15 INTP Anime Characters You Need To Know About

Commonly referred to as the “Thinkers” or “Logicians,” INTPs are characterized by their Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Prospecting personality traits. They are excellent problem-solvers and often keep to themselves. Curious about everything, Logicians can be pretty creative in their approach. Scores of them spend the majority of their lives lost in thought, which is why some believe they are daydreamers. Thinkers are needed in society if humankind wishes to keep progressing in the field of inventions, art, etc. 

Here are 15 anime characters who can be classified as INTPs.

#15 Ulquiorra Cifer

#15 Ulquiorra Cifer - INTP Anime Characters

Anime: Bleach
INTP Personality Breakdown:

The strongest Espada serving under Aizen. Ulquiorra Cifer is the final enemy Kurosaki Ichigo faced in Hueco Mundo. He is a brilliant fighter who never spoke of his second-release form and used it only against Ichigo. 

Ulquiorra seldom cares for his comrades and swears loyalty only to Aizen Sosuke. Being indifferent towards others helps him stay detached and, thus, focused on tasks assigned to him. The black-haired Espada often introspects about emptiness and kills his targets by stabbing them in the same place where his Hollow hole lies. Thus, one may say Ulquiorra has Introverted Thinking (Ti-Dom) and Introverted Sensing (Si-Tert). 

His Extroverted Feeling (Fe-inf) is the inferior function; this is visible when Ulquiorra disregards Orihime’s compassionate outlook except at the end of his life. Cipher’s Extroverted Intuition (Ne-Aux) is straightforward since he always tries to wrap up jobs in a limited amount of time to prove his usefulness to Aizen. The green-eyed Hollow is prone to nihilistic despair and is ashamed when Ichigo kills him. 

#14 Joji Saiga

#14 Joji Saiga - INTP Anime Characters

Anime: Psycho-Pass
INTP Personality Breakdown: 

A side character in this renowned anime series written by Gen Urobuchi, Joji Saiga mentors Shinya Kogami when the latter chases after Makishima Shogo. He plays a crucial role in aiding the Enforcer and Inspector Tsunemori. 

A man with a sharp eye, Joji is incredibly insightful. He is capable of discerning the traits of a person by observing how they react to different stimuli. Saiga was a psychology professor before his retirement; hence understands human nature better than most other characters. He lives like a hermit, away from prying eyes, surrounded by books. 

As a former professor associated with the CID, Joji has Introverted Thinking (Ti-Dom) coupled with Extroverted Feeling (Fe-Inf). Additionally, the bespectacled man has Extroverted Intuition (Ne-Aux) and Introverted Sensing (Si-Tert). Joji is an INTP his students can always rely on. 

#13 Suguru Teshigawara

#13 Suguru Teshigawara - INTP Anime Characters

Anime: Great Teacher Onizuka
INTP Personality Breakdown: 

One of the side characters in the classic anime produced by Pierrot, Suguru plays the role of a stalker. The mathematics teacher is obsessed with Fuyutsuki sensei and constantly dreams of being romantically linked with her. 

Suguru is intelligent but constantly doubts his abilities because of his upbringing. Both his father and his brother were accomplished politicians. Suguru’s dad would often berate him, fixating on his weaknesses. This mistreatment played a crucial role in the decline of his mind. Teshigawara can be highly manipulative; he even succeeds in influencing Hidemi Ohta, an affluent student of his. 

Plagued by feelings of worthlessness, Teshigawara often daydreams about what life would be like if Azusa Fuyutsuki reciprocated his feelings toward her. His Introverted Thinking (Ti-dom) and Introverted Sensing (Si-Tert) are rather obvious, as Suguru gets visibly agitated when Onizuka tries to rip off the white sheets covering Azusa’s posters in his room. Suguru hides his real persona in society; he is deeply ashamed of his actions yet pursues Azusa overzealously. 

A great example of an unhealthy INTP, Teshigawara, is responsible for multiple incidents wherein Onizuka lands in jeopardy. Despite his efficient reasoning, Eikichi keeps overcoming his traps. This pushes Suguru to a frenzied state, and in the manga, he shoots a police officer and even tries to cause a bombing. 

#12 Shigaraki Tomura

#12 Shigaraki Tomura - INTP Anime Characters

Anime: My Hero Academia
INTP Personality Breakdown:

The primary antagonist of Boku no Hero Academia, Shigaraki Tomura, is the chief of the League of Villains. Hell-bent on destroying All Might, Shigaraki detests heroes and cares for the lives of his compatriots in the League. At first, Shigaraki is somewhat impulsive, but over time, he becomes a conniving and calculating maniac who aims to destroy goodness. 

Tomura is kind towards his friends and is enraged when Overhaul critically injures Mr. Compress and murders Magne. Tenko Shimura (Shigaraki’s actual name) waited for the opportune moment before striking and using his quirk to destroy Overhaul’s arms. Shigaraki dislikes heroes he once revered, as he blames them for their upheaval during his childhood.

Even though Tenko is fuelled by rage and dismay towards the hero society, he is analytical and logical. Shimura has Introverted Thinking (Ti-Dom), Extroverted Intuition (Ne-Aux), Introverted Sensing (Si-Tert), and Extraverted Feeling (Fe-Inf) personality traits. Shigaraki is a villainous INTP who will crush any obstacle in his way. 

#11 Hikigaya Hachiman

#11 Hikigaya Hachiman - INTP Anime Characters

Anime: Oregairu
INTP Personality Breakdown: 

Hikigaya is the male protagonist of this anime series that chronicles youthful relationships. As an individual, Hachiman wallows in self-loathing, much to the dismay of Yukinon. He is concerned about the well-being of others and doesn’t hesitate to vilify himself to safeguard his friends from embarrassment or criticism. 

Hikigaya is a typical introvert unable to process his feelings for the outside world. His Extroverted Feeling (Fe-inf) is the weakest trait, which can also be toxic. Hikki (Yui’s nickname for Hachiman) has Introverted Thinking (Ti-Dom), which is determined when he consistently solves problems by adhering to his constitution. Hachiman’s Extroverted Intuition (Ne-Aux) and Introverted Sensing (Si-Tert) are noted when he ponders over the behavior and suffering of his friends and peers before committing social suicide multiple times. The black-haired boy’s low self-worth is one of the key themes in the show.

Hikigaya Hachiman is an excellent example of an unhealthy INTP. 

#10 Kakashi Hatake

#10 Kakashi Hatake - INTP Anime Characters

Anime: Naruto Shippuden
INTP Personality Breakdown: 

Also known as the “Copy Ninja,” Kakashi Hatake is an expert ninja affiliated with the Konohagakure village. He also taught Sakura Haruno, Uchiha Sasuke, and Uzumaki Naruto when the trio was young. 

Brimming with condescension, Kakashi and Might Guy had a rivalry that continued well beyond their formative years. A shinobi with a strong presence of mind, Kakashi defeats formidable opponents like Zabuza with ease. The pretty white-haired boy chooses to bear his suffering alone after his father’s passing and Rin’s death. Once headstrong and independent, Obito’s supposed death changed his attitude; the adult Kakashi prioritized interpersonal relationships and was disappointed when Sasuke abandoned Team 7. 

Kakashi’s Introverted Thinking (Ti-Dom) and Introverted Sensing (Si-Tert) are pretty evident in stressful situations. Many may believe Hatake is an extrovert, but he mostly keeps to himself, just like Itachi. Furthermore, Kakashi has Extroverted Intuition (Ne-Aux) and Extroverted Feeling (Fe-Inf). His inferior function develops as the story progresses, especially after the arrival of Obito. Kakashi is a committed INTP leader and a swell guy. 

#9 Zeke Yeager

#9 Zeke Yeager - INTP Anime Characters

Anime: Attack on Titan
INTP Personality Breakdown:

Formerly known as the strongest Titan warrior representing Marley, Zeke Yeager is a crucial character in Shingeki no Kyojin. He is Grisha Yeager’s son and Eren Yeager’s half-brother. A man with cunning aptitude, Zeke manipulated both the Marleyan and Eldian camps to bring about the downfall of Ymir’s descendants by forcibly sterilizing them. 

Zeke is not sentimental towards anyone except his brother. An experienced tactician, the blonde Eldian refugee was unmoved while ordering Reiner and Bertholdt to capture the Founding Titan instead of trying to rescue Annie. This is an excellent example of his Introverted Thinking (Ti-Dom). He never loses sight of his goal. Zeke pities the Eldians living inside the walls and hopes they were never born. His nihilistic outlook led to a conflict with Eren. 

Zeke became an INTP as a result of unresolved childhood trauma. The older Yeager has Extroverted Feelings (Fe-Inf), which is evident once the viewers understand his plan for the Eldians. Unlike Eren, Zeke always wanted to give up and firmly believed that his solution was better for the world so that no kid would suffer as he did ever again. Furthermore, the Beast Titan has Extroverted Intuition (Ne-Aux) and Introverted Sensing (Si-Tert). 

#8 Sherlock Holmes 

#8 Sherlock Holmes - INTP Anime Characters

Anime: Moriarty the Patriot
INTP Personality Breakdown:

Shrewd and brilliant, Sherlock is presented as a foil to the man who goes by the name of William James Moriarty. As a detective who relies on his supreme powers of deduction, Sherlock is a perceptive being capable of being a worthy enemy of Moriarty. 

Holmes doesn’t care for rules and societal obligations; he has his way of doing things. Eccentric and often impetuous, Sherlock is a heavy smoker and drug user. The black-haired sleuth isn’t particularly fond of dimwitted police officers but never seeks fame even when he solves the entire case alone. 

Holmes is protective of those who matter to him. After acknowledging Irene Adler’s intellectual prowess, he tried to help her escape. Although Sherlock has a boisterous demeanor, he is a cognitive introvert. Holmes can be characterized by Introverted Thinking (Ti-Dom), Extroverted Feeling (Fe-Inf), Extraverted Intuition (Ne-Aux), and Introverted Sensing (Si-Tert). 

#7 Sakaido

#7 Sakaido - INTP Anime Characters

Anime: ID: Invaded
INTP Personality Breakdown:

Akihito Narihisago is also known for his moniker Brilliant Detective Sakaido. As Sakaido, the protagonist can use the Mizuhanome System to enter Id Wells associated with serial killers to locate them. Narihisago lost his family, which traumatized the detective. 

Capable of deviously controlling how serial killers think, Narihisago can prey on his enemy’s weaknesses and exploit them to the point where the one apprehended commits suicide. Akikhito’s experience inside the Id wells of multiple antagonists helps him better understand his foes’ psyche. Narihisago harbors a tremendous amount of hatred for John Walker, a conniving psychopath he holds accountable for the deaths of his family. 

Methodical yet altruistic, Sakaido always tries to save and fight on behalf of the innocents. Akihito is marked by Introverted Thinking (Ti-Dom) and Introverted Sensing (Si-Tert), demonstrated by his investigative abilities and sense of hopelessness. Additionally, Narihisago has Extroverted Intuition (Ne-Aux) and Extraverted Feeling (Fe-Inf). He is undoubtedly an INTP. 

#6 Killua Zoldyck

#6 Killua Zoldyck - INTP Anime Characters

Anime: Hunter X Hunter
INTP Personality Breakdown:

Killua is an assassin who is one of the youngest members of the Zoldyck family. From a tender age, Killua was subjected to the brutal training regime adopted by his elder brother Illumi. 

Killua is a methodical killer who removed a prolific serial killer’s heart in seconds. His ability to think rationally is a critical trait that separates him from Gon. This Zoldyck is kind towards his friends, but his bond with Gon and Alluka is the most noticeable throughout the series. When his impulsive friend lost his temper and gave in to impulsiveness, Killua was there to comfort him. 

Methodical and precise, this Zoldyck is a sure-fire INTP. He is characterized by Introverted Thinking (Ti-Dom), Introverted Sensing (Si-Tert), Extraverted Intuition (Ne-Aux), and Extroverted Feeling (Fe-Inf). Skeptical of all others except Gon, Killua is an INTP brother who’ll always have your back. 

#5 Conan Edogawa

#5 Conan Edogawa - INTP Anime Characters

Anime: Detective Conan
INTP Personality Breakdown:

Shinichi Kudo’s alter ego is none other than Conan Edogawa. Due to a mishap involving two miscreants, Kudo shrunk and assumed his childish appearance due to a newly-created defective drug. Knowledgeable and highly efficient, Edogawa starts helping police solve crimes while simultaneously trying to revert to his adult self. 

Conan’s Introverted Thinking (Ti-Dom) coupled with Extroverted Feeling (Fi-Inf) is highlighted when solving cases and in his interactions with Ran and other companions. He can be spontaneous when the situation demands it and has Extraverted Intuition (Ne-Aux) and Introverted Sensing (Si-Tert). Shinichi tries to keep his worries and the condition affecting him a secret, with a few trustworthy individuals like Dr. Agasa being aware of the reality. Kudo, aka Conan Edogawa, is a spectacular INTP whose abilities often render cops jealous. 

#4 L 

#4 L - INTP Anime Characters

Anime: Death Note
INTP Personality Breakdown: 

One of the protagonists in the critically-acclaimed anime series, L, is the detective tasked with bringing Kira to justice. L doesn’t trust anybody except his assistant Watari. He is also one of the few characters in the series who immediately suspects that Light Yagami is Kira. 

L’s identity is a secret that’s crucial for his survival. Tailor is a death row inmate L placed on live television to tempt Kira. Despite his unkempt appearance and aversion to outdoor activities, the detectives regard L as a keen and insightful man capable of apprehending Kira. 

 L is fascinated with Light and, near the end of his life, becomes sure that Yagami is indeed Kira. His camaraderie with the megalomanic protagonist dictates how commanders and logicians are drawn toward each other. L’s rationality is his most significant feature; he is identified by Introverted Thinking (Ti-Dom), Introverted Sensing (Si-Tert), Extroverted Intuition (Ne-Aux), and Extraverted Feeling (Fe-Inf) traits. A meticulous INTP, L’s steps paved the way for Mello and Near. 

#3 Ranpo Edogawa

#3 Ranpo Edogawa - INTP Anime Characters

Anime: Bungou Stray Dogs
INTP Personality Breakdown:

Linked with the Armed Detective Agency, Ranpo Edogawa doesn’t have a special ability like the rest of his comrades. Instead, he uses his head to look for effective solutions to problems plaguing society at large. A self-proclaimed “greatest detective,” Ranpo has a genius-level intellect. 

Ranpo cares deeply about his friends at the agency. His resolve stems from the company of people he desires to protect, no matter the cost. Though Edogawa is quite cocky, he is willing to acknowledge mistakes and holds himself accountable for failing to capture Fyodor Dostoevsky. Edogawa convinces a huge chunk of the police force not to lose faith in the agency after his arrest and subsequent escape. 

Ranpo is marked by Introverted Thinking (Ti-Dom), Introverted Sensing (Si-Aux), Extroverted Intuition (Ne-Aux), as well as Extroverted Feeling (Fe-Inf). Ranpo is a man who fits the textbook definition of an INTP. 

#2 Kisuke Urahara

#2 Kisuke Urahara - INTP Anime Characters

Anime: Bleach
INTP Personality Breakdown:

One of the smartest characters in Tite Kubo’s magnum opus, Urahara Kisuke, was once the captain of the 12th Division in Soul Society. Succeeded by Kurotsuchi Mayuri, Kisuke was exiled and currently resides in Karakura Town. He is a proud owner of a pawn shop and a humorous man. 

Kisuke trained Ichigo before the latter set out to rescue Kuchiki Rukia in Soul Society. A meticulous man, Urahara always plans for contingencies. Though he has an outgoing persona, Kisuke is a cognitive introvert. Deceptively pragmatic, Kisuke is the one who sealed Aizen after the villain was defeated by Mugetsu. 

Kisuke is distinguished because of Introverted Thinking (Ti-Dom), Introverted Sensing (Si-Tert), Extroverted Intuition (Ne-Aux), and Extraverted Feeling (Fe-Inf) traits. Urahara is an INTP is a menace who operates systematically to get the best possible outcome. 

#1 Saiki Kusuo

#1 Saiki Kusuo - INTP Anime Characters

Anime: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K
INTP Personality Breakdown:

A man who is ready to avoid unnecessary attention at all costs, Saiki Kusuo is an overpowered protagonist. His powers include psychokinesis, shapeshifting, clairvoyance, hypnosis, astral projection, memory alteration, and many more. 

An intelligent boy, Saiki hates being surrounded by humans. This is because he can hear their thoughts, which creates a ruckus inside his head. The only one who is remotely close to challenging him is his jealous brother Kusuke. No other anime character enjoys solitude as much as Saiki Kusuo. As a practical man, Saiki can act rapidly without hesitation if he or his pals are in danger. 

Saiki Kusuo can be identified by his Introverted Thinking (Ti-Dom), Introverted Sensing (Si-Tert), Extroverted Intuition (Ne-Aux), and Extroverted Feeling (Fe-Inf) personality traits. This pink-haired boy is the quintessential tsundere INTP. 

Honorable Mentions

  • Nanachi (Made in Abyss)
  • Gin Ichimaru (Bleach)
  • Naofumi Iwatani (Rising of the Shield Hero)
  • Sai Yamanaka (Naruto Shippuden)


Who are INTPs compatible with?

Logicians and Architects can be an effective match, as their synchronicity has the potential to create something extraordinary. 

Can INTPs and ENTJs be good friends?

If the logician is willing to follow the commander’s orders obediently, a bond between the two will be everlasting. However, variants will clash, and conflicts are more likely to occur if the two cannot see eye-to-eye. 

What MBTI best describes Aren Kuboyasu?

Aren Kuboyasu is an ISTP, i.e., a crafter. He prefers being alone and has a knack for landing in troublesome situations because of his propensity for violence. As a delinquent, Aren is concerned about the present as in the joy he gets from being part of a brutal fight. 

Are INTPs rare?

INTPs are one of the rarest personality types in the world. Roughly around 2-5% of the total population includes thinkers, a tiny section of people. Real-life examples would consist of Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, etc. 

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