Fake Mark Ruffalo Scams $523,200 From Mangaka

Mangaka gets scammed by fake Mark Ruffalo, “The Hulk Scam.”

As a veteran manga artist, This Mangaka is known for her works, such as Viva! Volleyball, Wine Road of Love, Chikae Ide is an experienced sketcher and colorist with fans worldwide. She recently published a work titled Poison Love, which discloses details about a catfishing scam she overcame despite having to shell out thousands of dollars.

The man who pretended to be her die-hard lover created a fake identity based on Mark Ruffalo, a Hollywood star known for his role as the Hulk in Marvel movies, as well as the She-Hulk series that is currently airing on Disney+. The conniving “Bruce Banner” ensnared the artist and storyteller in a well-laid trap, using himself and the handsome Mark’s face as bait.

This individual contacted her via Facebook and spoke compassionately so that he could get his target to lower her guard. Though initially unsure, Ide eventually gave in and accepted all of the man’s claims. Chikae-san is now 74 and opened her heart to this cunning fraudulent “gentleman.” She spoke of experiencing a violent marriage, and the man pretended to console her and promised he would never put her through such a harrowing experience.

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She and this unknown man had a video call that lasted roughly half a minute. Ide was convinced that it was indeed Mark Ruffalo who had fallen for her charm, as she was unaware that the attacker was using Deepfake technology to misguide her.

The man then claimed that he wanted to divorce his wife and said that his brother’s death disturbed his peace of mind. The two were married online, or that’s what the mangaka believed for a long while.

Mangaka gets scammed by fake Mark Ruffalo

For more than three years, this guy maintained his entrapment seamlessly. He successfully cons Chikae Ide of 75 million yen which is a massive sum for a working individual.

It kicked off right after the duo got unofficially married. Starting with 1100 dollars, The culprit claimed he needed to purchase a plane ticket, and Ide even gave away most of what she earned via her exclusive contract with Gucci (around 35 million yen). None of that money has ever been returned. The man hasn’t been apprehended by the authorities yet and may be on the run as of now.

Ide-san wrote Poison Love to raise awareness about the frequency of online scams in today’s age. Especially during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, these fraudulent activities have skyrocketed and may keep growing in number. People spend a lot of time alone in their homes, and some crafty men and women are bound to take advantage of those who are lonely. Chikae Ide was worried about her advanced age and lack of companionship, so she had to endure this ordeal for such a long time.

Ide sensei has a daughter named Kayono, who dealt with plagiarism accusations. Kazusa Takashima is famous yaoi, aka Boys Love manga author who accused Kayono of tracing one of her most famous works Wild Rock. Fortunately for her, The judge dismissed this case.

Kayono, alongside Chikae Ide’s other children, helped her see the light and end the relationship that cost her so much hard-earned money. Well, Even popular celebrities are vulnerable to these scams. We only need you to stay vigilant and safe. Don’t ever fall for such traps and lose all your hard-earned money and respect.

Source: The Asahi