15 ESTP Superheroes You Need To Know About

We’re all aware that while superheroes are created to save people, not all of them will have the same characteristics and personalities. Some may be charming, amusing, serious, brilliant, or even malevolent.

Today, we’ll look at some superheroes with the ESTP personality trait. ESTP is one of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator’s 16 personality types.

These personalities are lively, eager, and easily adaptable, and they enjoy making work enjoyable. They are also thrill-seeking adventurers who seek thrills wherever they go.

Here are the top 15 superheroes who fit the ESTP Personality traits.

#15 Luke Cage

#15 Luke Cage - ESTP Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ESTP Personality Breakdown:

We kick off the list with Luke Cage, also known as Power Man. Cage was imprisoned for a crime he did not commit and acquired his indestructible skin through a voluntarily conducted experiment while incarcerated. Cage is a tough and kind man who works as a freelance crime fighter and part-time bartender. Although he may not be brilliant, he is always willing to assist the residents in his neighborhood and is quite knowledgeable about the streets.

He may have a macho, angry appearance, but his ability to sling trash makes him a formidable opponent. Cage can lose his cool if something awful happens to his family, especially Jessica Jones, as he has a soft place for them.

#14 Gambit 

#14 Gambit - ESTP Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ESTP Personality Breakdown:

Remy LeBeau, also known as Gambit, is an alpha-level mutant who can charge inanimate objects and trigger them to explode. He is known as a charming thief with a strong will, a Casanova, and a former member of the Thieves Guild. Gambit has a short fuse and will go to any length for his close friends, especially his lover Rogue.

Gambit grew up with the Thieves Guild and learned their ways, becoming street smart and assisting the X-Men with his cheap techniques. He may not be a genius, but he has honed his abilities to the best anyone could.

#13 Drax The Destroyer

#13 Drax The Destroyer - ESTP Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ESTP Personality Breakdown:

Drax also referred to as Drax the Destroyer is a Guardians of the Galaxy member. He is an angry man whose family was murdered by Ronan, the Accuser. His hatred consumes him and compels him to disregard all logic to face insurmountable challenges. 

Drax is a fighter at heart and is constantly eager to demonstrate his enormous might. He has frequently been the target of jokes among the guardians because he is a literal person who cannot understand metaphors.

Drax has an extensive understanding of battle tactics despite his lack of intelligence. He has no concept of social boundaries and constantly offends people without even thinking about it. Since becoming a guardian, he has discovered his lost family in them and will do all it takes to keep them safe.

#12 Impulse 

#12 Impulse - ESTP Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
ESTP Personality Breakdown:

Barry Allen’s grandson from the future, Bart Allen, commonly known as Impulse, is a speedster. He is the epitome of an ESTP-type personality since, as his hero name suggests, he acts quickly and doesn’t wait to finish a thought. Because of his ADHD and people’s misconceptions of what it’s like, Bart can occasionally be legitimately offensive. 

As a developing, hormonal teenager, Bart occasionally acts like a real brat. He’s not as energetic as others make him out to be; he merely has super speed, and, like any other person, Bart gets excited about things he finds cool. 

However, he does like to zone off and daydream frequently. Although he has a loud mouth and won’t stop talking when faced with a difficult circumstance, Bart is a hilarious and likable man who always steps in to save others.

#11 Quicksilver 

#11 Quicksilver - ESTP Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ESTP Personality Breakdown:

Another speedster is on the list, and most share the same personality traits. Pietro isn’t only quick; his emotional stability is constantly precarious. Because of his incredible mutant abilities, he has become incredibly arrogant, short-tempered, and overconfident. In essence, he is a thrill-seeker and a show-off.

The people in his family, primarily his twin sister Wonda, popularly known as Scarlet Witch, are who he loves most, aside from anything else. Because of his eccentric attitude, Quicksilver frequently causes others to misinterpret his true intentions, which are to aid in the advancement of the mutant race.

#10 Comedian

#10 Comedian - ESTP Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
ESTP Personality Breakdown:

The Comedian, also known as Edward Blake, is a masked vigilante who was a founding member of the Minutemen. The Comedian is portrayed as a violent, morally reprehensible guy who loves his country. Despite this, he wears a costume covered in stars and stripes to show that he is a patriot, but he also makes fun of his nation’s heroes and corruption.

After witnessing the battlefield, Blake has concluded that nothing counts in the world; the only difference between him and Joker is that Blake is working for the American flag. Because fighting thugs won’t resolve the nation’s fundamental issues, such as starvation, corruption, and racism, his role is to poke fun at the superhero idea. From his perspective, everything is just a big joke.

#9 Rocket 

#9 Rocket - ESTP Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ESTP Personality Breakdown:

A genetically and technologically upgraded raccoon joined the Guardians of the Galaxy after working as a freelance mercenary. He is a flamboyant raccoon that enjoys the morning explosion smell. Due to his height and looks, Rocket has always been the target of jokes. As a result, he utilizes humor and sarcasm to deal with the embarrassment.

Rocket wants to take charge of the conversation and serve as the group’s leader since he refuses to accept that he is a lower life form. Rocket is quick to criticize others, but regardless of the circumstance, he constantly risks his life to protect his gang of misfits. 

#8 Green Arrow

#8 Green Arrow - ESTP Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
ESTP Personality Breakdown:

Oliver Queen, popularly known as The Green Arrow, first appeared in 1941. He is a vigilante who fights crime on the streets with a bow and arrow while upholding liberal social ideals. Queen’s personality was influenced by Robin Hood.

Oliver was a rich, spoilt brat whose daily routine was clubbing and dating every other lady in Star City. After spending time on the island, he developed empathy and understood his obligations to his city’s residents.

The Green Arrow has always been a thrill seeker in his life. He is not the type to sit around and wait for the appropriate circumstances. Instead, he is excellent at thinking quickly on his feet and confronting problems head-on without pause. 

#7 Human Torch

#7 Human Torch - ESTP Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ESTP Personality Breakdown: 

Johnny Storm, also known as Human Torch, is Susan Storm’s younger brother and a member of the Fantastic Four. He makes snap decisions and dives in headfirst to any circumstance. Like his talent, Johnny is a hothead who also embodies the Fantastic Four’s spirit of exploration. He is fundamentally an ESTP personality who always seeks to be the center of attention and will make showy gestures to do so.

Although Johnny has excellent mental control over his ability, he occasionally loses control when someone tries to harm a family member. Johnny leads a spotlight-hogging lifestyle, courting and making fun of Ben Grimes on television, among other things.

#6 Kid Flash

#6 Kid Flash - ESTP Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
ESTP Personality Breakdown:

Wally West, alias Kid Flash, is now the fastest speedster in all comics. He served as the former president of the Flash Fan Club, gained his abilities from typical mysterious illumination, and joined Barry Allen’s team. Wally enjoys the fame and attention that come with his name, unlike his sensei, who is socially awkward and avoids it.

But it wasn’t a smooth adjustment. Years of struggling with Barry’s superiority complex forced Wally to strike a balance between his ambition to be his own man and his concern about overshadowing Barry’s heritage. Unlike his mentor, Wally’s powers strongly connect with his emotions rather than his mind.

Nevertheless, he learns about his own speed force after overpowering the Reverse Flash. As his confidence grows, Wally surpasses his master to become the Flash, who is moving the fastest.

#5 Hawkeye

#5 Hawkeye - ESTP Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ESTP Personality Breakdown:

Clinton Barton, aka Hawkeye, is a former circus performer turned criminal who is now a hero and a member of the Avengers. Clint is the team’s most dependable member and is consistently present throughout trying times.

Even though he is human, he has displayed incredible bravery in the face of formidable foes like Thanos and Dr. Doom.

Clint is a skilled spy with a wealth of tactical expertise to get him out of tricky circumstances. He is also a humorous individual who will make jokes even in the face of certain death. When it comes to his close friends and family, Clint is incredibly sentimental and will go to any lengths to protect them.

#4 Havok

#4 Havok - ESTP Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ESTP Personality Breakdown: 

Havoc, also known as Alexander Summers, is an omega-level mutant and one of the original X-Men. In contrast to his younger brother Scott, Alex is a good communicator. When angry, he broods over people and expresses his emotions honestly. He is also a proud individual who works tirelessly to accomplish his objective.

As a passionate individual with a strong sense of justice, Alex will become agitated and take any necessary action to put things right. Alex makes decisions based more on the gut than reason, and once he makes up his mind to do anything, it can be pretty challenging to change his mind.

#3 Power Girl

#3 Power Girl - ESTP Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
ESTP Personality Breakdown:

Power Girl has the strong attitude of a survivor, as she survived her dead planet and later her reality. Karen, aka Power Girl, is the more adult and level-headed version of Supergirl from a different realm. She prefers to concentrate on things she can control rather than lingering on her past or her sorrows. Because of this, Power Girl has one of the roughest personalities. She has a short fuse, always speaks her mind, is grouchy, and won’t accept defeat.  

Contrary to what some may think, Karen has a pretty dark sense of humor and has even been known to make jokes when engaged in combat. No matter how powerful her adversary is, Power Girl never backs down from a fight because she has a warrior’s pride.

#2 Thor 

#2 Thor - ESTP Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ESTP Personality Breakdown:  

Thor Odinson, The God of Thunder, is a member of the Asgardians, an ancient race of gods. All the epic tales of his forefathers made Thor short-sighted, and he sought combat to demonstrate his might and heroism. On top of that, he claimed he was the entitled ruler of Asgard. 

As an arrogant Viking deity who is constantly drunk on alcohol and power, Thor’s irresponsible actions made his father Odin exile him to Midgard, where he learned more about his obligations.

Thor has evolved into a brave warrior and a man of honor following his exile and eventual return. Now, before acting, he considers his options and tries to reach an agreement. He battles for the greater good rather than for fame. 

#1 Batman Beyond

#1 Batman Beyond - ESTP Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
ESTP Personality Breakdown:

Terry McGinnis is Batman’s successor on Earth-12. You may recognize him from the popular comic book and television series Batman Beyond. Terry has always had a rebellious temperament, owing to his background and domestic situation. He learned to be street smart to get out of sticky situations. 

Terry isn’t a genius but learned everything from the Dark Knight himself. He is also not a skilled detective, but he is intelligent and has strong instincts. Terry is fiercely protective of his mother and younger brother. McGinnis also has a snarky and cocky personality, which causes him to be irresponsible sometimes, like when he fights the Joker and his gang. Terry may not be the best Batman, but he is a fantastic superhero.  

Honorable Mentions

Although they weren’t included in the ranks, here are some ESTP Personas who deserve no less attention.

  • Yandu (Marvel comics)
  • Catwoman (DC Comics)
  • Venom (Marvel Comics)
  • Black Cat (Marvel Comics)
  • Electra (Marvel Comics)


How Rare Is ESTP?

Keep in mind that there are 16 personality types. Therefore the average type has a frequency of roughly 6.25%. When INFJ is present at only 1.5%, ESTP is not uncommon but below average. 

Are ESTPs Smart?

Yes. This is because ESTPs focus on what is in front of them, although they do have their own distinct intelligence and can be entirely book smart. ESTPs have problem-solving minds and enjoy solving various challenges.

Is ESTP a Good Personality?

ESTPs have a natural charisma that is difficult to ignore. They know how to captivate people, and practically everyone they meet is immediately pulled to them. ESTPs are outgoing and friendly people who enjoy being around other people.

Are ESTP Good Leaders?

Yes, Also not one of the more common leadership types, people who prefer ESTP make up almost 6% of leaders worldwide. As leaders, their preferences may help them focus on the practicality and reality of new ideas and point out inaccuracies and inconsistencies during decision-making.

What Are ESTPs Good At?

ESTPs have a magnetic personality that is difficult to resist. They have a natural ability to captivate people, and practically everyone they meet is pulled to them. ESTPs are people that are outgoing and enjoy being around other people. 

What MBTI is the Joker?

Joker is an ENTP personality type who prefers to be spontaneous and flexible rather than being prepared and organized. 

What Personality Type Is Jesus?

God has an INTJ personality type. He is an independent thinker with a keen sense of intuition. 

What MBTI Is Peter Parker?

Peter Parker, nicknamed Spiderman, is the epitome of an INTP. He is highly rational, objective, adaptable, and capable of thinking “beyond the box.”

What MBTI Is Tony Stark?

Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man, falls under the ENTP personality type, which stands for Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Prospecting. This type of attribute is for people with big visions. 

What Is Loki’s Personality Type?

Loki, the god of mischief and chaos, has an ESTP personality type; he is a compulsive liar who constantly wants to be the center of attention and will go to any length to achieve what he wants. 

What Is Thor’s Personality Type?

The God of Thunder has an ESTP-type personality.

Which Personality Type Is Batman?

Batman is an INTJ. INTJs are analytical problem-solvers, eager to improve systems and processes with their innovative ideas. They have a talent for seeing possibilities for improvement, whether at missions or by themselves. Often intellectual, INTJs enjoy logical reasoning and complex problem-solving

What Is Tony Stark’s Personality?

Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man, falls under the ENTP personality type, which stands for Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Prospecting. This type of attribute is for people with big visions.

Which Movie Characters Are ESTP?

Here are some of the most popular ESTP types of personalities in movies. 

  • Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver
  • Hannibal Lector from Silence of the Lambs
  • V from V from Vendetta 
  • Frodo Baggins from Lord of the Rings  

Awesome and lethal characters round out our list of 15 superheroes with ESTP personality qualities. Please do tell us which one was your favorite.

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