​JJK 198: Maki Zenin Unlocks Her Full Potential & It’s Terrifying

The latest issue of Jujutsu Kaisen has been unleashed. Maki is forced to use her newfound abilities against a violent opponent in the Culling Games Arc. Also, Satoru Gojo remains sealed and hasn’t shown up in almost three years (counted in the real-world folks).

The English translation for Chapter 198 will be released in 2 days on viz.com so fans can feast their eyes on Maki, Sumo, and Katana Guy alongside the enraged Naoya. Till now, images and spoilers from the original Japanese version have leaked all over Twitter.

Fans remain divided over the latest issue. Some say that Maki is a boring character and that her receiving these power-ups makes no sense whatsoever. In contrast, others refute the negativity by exemplifying Maki Zenin’s supremacy over most of the students at Jujutsu High.

Spoiler Alert: Chapter 198

In the latest chapter, Naoya Zenin has a new Domain Expansion as a dangerous cursed spirit. It is aptly called Time Moon Palace. Domain Expansions are the most epic panels in Jujutsu Kaisen, so watching this battle unfold in the latest chapter is a treat. Inside Naoya’s domain, one freezes if they don’t synchronize with his movements.

Just like Toji Fushiguro blindsided the mighty Satoru Gojo 12 years ago, Maki Zenin can hide her presence (because of the lack of cursed energy) and creeps up behind him, revealing her superiority over domains.

Mai’s sword is a replica of the Shakunon Blade, the cursed tool used by Toji to incapacitate Gojo. No matter how durable an object is, the sword can cut through it flawlessly, but one needs to observe the soul of inanimate objects with precision to use its real power. It seems that Maki has reached the level of assassin extraordinaire Toji Fushiguro, with some speculating she has surpassed Megumi’s father.

Mai’s bond with her estranged sister is also shown in the latest issue. Maki says goodbye to her and is thankful that she is gained tremendous strength because of her noble sacrifice. It is unclear whether Naoya survived the battle, as his face gets cut in half by Maki when he gets stabbed, which also serves as a reference to the first fight between Satoru and Toji prior to the death of Riko Amanai (the Star Plasma Vessel).

Here are some of the reactions on Twitter.

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Jujutsu Kaisen 0 was released on Crunchyroll days ago and has since garnered a great response. The movie is one of the most popular anime films released worldwide this year.

So what is your opinion, lads and ladies? Despite being a shonen manga, Are you happy that Jujutsu Kaisen has a formidable female character with great progression? Or do you feel Naoya Zenin deserves a better end after returning as a vengeful spirit? Give us your honest read on this latest chapter, and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for more updates!