MHA 366: Deku Finally Goes Berserk After The Fall Of A Major Character

My Hero Academia has been a whirlwind these days, and fans are amped for more. The manga is continuing at a regular pace, and millions of readers are waiting for One For All Deku to show Shigaraki Tomura what a real beat-down looks like.

A major incident transpired a few issues before. Katsuki Bakugo, Izuku Midoriya’s childhood friend and rival, is defeated by the main villain. Although he seems to have passed, Shinya Kamihara, aka Edgeshot, hasn’t given up on him. Using his ultimate move Zenith, he desperately attempts to repair the devastating damage inflicted on Bakugo. For now, the readers can only hope for a better tomorrow. Edgeshot may sacrifice himself to save Katsuki’s life, and the latter will assist Deku.

Spoiler Alert: Chapters 366 and 367

Rumi Usigiyama, aka Mirko (the current No. 5 pro-Hero) and later Mirio tries hard to distract a manic Tomura who wants to “destroy everything” and experiences an evolution that Tsunagu Hakamada, aka Best Jeanist, interprets as a defensive move. Deku then launches himself towards the antagonist and lands an incredible smash.

On the other hand, when Deku reaches the battleground, he is traumatized after getting a glimpse of Bakugo’s battered body and the All Might trading card he and Deku collected at a young age. The main protagonist gets enraged, which is a rare phenomenon. Fans may finally get to see Deku’s unhinged side as he is consumed by the apparent death of his beloved friend.

He also notices Edgeshot looking weak, injured, drained, and driven by pure anger. Black bursts of energy cloud him like what transpired during the Paranormal Liberation War. All For One, Tomura wants to exploit this opportunity and wishes to fracture his spine. Mirio consoles Deku and begs him not to give up as Tamaki, Aizawa, Monoma, Edgeshot, and all the others are still fighting with every single breath.

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As Shigaraki taunts Deku believing he couldn’t channel his rage properly, Midoriya’s final look shows he means business. Twitter has gone apeshit after the manga issue #367 was released in Japanese.

Take a look at a few reactions below.

Also, Kohei Horikoshi deserves more credit for drawing Shigaraki’s beautiful hands. His skills as an experienced sketcher are shining a light on us all.

My Hero Academia

Boku no Hero Academia started serializing in Weekly Shonen Jump from 2014 onwards. Described as a hit series worldwide, it follows the adventures of Izuku Midoriya and many infantile superheroes as they face off against powerful villains. The manga has scores of fascinating characters, and BONES will soon unveil the next season this coming October 1st.

There is a PV release that features Dabi and Shigaraki in new outfits. This was released a few days ago. So how are you feeling today? Will Deku finally be able to conquer the selfish Tomura with steely resolve? Or shall he falter? May the One For All guide him to victory over evil!