15 ESTJ Superheroes You Need To Know About

We’re all aware that while superheroes are created to help people, not all of them will have the same characteristics and personalities. Some may be charming, amusing, serious, brilliant, or evil.

Today, we’ll look at some of the personalities associated with the ESTJ trait. ESTJ, which means Extraverted (likes to spend time with people), Sensing (pays attention to the five senses), Thinking (weighs principles and facts heavily), and Judging (prefers a more structured lifestyle). It is one of the 16 personality types recognized by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.  

ESTJs are often described as logical, take-charge kinds of people. They are assertive and concerned with ensuring things run smoothly and according to the rules. ESTJs are also committed to traditions, standards, and laws. They have strong beliefs and possess sensible judgment. Regardless of their good and bad attributes, heroes will do what they always do best: look nice and rescue the day.

Here are the top 15 excellent superheroes who fit the ESTJ bill nicely.

#15 M’Baku

#15 M'Baku - ESTJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ESTJ Personality Breakdown: 

M’Baku is the Jabari Tribe’s harsh and rigorous chief with a strong sense of honor. He admires King T’Challa as Black Panther since he saved his life during the ceremonial combat. M’Baku has a sick sense of humor and may occasionally crack a joke when thrashing the adversary or facing death.

Despite his brutishness and quick temper, M’Baku is a reasonable guy who listens to arguments, even if they come from the opponent. M’Baku has a warrior attitude. He is devoted to his people and their traditions and even respects his adversaries during battles. 

#14 Black Adam 

#14 Black Adam - ESTJ Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
ESTJ Personality Breakdown:

Teth Adam, called Black Adam, was an enslaved person from Kahndaq who inherited the abilities of Rock of Eternity through the Wizard Shazam 5,000 years ago. However, the Wizard imprisoned him for millennia after Adam exploited his abilities. He is a firm believer in justice and despises injustice; his approach to justice is merciless and direct, owing to his birth in a harsh environment.

Adam loves his nation and its people and feels true power can only protect them. To achieve power, he tried to assassinate Billy Batson, aka Shazam, several times just because he believes Billy is worthless. Adam, an ESTJ personality type, enjoys total control and discipline over his subordinates.

#13 Thomas Wayne

#13 Thomas Wayne - ESTJ Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
ESTJ Personality Breakdown:

Thomas Wayne is a much darker version of Batman from the Flashpoint Paradox. In this reality, Bruce dies, and Martha becomes a psychotic maniac. As a result, Thomas becomes a more ruthless and exasperated vigilante; his only purpose is to torch and annihilate criminals and bring his son back to life.

Thomas is not afraid to murder his adversaries. Despite his unyielding hatred for criminals, Thomas has the composure and judgment of a brilliant physician. He is also the best tactician in his universe, having organized his plots against Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Reverse Flash.

#12 Vox 

#12 Vox - ESTJ Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
ESTJ Personality Breakdown:

Malcolm “Mal” Duncan was a Teen Titans ally who eventually became a superhero. He began as the Guardian, then the Herald, and finally the Hornblower. After the Horn detonated in his face, he became Vox of the Doom Patrol.

Mal is one of the severe characters and is not the type of man you fool with. He is an outgoing individual who serves as a mediator within the team and provides strategic information to his team members. Mal is an effective leader who takes his job seriously.

He’s a devoted buddy who likes revisiting his memory alleys. Mal is a fantastic improviser who thinks on his feet and is constantly open to new and unique ideas. Despite his severe demeanor, Mal sincerely cares about people and will go to any lengths to defend them.

# 11 Kilowog

# 11 Kilowog - ESTJ Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
ESTJ Personality Breakdown:

Kilowog, a geneticist and one of his home planet’s brightest brains, was chosen by the masses to be the next Green Lantern of his sector. This Green Lantern is a Bolovaxian who is highly gregarious in nature; therefore, it was tough for him to fuel the sector while still being near his family. Nonetheless, he takes great satisfaction in his duty as a lantern and is one of the most honored members of the Lantern Corps.

Kilowog has a severe demeanor since he is also the drill sergeant of the Lantern Corps, and his home world blowing up has made his behavior more challenging. Because of his previous experiences, he never enters the battlefield with a plan. Kilowog sincerely cares for his kids, despite his tendency to shout at them and talk down to them.

#10 Lady Sif

#10 Lady Sif - ESTJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ESTJ Personality Breakdown:

Sif is one of Asgard’s fiercest fighters; she has a warrior’s mindset and is always one step ahead of the battle-hungry Viking gods. She is an independent lady. Despite periodic lash outs due to masculine domination in her society, her devotion to the throne is unwavering. Unlike many other Asgardians, Sif is a modest woman who does not see humans as inferior beings. Despite her feelings for Jane, Sif was willing to assist Thor in his endeavor to save Jane, demonstrating a high level of selflessness and honor.

Lady Sif’s personality type is ESTJ, which implies she takes her responsibilities seriously. She is not a very flexible god, and she is not comfortable altering her opinion about anything. She is devoted to her friends and attends to their needs.

#9 Cable

#9 Cable - ESTJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ESTJ Personality Breakdown:

Nathan Summers, also known as Cable, is a time traveler and the child of Jean Grey clone Madelyne Pryor and Scott Summers. Cable experienced a difficult upbringing in a human and mutant planet torn apart by war. 

Despite being aware of the catastrophic ripple effects that time travel may have on the planet, he has always been ruthless and practical in attaining his goals. He chose to travel because he is obstinate and would stop at nothing to protect his loved ones, especially his daughter. One of the most intelligent leaders, Cable plans every reasonable conclusion for his war against opponents that are far stronger than him.

#8 Martian Manhunter

#8 Martian Manhunter - ESTJ Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
ESTJ Personality Breakdown:

J’onn J’onzz, also known as Martian Manhunter, was accidentally transferred from Mars to Earth, where he rose to fame as one of the planet’s greatest superheroes. J’onn was chilly and outwardly behaved like every one of his species since he was unfamiliar with human psychology. Although he frequently serves as the league’s voice of reason, everyone, even Batman, respects him as one of the league’s smartest members.

Despite being robotic, one of the kindest and most true superheroes in the world is Manhunter. He has a firm resolve and maintains his composure even after losing his whole race. The foundation of the entire group is J’onn. He is calm, and his sense of teamwork assisted the team in reaching a life-or-death choice. He can read minds, but much like with his skill, analogies occasionally trip him up.

#7 Medusa

#7 Medusa - ESTJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ESTJ Personality Breakdown:

The Inhumans queen and Black Bolt’s wife, Medusalith Amalequin, is the epitome of an ESTJ personality because of her stunning red, prehensile hair and strong character in the face of hardship. She is renowned for having a strong sense of responsibility because she was raised with the idea that she should live and die for the Attilan Empire.

She has a hard time figuring out who she is since, despite being known for having a lovely face, Medusa is actually her husband’s wise and trustworthy counsel. Medusa, who is incredibly strong and resourceful, is not hesitant to defy the system when the circumstances call for it. She is a fearless commander who has led several wars. She is a brilliant tactician, and her combat prowess is nothing to joke at.

#6 Orion 

#6 Orion - ESTJ Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
ESTJ Personality Breakdown:

Orion is the biological son of Darkseid, the murderer of the old gods, and the adoptive son of Highfather Izaya. Orion and Scott Free were swapped as infants to keep the peace between New Genesis and Apokolips. Born into a harsh environment, Orion had a lot of anger and rage. Highfather raised him to be calm and composed, and most of his youth was devoted to this task. His friend Lightray and wife Bekka also assisted him in finding his path. After years of hard work and dedication, Orion became one of the most powerful warriors in the universe, earning the moniker “The Dog of War” for his strategies and fighting style.

Orian is a defender of liberty and the rule of law, but underneath his heroic deeds is a cruel side that he continually battles. Despite being a devoted soldier of Genesis and a real hero, he hides his face in shame by wearing The Mother Box and even wears a helmet out of concern that his true nature would become known.

#5 John Stewart 

#5 John Stewart - ESTJ Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
ESTJ Personality Breakdown:

John is the third Earth Green Lantern and a member of the Intergalactic Police’s Lantern Corps. As a former soldier with a strong sense of duty, he takes his role as the Justice League’s Green Lantern and protector of the Earth seriously. John will always be a military man at heart and demands discipline from his team members. As a result, John has disagreements with many league members who use their fists before their brains, such as Flash and Booster Gold.

John possesses an unwavering feeling of responsibility comparable to a genuine superhero. John appreciates the proverb, “Great power comes with great responsibility.” John thinks that those who have been given enormous authority, including himself, must be held accountable for their deeds.

#4 Magneto 

#4 Magneto - ESTJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ESTJ Personality Breakdown:

One of the most powerful omega-level mutants and one of the original members of the X-Men is Eric Leshner, better known as Magneto. Eric grew up in a war-torn nation and witnessed the murder of his parents in front of him; this experience left him with one of the most traumatic childhoods. 

Despite this, he is one of the most intelligent leaders in the mutant community and will go to any lengths to protect, such as eradicating the completion. As an extremist, his methods are always rational while cruel at the same time; rather than curing the disease, he exterminates it. Eric loves his family despite his tough exterior and would stop at nothing to keep them safe.                     

#3 Odin

#3 Odin - ESTJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ESTJ Personality Breakdown:

One of the most powerful characters in the Marvel pantheon, Odin, is the monarch of Asgard. He is also one of the world’s most intelligent, wise, and loyal figures. Odin has battled numerous battles throughout the ages, giving him an unbreakable character that has served him well in various circumstances. 

The Asgardian is all-knowing and all-seeing; his eyes can see all of the cosmos and can even peer into another person’s soul. Odin is the god of gods, and because of his extremely high standards, nobody else can live up to them. While having a hard exterior, Odin has a special way of expressing to his family that he cares for them and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep them safe.

#2 Jay Garrick

#2 Jay Garrick - ESTJ Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
ESTJ Personality Breakdown:

The first Flash featured during the Silver Age was Jay Garrick. Jay was always a rogue and a jokester, but as he got older, hard-core villains forced him to cease his career as a vigilante and become wiser and more serious. He laid his cap down after his experience and started mentoring up-and-coming heroes.

When Jay initially acquired his talents, he always felt a feeling of duty. Jay is also a scientist who utilizes his extensive knowledge to assist humankind in difficult situations. He is like the old-time hero who is extremely friendly and has excellent resolve. Even after experiencing several catastrophes over his career, Garrick still has a sense of humor and enjoys his heroic endeavors. Jay frequently collaborates with the current Flash and plays a crucial position in the new JSA, offering advice, support, and encouragement.

#1 Peacemaker

#1 Peacemaker - ESTJ Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
ESTJ Personality Breakdown:

Christopher “Chris” Smith, also known by his vigilante alias Peacemaker, is a member of Taskforce X, popularly known as the Suicide Squad. He firmly believes that peace should be attained at all costs, regardless of the lives of men, women, and children that must be given up in the process. A peacemaker is one of the most hypocritical individuals in the name of finally maintaining peace. He may create a world or even wipe out all human beings from the face of the globe. In essence, he conflates injustice and peace.

Smith is a member of Taskforce X, better known as the Suicide Squad. He also goes by the vigilante identity Peacemaker. He believes peace must be achieved at any cost, regardless of the sacrifices. The most hypocritical people are those who establish peace in the name of finally keeping it. He effectively combines injustice with peace.

Honorable Mentions

Although they weren’t included in the ranks, here are some ESTJ personas who deserve no less attention

Carter Hall (DC comics)

Black Canary (DC comics)

Thunderbird (Marvel comics)

Madame Web (Marvel comics)

US Agent (Marvel comics)


What Disney Character Is ESTJ?

Tiana from the Princess and the Frog is unmistakably an ISFP because she takes charge and ensures things run smoothly and according to the rules.

How rare is the ESTJ personality type?

The second most prevalent type among men and the fifth most prevalent kind overall is ESTJ. 9% of the overall population are ESTJs.

Who should ESTJ marry?

Although two fully formed people of any type can have a happy relationship, the ISTP or the INTP is the ESTJ’s ideal spouse. The dominant function of Introverted Thinking is best suited to the Extraverted Thinking of an ESTJ.

Which Marvel Character Is ESTJ?

Lady Sif’s personality type is ESTJ, which implies she takes her responsibilities seriously. She is not a very flexible god, and she is not comfortable altering her opinion about anything. She is devoted to her friends and attends to their needs.

Do ESTJ and INFPs Get Along?

ESTJs give attention to detail and goal-oriented planning, while INFPs bring creative solutions and empathic reasoning to the workplace. When making decisions, ESTJs can benefit from the perspective of INFPs, and INFPs can benefit from ESTJs’ ability to follow through on personal or professional goals.

With the above Fantastic and lethal characters, we round out our list of 15 superheroes with ESTJ personality qualities.

So, Who’s your favorite one on this list? We’d love to hear from you!

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