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Pokemon: Ash Ketchum Has Finally Fulfilled His 25-Year-Long Dream

The time has finally come, the time we have all been waiting for since we were kids; after 25 long and grueling years, Ash Ketchum – the perpetual ten-year-old kid, has won the Pokemon World Championship!

The news has been making waves among the anime fandom, and the fans are delighted that after over two decades of the initial release Ash has achieved his dream. And Ash took his sweet time to reach here.

Congratulatory messages for Ash have been pouring on all social media platforms. From throwing in tributes to Ash’s newest achievement to some slyly making fun of Ash’s age and that a 10-year-old kid took 25 years to reach his dream – which honestly would bedazzle and confuse anyone simultaneously.

Even with the jokes, every fan is emotionally energized and filled with excitement to see Ash and Pikachu giving it all to reach the top.

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The most recent episode of Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series, which made its debut recently, featured Ash’s big moment of him winning the World Championship.

The episode featured a battle between two trainers, and Leon’s Charizard is defeated by Ash’s Pikachu. The Pokémon World Coronation Series Masters Eight Tournament, which puts champions from several areas against one another, including Cynthia, Iris, Steven, and Lance, concluded with their match.

Ash effectively demonstrated that he was the strongest of all the Pokémon League Champions by finally defeating Leon. Ash has traveled a long way; since they began their trip in the Kanto area back in 1997’s, Ash and Pikachu have encountered many difficulties.

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From taking on world-class gym leaders, facing defeats and wins along the way, to occasional run-ins with Team Rocket. And after an exhausting journey, Ash had his breakthrough three years back when he won his first Pokemon League Championship in the series “Pokémon the Series: Sun and Moon.”

Taito Okiura, the VP of marketing for the Pokemon Company International, recently said, “Ash Ketchum’s determination and perseverance to achieve his goal of becoming the world’s top Pokémon Trainer over the course of 25 seasons represents the very best of what it means to be a Trainer.”

However, everything said and done, the fate of the anime series is still up in the air, with Ash’s quest to win the title of World Champion now ending and thus realizing his 25-year-old dream. Only time will tell if Ash and Pikachu return in the anime season. But until then, it is now the time for rejoicing and celebration, for our boy is the very best like no one ever was.


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