Game Awards 2022 Is Now The Most-Watched Game Awards Ever

The combined viewership figures for The Game Awards 2022 across all the platforms had broken a previous record. Geoff Keighley tweeted hours after the presentation that The Game Awards 2022 may have already broken prior records; we now have the official viewership numbers!

  • A milestone achievement for the 2022 Game Awards as it shatters all its previous viewership records.
  • Elden Rings takes home the Game of The Year award.
  • Next year’s Game Awards marks the 10th anniversary of the show and might be the busiest one yet.

Game Awards Is No More A Small Show

Who knew a decade or two ago that a game award show would shatter the viewership records of one of the most prestigious events of the film fraternity, the Academy Awards?

With viewership numbers standing at an astounding 103 million total viewers – more than 20% of its previous viewership – across YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Steam, Facebook, TikTok Live, and Instagram Live, The Game Awards has broken all of its prior viewership records.

On the other side of the entertainment industry, the Oscars recorded a viewership of over 16 million in 2022. However that said, the viewership of the Game Awards is in the form of live streams; instead of average viewers, live streams are comparable to plays.

The show also appeared in all top 5 global trends and was the #1 trending topic worldwide. Further statistics provided by Keighley included a rise in hashtag usage by 31%, conversation volume by 28%, and unique authors by 33% compared to 2021.

Who Won Big?

Although God of War Ragnarok received the most nominations, Elden Ring ultimately won the game of the year, best game direction, best art direction, and best role-playing game. Also, Elden Ring was most mentioned among other games during the ceremony.

The announcement of Hades 2 was completely unexpected for the fans, and it took them out by surprise, making it the most mentioned announcement during the ceremony. And one of the most notable events of the show was the Steam Deck giveaway which Keighley termed a “big hit.”

More Records To Break In The Future

More Records To Break In The Future With GTA 6

Geoff Keighley’s schedule for 2023 will be his busiest ever as he prepares for the return of The Game Awards for their 10th anniversary. If games like Elden Ring and God of War can push the gaming community brimming with excitement, imagine the hysteria an announcement from Rockstar Studio for GTA 6 could do.

Weirdly, GTA 5 was released a year before the first-ever Game Awards, which was held in 2014. Could the 10th anniversary of the awards bring in the news that fans from all over have been waiting for almost a decade?

Game Awards this year was no small show either, with appearances from top celebrities like Al Pacino, Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, Josef Fares, Ken and Roberta Williams, Keegan-Michael Key, Jessica Henwick, Aurora, and performances by Halsey and Hozier.

Not to jinx it, but the upcoming Game Awards might be the busiest ever. The best is yet to come. Did you tune in to this year’s Game Awards? Let us know your memorable moment from this year’s ceremony.