Fast & Furious “Family” Joke Is Back In Need For Speed Unbound

“You don’t need logic when you have family,” do you? There is a common ground between the Fast & Furious and Need For Speed franchises, so it’s not unlikely to find fans of the movies playing out the newly released Need For Speed Unbound. But what took us more surprisingly is Need For Speed taking a dig at the Fast & Furious films. Spoilers For The Game Ahead!

  • The newly released Need For Speed takes shots at the Fast & Furious Franchise.
  • Cars? Toons? Game? Mix all three of them, and you get Unbound.

What is the one thing that Need For Speed Unbound and the Fast & Furious franchise have in common? Adrenaline-filled high-speed cars. But that’s not it; Need For Speed Unbound looks to walk in the steps of the Fast & Furious, though thankfully, not literally.

Near the end of the game’s story mode, Yaz and the player will talk about what to do next and proceeds to playfully take a jibe at the Fast & Furious franchise by saying – “Put a crew together, save the world, race home, pop a cold one, talk ‘Family,’ eat barbeque, do the same thing only different, like 8,9 times?”

Need For Speed Unbound Mocks Fast & Furious With Family Joke

And we have to give it to the writers who wrote the dialogue; they do an apt job of painstakingly summing up the entire franchise in simply two lines.

Even before the Need For Speed Unbound took a jibe, the “family” part of the franchise was a long-running meme among the fandom, so of course, it caught the most attention of the fans. All said and done – it’s simply some friendly banter between two of the biggest racing franchises.

With the simulation racing games reaching saturation and photorealism becoming the goal for developers, Need For Speed Unbound is a breath of fresh air for the community.

EA sets itself apart from the competition by fusing comic books and reality in a stylized way. The game has received mostly positive reviews from the gaming community, with IGN scoring 7/10. Racing apart, the dialogues of the game are surely a 100.

Have you played the Need For Speed Unbound yet? What do you think of this sly dig at the Fast & Furious franchise?