KFC’s Naruto Meme Is Breaking The Internet Right Now

KFC uses a Naruto meme depicting Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha breaking the internet!

You are all aware of Kentucky Fried Chicken. It was started by Colonel Harland Sanders, who began his business amidst the Great Depression. Once he understood how much potential KFC had as a franchise, his organization grew, and today it stands as one of the biggest fast-food chains worldwide.

Famous for its seven secret herbs and spices (which have since become common knowledge), the original KFC still provides one of the most sought-after fried chicken pieces globally (though I must say their Indian recipes absolutely suck).

Recently, KFC’s Spanish account put up a meme that features Itachi Uchiha choking his distraught younger brother Sasuke. This scene was from the Naruto anime when Team 7 had to deal with Itachi and Kisame of the Akatsuki.

In this series, Itachi was showcased as an antagonist before his main reveal in Naruto Shippuden. While playing the role of a formidable baddie, Itachi keeps testing the limits of his younger brother in the hopes that the latter grows stronger.

The part where Itachi’s face lies is replaced by a clip from one of the latest ads by KFC. The advertisement was unleashed on Mother’s Day, meant to celebrate the “coolest” mothers worldwide. It was unveiled three years ago, right before the end of April 2019.

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We see a few male strippers grooving to cool beats as they take off most layers of clothing. The commercial concludes with their butts pointed toward the camera that gives this message, “How Does It Feel To Be The Coolest Mom In The Universe.” Quite a statement, huh? You can watch the ad here for more reference.

Here is the tweet from the official Spanish account linked with KFC. Take a look.

KFC Naruto Meme

This has brought forth a varied range of responses. The Latin American continent has many Spanish-speaking nations, and such memes that feature familiar pop-culture icons the local population can relate to will positively impact KFC’s sales.

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Most people on Twitter expressed how hard the beat-drop was and exemplified the coolness of the song. Some seem to be fascinated by the Colonel Sanders-look alike with perfectly chiseled ab muscles.

Have you seen this meme in different avatars before? Do you remember how Itachi bolted after the arrival of Jiraiya after looking at Pervy Sage? What game do you think KFC executives have in mind by using this particular scene?

Will we witness a collaboration in the near future, much like the one with WWE (held in 2016)? Or is it just a plain-simple thirst trap meme, signifying that KFC’s wings are “Finger Lickin’ Good”? Let us know your sincere opinions in the comments section, and do subscribe for lightning-fast updates straight from our in-house commentator from Konohagakure!