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Rick and Morty Naruto Easter Egg In Season 5

Rick and Morty shared a hilarious Naruto Easter Egg in Season 5’s latest episode.

The fifth season’s Episode 7 was the first episode to feature anime, as we saw in the first glimpse of the episode which contains a major Rick and Morty Naruto easter egg.

Although the series has made short anime films before, this episode is the first to incorporate anime references. Most of the references were to Voltron, there was one fun Naruto Easter Egg.

Spoiler Alert

You have been warned for Rick and Morty Naruto easter egg and other major spoilers from season 5.

Episode 7, “Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion”, began with Rick searching for the missing piece of a robot that would allow him to create Gotron, a Voltron-like mecha out of five colorful ferrets.

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The Gotron robot is soon overthrown by the disgruntled Gotron pilots Rick took the ferrets from.

Summer Smith and her family save Rick with their huge incest baby. What is the baby’s name?


In Season 5’s fourth episode, “Rickdependence Spray”, Morty’s sperm monster fertilized a Summer’s egg that the government had grown into a monstrous size to attract the sperm towards.

The episode ended with a “giant, incest baby” which was launched into space.

This gag is retold several times in Episode 7. It also plays into the overall plot in a surprising manner.

The government tried to make the incest baby a weapon and took Summer to Mars to test whether it would react to his mother.

She was supposed to discipline him in order to make him the ultimate weapon of the government, but she ended up helping him escape.

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This baby is then used to save Rick from the Gotron pilots. She also reveals the name of the baby as Naruto.

The joke is that the incest giant baby destroying a robotic robot is just a typical anime scene.

What did you think about Rick and Morty bringing Naruto, and other anime, into the fifth season of The Animated Series?

Did you notice Rick and Morty Naruto easter egg? What do you think of the fifth season so far?

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