29 Thoughtful All Might Quotes From My Hero Academia

All Might from My Hero Academia is without a doubt one of the most inspiring heroes in anime. Here we listed out the best All Might quotes from My Hero Academia (bnha).

All Might from My Hero Academia has to be one of the most inspirational heroes in anime. We have listed the top All Might quotes from My Hero Academia aka bnha in this post

The moment when All Might defeated Nomu at the end of Season 1, His famous quote that began with “Hey Villain. Have you ever heard these words?” was one of the most memorable anime moments in 2017.

Apart from that, there are many other inspirational All Might quotes, such as when he told Midoriya that he could become a hero. You have a strong will if you didn’t weep during this scene.

There have been many great All Might quotes on other websites, so let’s look at some exceptional ones you could only find it here.

All Might’s Introduction

29 Thoughtful All Might Quotes From My Hero Academia
Source : My Hero Academia
  • Birthday: June 10th
  • Age: 53 – 59
  • Height: 220cm
  • Weight: 560.0 lbs (Muscle Form), 160.0 lbs (skinny form)
  • Hair Color: Blond
  • Eye Color: Light blue
  • Blood Type: A
  • Sex: Male
  • Alignment: Lawful Good

Toshinori Yamagi, also known by All Might, is one of the main characters in the manga ‘My Hero Academia,’ written by Kohei Horikshi. It has been adapted into an anime series.

All Might, A former Pro Hero who held the title ‘Symbol of Peace’ as the strongest hero among them all and could defeat any villain. He is currently a U.A. teacher. He is currently a teacher at U.A. High School in “My Hero Academia”, a school that provides Heroic Education to all potential heroes.

In ‘My Hero Academia,’ most people have superhuman abilities due to their quirks. Like the protagonist Izuku Midoriya (the protagonist), All Might was also born without quirks. His quirk, “One for All”, was inherited from Nana Shimura, his predecessor.

He used it to become the greatest hero in the entire world, whose unmatched strength made him a force of nature. He is passionate about his role as a professional hero.

He continues to save lives and delivers powerful punches to his foes while uttering different names for states and cities from the United States. As he’s been to America to learn, he seems to have been greatly influenced by American culture.

All Might is one the most powerful heroes, but he rarely makes the most of his capabilities. Only in extreme circumstances does All Might push himself to the limit. One example of this was his battle against Nomu. Nomu is a powerful foe that All Might was specifically designed to defeat. All Might need to win the battle against Nomu. He used his quirk, “One for All”, to the fullest.

One of All Might’s most difficult challenges was to defeat All For One, the strongest supervillain. All For One is strong and agile, but he is also very sharp with his words. He manipulates his opponents’ heads to get their emotions. He will also use innocent civilians to distract his opponents.

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These are the traits that gave him his name, ‘Symbol Of Evil’. All for One mentally distracted All Might by mentioning Nana Shimura, his mentor. All for One beat him mentally and physically, but All Might was able to regain his strength to defeat All For One with one last powerful blow.

His battle against super villains caused severe injuries to his body. He was forced to limit his use of his power to the point that he needed it later on in the series. All Might is now a teacher in the United States. High School is a school that trains students to be superheroes.

All Might sees Izuku Midoriya as the main protagonist of ‘My Hero Academia. A quirkless boy who saves a bully and a supervillain from his evil plans. He then decides to hand his quirk over to Izuku, making him his successor.

The Number 1 hero, All Might also promise to train him to be a superhero. All Might stands for safety and peace for innocent people. He is passionate about his work and always smiles. All who have seen the anime series are inspired by his character.

We have collected the most inspirational All Might quotes. These All Might ‘My Hero Academia’ quotes will make you fall in love with his personality.

We’re pleased to announce that we have collected the most memorable All Might quotes so far in the series. However, we would love for you to leave a comment on your favorite All Might Quote and why it is important at the end of the post.

Here are the best All Might Quotes From My Hero Academia:

All Might Catchphrase

“It’s fine now. Why? Because I am here!”

Inspirational All Might Quotes

29 Thoughtful All Might Quotes From My Hero Academia
Source : My Hero Academia

“Meddling When You Don’t Need To…Is The Essence Of Being A Hero.”

“It’s Not Bad To Dream. But You Also Have To Consider What’s Realistic.”

“I really am pathetic. Even though I admonished you, I wasn’t putting what I said into practice! Pros are always risking their lives!”

“Just Believe In Yourself, And You Can Become A Hero!”

“Those who are always aiming for the top, and those who aren’t. That slight difference in attitudes will have a big impact once you go out into society.”

“A real hero will always find a way for justice to be served.”

“If you feel yourself hitting up against your limit remember for what cause you to clench your fists… remember why you started down this path, and let that memory carry you beyond your limit.”

“A hero can always break out of a tough spot.”

“The Most Inflated Egos Are Often The Most Fragile.”

“There is not a thing like luck, you have to do is your best.”

“When there’s nothing to be gained, rising to the challenge at those times… is surely the mark… of a true hero!!”

“My Power Has Been Declining Faster Than I Expected…But I Must Do This. Why? Because I Am…The Symbol Of Peace!”

“It’s true that heroes have many things to protect. And that’s why… We can’t lose!”

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All Might Smile Quotes

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Source : My Hero Academia

“I smile to show the pressure of heroes and to trick the fear inside of me.”

“When people gain true power, they enjoy showing it off to others.”

“Do you realize that you were able to smile in the face of defeat?”

All Might I am Here Quotes

29 Thoughtful All Might Quotes From My Hero Academia
Source : My Hero Academia

“The only I can do now is reassure them that things will be okay. That’s my duty as the symbol of peace. Have no fear students because I am here.”

“I’m here to make you pay for what you’ve done.”

All Might Thumbs Up Quotes

29 Thoughtful All Might Quotes From My Hero Academia
Source : My Hero Academia

“Whether you win or lose… You can always come out ahead by learning from the experience.”

“Together, We Will Go Beyond.”

“You are not just an aspiring hero following in my footsteps. You are on your own path toward greatness. As your teacher, I must walk beside you.”

“I Will Lift Him Up. I Will Protect Your Son, Even If It’ll Cost Me My Life.”

“Until I finish training him… I can’t die!”

“Will you allow me to devote myself to Young Izuku.”

“The flame I passed on to you is still small; but in the future, it will be exposed to wind and rain and grow even bigger. And then, I will slowly become weak and disappear, and I will finish my job.”

“Hey villain, have you ever heard these words? Go beyond! PLUS…ULTRA!”

“There are stories about every hero, how they became great. Most have one thing in common, their bodies moved before they had a chance to think, almost on their own. And today, that’s what happened to you.”

“It’s true my path has been filled with blood. But that’s what makes me the right person to help him find his own way. Free of the mistakes I made as a young hero.”


All Might from My Hero Academia is without doubt one of today’s most inspirational heroes. Even without taking into consideration his retirement and decreasing Quirk, this guy is a remarkable hero.

A character as famous as his has many memorable quotes. Many of these quotes inspire fans to do better.

Which All Might quote is your favorite? Let us know why you like it and share any other All Might quotes that we might have missed in the comments.

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