Marvel’s Werewolf by Night – A 70’s Monster Throwback

Marvel’s remarkable, ‘Werewolf by Night” has slowly crept up on us. We say that in the most literal sense.

When it was first announced, other than the hardcore comic fans, no one knew what it was about or even who this character was. Marvel now has a reputation for making shows out of every character they can get their hands on. This idea appeals to most fans, but the problem lies in execution.

A good number of recent Marvel products met the standard they had set. Unsurprisingly, Werewolf by Night fell under the radar, and expectations were kept low. However, this has magically worked to Marvel’s advantage.

For those who don’t know of this upcoming Marvel special, Werewolf by Night is based on a lycanthrope (or simply a werewolf). It is more in tune with the supernatural lore in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Magic has always existed in the MCU, but we’re finally getting to see more monstrous appearances. Think along the lines of Blade, Vampires, and even Frankenstein. Cool, right?

Werewolf by Night was directed by Michael Giacchino, written by Heather Quinn and Peter Cameron, and stars Gael Garcia Bernal as the werewolf himself. This TV Special was slated for a Disney+ release and was purported to be different content otherwise released by Marvel. While no one expected the difference to be that big, it seems Michael Giacchino managed to do just that.

With a run time of 52 minutes, Werewolf by Night held its first secret screening at the Fantastic Fest, which seems to have impressed many people. The movie is described to be reminiscent of a classic 70’s horror movie and embraces violence, a stark contrast to other Marvel projects. Critics have been losing their minds over this TV Special, which is definitely on everyone’s radar.

Fans have been very critical of Marvel’s approach over the years and how they’ve stuck to the more family-friendly viewing. The comics cannot be more different. However, with Werewolf by Night, Marvel has gone in another direction, and it could not have come at a better time.

A small peak behind who this character is ad what we can expect from this TV Special.

Werewolf by Night follows the story of Jack Russel, a shape-shifting lycanthrope who transforms into a werewolf on a full moon but retains his human intellect. His powers result from a curse, and Jack is a descendant of the werewolf that slew Dracula. If the story is similar to the adventures of Jack in the comics, then we’re going to see a lot of supernatural elements, and we may finally be introduced to the vampire world of the MCU. This would also be a good entry point for the upcoming Blade movie.

The Special is said to be extremely violent, and Michael Giacchino does not shy away from gore on this one. A directorial risk that we’re pretty sure will pay off. From what we can tell from the early reactions, this TV Special seems to be very promising, and we cannot wait for it to reach our screens!

Here are a few critical reactions from the web.

Werewolf by Night is out on the 7th of October and will be available on Disney+. Do not forget to check it out!

Later, Nerds.