As far as we know, These guys are one of the top sources on the web and they were responsible for Spider-Man: No Way Home leaks.

Taking that track record into consideration, What they say may actually be true.

#2 Grace Randolph’s The Flash Rumors

#2 Grace Randolph's The Flash Rumors
Source : Twitter

Another popular scooper, Grace Randolph says that The Flash movie will wipe out Henry Cavill’s Superman and Ben Affleck’s Batman from the new DCEU.

As you can see from the above tweet, She claims that Supergirl will replace Superman, and Batgirl will do the same for Batman.

Not sure how WB will pull off such a feat but if this really happens, I’m positive the new actors will receive severe backlash.

As of now, Both sources claim that the SnyderVerse is over and a new Justice League will rise.

Surprisingly, The rumors also bugged Shazam 2 director David Sandberg. As always he comes up with a hilarious tweet stating his opinion on the issue.

Here’s what David Sandberg Tweeted About Shazam In The New Justice League.

Here's what David Sandberg Tweeted About Shazam In The New Justice League.
Source : Twitter

So, What does all this mean for us as fans?

The New DCEU After The Flash Film

The New DCEU After The Flash Film
Source : Warner Bros

Taking into consideration of the above scoopers, The new DCEU will have multiple superheroes we’ve never seen on screen.

The League is mainly formed between Shazam, Flash, and Supergirl. With Michael Keaton’s Batman working alongside Black Canary and Batgirl, Ben Affleck’s Batman will be taken over by Batgirl.

As for Henry Cavill, He is already busy with several other projects and if WB ley him slide, We may never see him again as Superman.

Honestly, If this is the new DCEU, Then WB is screwed. No one, I repeat no one in their right sense can possibly think of Justice League without Superman and Batman.

I’m not against the idea of bringing in Supergirl and Batgirl but may this could work out after they got their own depth in the DCEU.

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Ezra Miller On The SnyderVerse

Ezra Miller On The SnyderVerse
Source : Reddit

With everything opposing the SnyderVerse, We’ve got one ray of hope in the form of Ezra Miller.

When asked about the situation of SnyderVerse after The Flash movie, The man himself said that no force can ever erase Snyder’s work in the DCEU.

Here’s what Ezra Miller Commented About The SnyderVerse

Now that’s some reassurance for the fans. Considering he’s the main guy the whole thing revolves around, I’m sure he knows what he says.

Is Warner Bros. Ready For SnyderVerse?

Is Warner Bros. Ready For SnyderVerse
Source : Warner Bros

Anyone who knows the whole situation of Zack Snyder’s Justice League knows that Warner Bros. is completely opposing the SnyderVerse.

The only reason we got the SnyderCut is that it served as a wild card in HBO Max’s debut.

If it wasn’t for the new streaming platform, WB would have never green-lit the project.

Even while releasing the Snydercut, Warner Bros. showed no signs of support in terms of marketing it.

On a whole, Warner Bros are never going to move with the SnyderVerse, and whether you agree or not that’s a fact.

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Future Of The SnyderVerse Post The Flash Movie

Future Of The SnyderVerse Post The Flash Movie
Source : Warner Bros

There is no denying that The Flash movie changes DCEU but for better or worse Warner Bros. is doing something to catch up with Marvel’s massive success in live-action CBMs.

We think that the film doesn’t actually erase the SnyderVerse but lets it slide and continue with a different story.

With the speed force and Multiverse in the hands of Flash, This could be possible.

Our best shot at the SnyderVerse after The Flash film will be that Barry Allen messes up with the timeline and end up on a new earth.

Completely separated from the old Superman and Batman. Maybe Ben Affleck’s Batman is the one to suggest it as things get out of hand and that could be a perfect goodbye for the old guns.

Not sure how they’ll connect Shazam, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman but this is the only way to erase SnyderVerse.

Anyway, If Warner Bros. diligently respects the SnyderVerse and move along with the concept of Multiverse, Fans may be in the right spirits but doing anything rational could be the end of DCEU.

This is an extremely careful step as WB has to erase the work loved by millions of fans.

Directed by Andrés Muschietti, The Flash movie is set to premiere on November 4th, 2022.

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What do you think of The Flash movie’s impact on the SnyderVerse? Do you believe that the SnyderVerse will be back even after The Flash film?

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