Marvel Fan Shares Why Supervillains Are Relatable Too

The line between good and evil is as thin as ice, and it only takes a split second to be swallowed into the deep depths of hell. Over time, we sought to comprehend the perverse reasons why these villains became evil or what drove them down this path. And sometimes those motivations proved to be very reasonable. Though not all the time, society plays a role in the greater evil. However, blatantly blaming the circumstances is ridiculous.

The doors we open are ultimately our own doing. We can either choose revenge or forgiveness; we can choose healing or grudge; we can choose love or hate. 

The right door can lead us to a beautiful world, and the wrong one can push us into an abyss. Occasionally villains are somewhat correct – whether they’re seeking revenge for personal betrayals or making important social critiques. 

The tug of war between the lesser and greater evil is ominous; this is the tale of Baisakh and his inspirational supervillain.

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Name: Baisakh
Lives In: India

I live in the town of Cuttack in India. Well, I grew up watching movies, and marvel films are one of them. These flicks are fantastic, with heroes destroying bad guys, saving people, flying, swinging, saying badass dialogues, and all in cool comic outfits.

Like most teenagers, I couldn't feel anything for the villain. I had a mindset that the bad guy is totally evil while the good one is overpowered. 

Enter The Amazing Spider-Man 2, where we have Max Dillon, aka Electro, one of my favorite villains. In TASM 2, His character was so grounded, which is precisely why I found him relatable. 

Honestly, No one cares about a total loner like him. I was exactly like Electro in my teenage. I always thought I couldn't make it big. On top of that, I used to be super depressed, and then it came to my senses that I feel like Electro when he has no identity or superpowers in that world.

When he said, "I am a nobody," that hit me hard. Later, I re-watched it but from the point of view of Peter Parker. I understood how to deal with life, how to enjoy, how to be happy with others, and how to repel toxic nature. I mean, both Max Dillon and Peter Parker were basically the same when they had powers, but Electro lost his sanity due to hatred. They are the same, just a matter of choice. We are the same too. 

Unlike a villain, why shouldn't we all be a hero? Remember, It only takes a split second to snap and ruin our lives. Yes, Life is not easy, and it definitely doesn't go our way, but that is how we grow. Just live the moment peacefully and try to get by through hard times.

Key Takeaways

#1 Villians Are Humans Too

We have come a long way, and villains are no longer black and white; they have become much more complex. Sometimes, you can’t help but relate and connect with the baddies, and that is what made Baisakh connect with Electro. 

Max is perceived as a nobody who never receives credit for any of his work. He constantly keeps his head down, is never noticed, and is never acknowledged by a single soul.

Like Baisakh, there is a tingling sensation inside us that makes us feel for Max; a life filled with misery and lonely one is somber – And to pour gasoline on a fire, there probably is nothing worse than being ignored in such a state. 

A small gesture as acknowledging him could have put him on a different path. Alas, we are all humans, and even the best of the best plummet into a void of unknowingness.  

#2 Why Do We Fall

You play with the hands you are dealt with; you either get a good set or a bad one, and a bad one does not give us the right to blame the circumstances. You can either be Peter or Max. One can sit and moan or embrace Thomas Wayne’s ideology – “And why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up!” 

Baisakh quotes Max, “I am a nobody,” there are multiple obstacles throughout life pulling us down. All it takes is a push, and things go downhill. 

A simple thought like “I am a nobody” can contaminate and destroy every ounce of your soul. The same belief put Baisakh on the absolute verge of despair, but all it took him to pick himself up – was to choose self-love over self-loathing.  

#3 Two Sides Of A Coin

To sum up everything, life is a two-sided coin. “It only takes a split second to snap and ruin our lives,” a single snap of the finger whipped out half the population, and the very snap brought back the lost people. 

Will you use your “finger snap” to save or destroy? 

A hero can turn into a villain; Annakin Skywalker bore the dark side. And Clayface chose the path of a hero, all it took him to get on the right track was Batman extending his hand of support. Extend a hand when someone needs it, and put your hand out when you need help. All it takes is your will to keep moving forward; help will always come!

We’re glad you stuck with us to the end of this tale. We hope it inspires you to do better. Do let us know your thoughts in the below comments, and share this tale with your friends.

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