Fans Can’t Get Over The Newest Pochita Remake – The Cheetos Pochita

Pochita cake, Pochita plus, Pochita is all over the net and for the right reasons – yet we still can’t get enough of Pochita!

As the first season of Chainsaw Man progresses, everyone is becoming enamored with the world’s prettiest devil dog. Pochita is on its way to becoming the most loved character of the series, even probably surpassing Denji himself.

The fandom has not let Pochita down, they are all over the cutest dog of the series, and this can be seen through the fanart to turning it into an anime girl! And now, we get to see Pochita in the most unimaginable place possible; on a Cheetos!

Chainsaw Man: Custom Accessory Artist Turns Pochita Into Cute Keycap!

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For many of us, Cheetos are junk food we munch on while watching our favorite anime, but for this artist, they are more than plain corn puffs – they turn it into a flawless mini-life-size Pochita.

Obviously, Pochita looks a little different; after all, it is being brought to life through Cheetos. But the Cheetos Pochita version still has the loving features of the original anime Pochita. Although, the Cheetos Pochita might have ended up in the artist’s stomach.

Pochita, a Chainsaw Devil who gave his life to save his friend and master Denji when Denji was on the verge of death, soon rose to fan favorite status. And this wasn’t just due to his adorable appearance and amusing stature; but also to the fact that Pochita isn’t someone to mess with when the going gets tough, especially when his iconic head chainsaw is in full swing.

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After Pochita unites with Denji’s body, Pochita begins to function as Denji’s heart, allowing him to transform into Chainsaw Man whenever he pleases and to match any devil or fiend Denji may come up against in battle thanks to Pochita’s last-minute-assistance.

What do you think of this charming recreation of Pochita? What do you feel about Chainsaw Man so far?