10 Surprising Hawkeye Episode 3 Easter Eggs You Missed

Disney’s Hawkeye may have started on a slow note but Marvel’s brilliance is keeping up with numerous references to the comics. With so much going on in Hawkeye episode 3, Here’s every Easter egg we found out in the latest fixture.

Spoiler Alert: This article contains major spoilers for Hawkeye episode 3. So consider yourself warned.

The newest episode of the Hawkeye series focuses on introducing Maya Lopez aka Echo played by Alaqua Cox.

As a child, Maya suffered from being different. She may have the ability to replicate others’ movements but she is a deaf kind in her past.

Add to that, Her father used to run Tracksuit Mafia and was brutally killed by Ronin. Now, Echo is out on the streets to seek revenge for her father’s murder.

Anyway, let’s count down the top 10 Easter Eggs and References from Hawkeye episode 3 you might have missed.

#10 The Owl May Show Up Later

Hawkeye Episode 3 Easter Eggs
Source : Disney+

When Maya and her father talk about the dragons, You can see a toy owl placed at the wall. This is a reference to Marvel’s villain “The Owl.”

If you aren’t familiar with who he is then keep reading.

The Owl is a supervillain who is an extremely skilled crime organizer. First appeared in Daredevil #3, He is a known enemy for Daredevil, Spider-Man, Black Cat and shares rivalry with Wilson Fisk.

Marvel showcasing an owl in Maya’s bedroom is not a coincidence and he is bound to appear later in the MCU.

#9 Maya Lopez’s Symbol

9 Maya Lopezs Symbol
Source : Disney+

In the same setup, If you observe keenly, We can see some small triangular tattoos on William Lopez’s neck.

These symbols aren’t usual tattoos. The small triangles can be seen on Maya Lopez’s alter ego Echo’s costume but there’s a difference here.

William Lopez’s triangles are on his right but Echo’s symbol will be on her left with sharp edges.

Keeping this in mind, We think Marvel is teasing Echo’s suit in the ongoing series.

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#8 Sloan LTD’s Connection

Hawkeye Episode 3 Easter Eggs
Source : Disney+

When Kate hacks her way into a computer, She finds that Kazi was employed by “Sloan LTD.”

In addition to that, Hawkeye firmly recalls saying, “Sloan Limited? That sounds familiar.”

What does that mean?

First appeared in The Spectacular Spider-Man #67 as Kingpin’s minion.

Sloan is actually a henchman of Kingpin and the Wilson made him register to multiple fake companies to hide their criminal activities.

That is the reason why we can see Kazi registered as an employee of Sloan LTD.

#7 Fat Man Auto Repair Is Bigger Than It Looks

Hawkeye Episode 3 Easter Eggs
Source : Disney+

Here’s another reference to Kingpin.

When Echo rides her motorcycle towards an auto repair shop. You can spot its name as “Fat Man.”

In Marvel Comics, Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin is also known as the Fat Man and this perfectly fits into the theory that Fisk is indeed the head of the Tracksuit Mafia.

This confirms that both Maya and her father, William Lopez were working for Wilson Fisk.

#6 Clint’s Original Car

Hawkeye Episode 3 Easter Eggs
Source : Disney+

Kate and Clint looked for a car to escape from the Tracksuit Mafia and believe me, this car has a history to it.

The Red Dodge Challenger from 1972 is taken from Matt Fraction and David Aja’s popular Hawkeye comics.

The identical Dodge in the series pays homage to Clint’s automobile taste as he refuses to smash it.

Anyway, By the end of the thrilling chase, The gorgeous red challenger was destroyed in the comics.

#5 A Nod Towards Dragons

Hawkeye Episode 3 Easter Eggs
Source : Disney+

Let’s go back to Maya’s room once again.

When Maya and her father talk about her hearing issues in her bedroom. She asks him if dragons were real.
William Lopez says, “Maybe they are, but dragons live indifferent world.”

As a member of the Tracksuit Mafia, Willian might not know about the existence of dragons but Marvel’s Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings prove that dragons really do exist.

Though it may on a different place, Marvel is trying to connect something with Shang-Chi’s “The Great Protector Dragon” with this easter egg from Hawkeye episode 3.

#4 Chase Ripped Out Of Comics

4 Chase Ripped Out Of The Comics
Source : Marvel Comics

The thing that takes Hawkeye episode 3 from slow-paced to interesting is the iconic chase sequence.

As mentioned above, It isn’t just the Red Dodge Challenger that replicates the chase but the entire action-packed sequence is ripped straight out of comics.

Though the roles may have changed in the MCU with Clint Barton driving the car and Kate Bishop firing arrows unlike the opposite in the comics.

Everything from the turns to the arrows used was taken from the source material.

Bonus: Fans can see Kate complaining about Clint not labeling any of his arrows. This also happens in the comics.

#3 Maya Lopez’s Turning Point

3 Maya Lopezs Turning Point
Source : Disney+

At this point, We knew that Maya saw her father being killed by the Ronin.

When Maya watches her dad pass away, He touches her cheeks with a bloody hand and that leaves an iconic crimson-shaped blood print on her.

In the comics, A much younger Maya was also seen stained by her father as he dies.

This is a direct nod to Echo’s white paint on her face as she reminds herself of this important day.

Bonus: You can also see a blue handprint in Maya’s bedroom.

#2 Hands On Pym’s Arrow

Hawkeye Episode 3 Easter Eggs
Source : Disney+

Superheroes are cool but what if they help their fellow comrades in a battle?

In the chase sequence, We can see Hawkeye using a Pym arrow which grows exponentially in size.

This means that Clint got to work with the Ant-Man crew in the background when Captain America recruits Scott Lang in his team.

With the Pym particles at his disposal, Hawkeye can now grow or shrink objects using his arrows.

#1 The Original Hawkeye Costume

1 The Original Hawkeye Costume
Source : Disney+

It’s about time Clint Barton uses his iconic original Hawkeye costume.

When Kate says she can solve his biggest problem, We never imagined she referred to his costume.

In episode 3, Kate drew an all-new outfit for Clint on a napkin. With the winged eye mask and “H” on his forehead, Kate also asks him to picture this in purple.

Finally, When we get our hopes up on seeing the original Hawkeye costume, Clint immediately turns it down.

Maybe Marvel is looking to introduce this suit in the grand finale of the Hawkeye series.

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Anyway, These are the top easter eggs from Hawkeye episode 3. What did you find interesting? Do you have anything other in your mind?

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