15 ENTJ Superheroes You Need To Know About

Some of the most iconic superheroes that we know and love are leaders. Ever wondered what the psyche behind that is like?

We look up to heroes. We use them as a source of inspiration and see them as role models who influence the way we live our own lives. The closest thing in real life to superheroes is a leader. Someone with the natural gifts to stand at the ship’s helm and steer in the right direction, no matter the hardships that may come. A myriad of superheroes are known for this exactly, the kind that can give you goosebumps with their thunderous speeches and upbeat attitude. If they possess traits like these, then they are probably of an ENTJ personality.

The ENTJ personality in the Myers-Briggs test is someone extroverted, decisive, and proactive. They are usually the first to run into battle and possess the kind of personality that makes you want to follow them. The charisma that this personality type brings to the table is hard to ignore, and without their enthusiasm, most superhero teams wouldn’t even stay together. 

Let’s take a look at some of the superheroes who are of the ENTJ personality type.

#15 Namor

#15 Namor - ENTJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ENTJ Personality Breakdown:

We kick this list off with Marvel’s King of the Seas. Being the ruler of the nation is no easy task. Your subjects are constantly looking to you for guidance, and every little action you do is watched with much scrutiny. However, Namor is no stranger to any of this. Namor, the pink-skinned half-human Atlantean, became the Prince of Atlantis and later their King. This great responsibility was bestowed on Namor at a very young age, and with time, he became a ruler that worked harder and relentlessly for his people.

Sure, Reed Richards is probably not a fan for obvious reasons. Still, there is no denying that Namor has always acted in the best interest of his people, and no matter what adversity came, he was always ready to charge into battle. His enthusiasm and courage made him one of the best warriors and leaders of the nation of Atlantis. 

#14 Batman

#14 Batman - ENTJ Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
ENTJ Personality Breakdown:

Bruce Wayne’s mind and training allow him to be prepared for anything. Batman is another character who falls under the ENTJ personality type. Though he claims only to work alone, his actions tell a different story. He went on to form the Gotham Knights and led them through successful missions. 

As one of the founding members of the Justice League, Batman has demonstrated that he can lead the team well. However, his methods are unconventional, and he would instead force people to fall in line rather than inspire them. The way he sees it, the job just needs to get done. Another trait of ENTJs is their distant and cold demeanor. Batman is no stranger to this. 

One can see Batman’s ENTJ traits during the events of Batman Dark Knight.

#13 Black Bolt

#13 Black Bolt - ENTJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ENTJ Personality Breakdown:

Black Bolt might stand out as the odd one in this group. Most leaders rely on their ability to win people over with their words and the pictures they paint with them. For obvious reasons, Black Bolt doesn’t have that luxury. 

The King of the Inhumans relies on actions instead of words. Black Bolt is never seen as lacking in confidence and is always the first one through the door. A silent listener, he takes in the advice of everyone before making any moves. This is an essential trait for a good leader, listening. A great leader listens to all his aides and makes decisions that keep everyone in mind. After taking over the mantle at a very young age, Black Bolt has always been confident in his actions and quickly had the confidence of all his subjects.

#12 Mr. Fantastic

#12 Mr. Fantastic - ENTJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ENTJ Personality Breakdown:

Reed Richards possesses the most remarkable mind on the planet. It probably works in ways that are incomprehensible to most people. Hence, it should not be surprising that he probably has many personality traits. He was chosen as the leader of the Fantastic Four, not simply because he was the oldest. His ability to think on his feet and exceptional strategies made him the logical choice. 

Reed Richards has led the Fantastic 4 for decades with great success and has been instrumental in fending off catastrophic threats. Another trait of ENTJ is that they tend to be a little cold and closed, which Mr. Fantastic is guilty of. 

Regardless of his shortcomings, Mr. Fantastic has done a great job of keeping the team together through thick and thin. He has their trust and confidence, which is the most important thing a leader needs from his teammates.

#11 Nightwing

#11 Nightwing - ENTJ Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
ENTJ Personality Breakdown:

Batman once told Dick Grayson that he wouldn’t just be a member of the Justice League but that he would lead it one day. It wouldn’t be wise to take Batman’s words lightly. 

Nightwing has always been among the most likable characters in the DC universe. The former robin has a certain charm that the ladies love, making the guys look up to him. This quality comes in handy; however, what makes Dick Grayson an effective leader is his unrelenting concern for the people around him. As the Titan’s leader, Dick has always tried to lead by example and constantly strives to ensure that all his teammates are safe. He never shies away from a fight and is a master strategist. Both are traits that any good leader would have.

If the time ever comes, he might be a better Batman than Bruce himself.

#10 Cyclops

#10 Cyclops - ENTJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ENTJ Personality Breakdown:

Putting aside the rollercoaster ride that Cyclops has gone through as a superhero, He has been the on-field leader of the X-Men numerous times. Cyclops has displayed exceptional abilities to think on his feet, strategize or adapt to changing situations and see what no one else is seeing on the battlefield. In all fairness, he does have powerful eyes (bad joke?).

Cyclops has demonstrated much zeal and has earned the trust and confidence of Professor X. He has faltered many times. Still, an essential quality that leaders should have is the ability to bounce back from adversity. He has risen from the ashes every single time. He is like a phoenix. (too soon?)

#9 Iron Man 

#9 Iron Man - ENTJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ENTJ Personality Breakdown:

Tony Stark would not be the first choice to lead a team. He liked the spotlight and cared only for himself. That is not what you want in a leader. Most don’t see that Tony is unafraid of change and welcomes growth. He does not shy away from change and though defensive at first, is not afraid to admit mistakes. 

This is an essential quality in a leader and one that Ironman has displayed numerous times. Iron man has effectively led the Avengers multiple times and has even gone to the extent of sacrificing himself for the good of everyone around him. A good leader must be able to put everyone else before him. 

#8 Donna Troy

#8 Donna Troy - ENTJ Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
ENTJ Personality Breakdown:

Donna Troy, or Wonder Girl, is introduced as a sidekick to Wonder Woman and becomes a core member of the Teen Titans. Donna Troy has been a victim of one too many retcons, and there are many different origin stories of the character to keep track of. Without delving into those, the traits of the character remain the same across the board. Donna Troy is a compassionate yet powerful hero who could give the DC universe’s heavy hitters a run for their money. This is no surprise since she spent a reasonable amount of time training and learning with Wonder Woman. 

Much of Dianna’s morals and ideals can be seen reflected in Donna Troy. Donna is viewed as the heart of the Titans, helping her friends whenever they need her. She has led the Teen Titans on many occasions, even though she has no interest in holding that position. Her only concern is the safety of her teammates.

#7 Aquaman

#7 Aquaman - ENTJ Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
ENTJ Personality Breakdown:

Like the other royalty on this list, Aquaman has displayed outstanding leadership skills and has effectively led the people of Atlantis to better days. The half-Atlantean, half-human King did not grow up watching other kings and queens rule and spent his childhood and adolescence in the human world. When he was shown his true heritage and given the responsibility of ruling Atlantis, Aquaman quickly filled his royal shoes.

Aquaman naturally possessed the right temperament to rule Atlantis and managed to rally the support of most of the nation’s inhabitants. The Atlantean King has always been one to lead by example and has always been on the frontlines, unlike other traditional kings. This has allowed Aquaman to garner the confidence of his subjects quickly. He does all this while protecting the world from alien threats that could wipe out the universe. One would imagine that all this weight would tire him, but he never seems to. 

#6 John Stewart

#6 John Stewart - ENTJ Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
ENTJ Personality Breakdown:

John Stewart was first introduced as a replacement Green Lantern and was among the first superheroes of color to be introduced. John turned out to be a force of nature with his no-nonsense attitude and quickly made his way to become a favorite among the Green Lanterns. 

John Stewart has proved his excellent leadership skills on many occasions and has done an exceptional job of patrolling/sharing the same space sector as Hal Jordan. He even had a successful stint as the leader of the Darkstars. Even Hal Jordan has been vocal about what an outstanding hero John is.

#5 Black Panther

#5 Black Panther - ENTJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ENTJ Personality Breakdown:

Wakanda is probably the most powerful nation on the planet. To be the King of such a nation is no walk in the park. T’Challa has repeatedly proved that he deserves to be seated on that throne, and his ruling style has almost all his people united behind their King. In terms of resources, there is nothing that he does not have access to. However, only a good leader knows how to put it to good use, and a great leader knows how to lead his people while doing a hundred things at once. 

T’Challa has successfully applied his genius intellect and exceptional leadership skills. This superhero is even more impressive because he constantly shows up to help his fellow Avengers, defending his nation and the entire world from danger. 

#4 Professor X

#4 Professor X - ENTJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ENTJ Personality Breakdown:

Professor Charles Xavier has been the leader of the X-Men for most of its existence. He did not take on the position simply because he wanted to be able to influence a bunch of super-powered teenagers. Xavier’s most outstanding trait is his compassion for others, both mutant kind, and human. He is someone who always believed that the two could live in harmony and did everything in his power to make it happen. The School for Gifted Children resulted from his compassion and wanting to care for his kind. 

Here, Professor X used his resources to find mutant children who were alienated, take them in, foster them and then teach them how to use their powers for good. This resulted in a team of young individuals who are some of the greatest heroes the world has ever seen.

#3 Wonder Woman

#3 Wonder Woman - ENTJ Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
ENTJ Personality Breakdown:

Among the original three members of the Justice League, Wonder Woman is usually viewed as the heart. Her ideologies make her one of the best examples of a wholesome hero, and no one would think twice about backing her up. The unrelenting hopeful will never give up on her teammates and will fight to the end for what she believes in. 

Arguably one of the strongest beings in the DC universe, Wonder Woman could take over the world if she wanted to. Even Superman would struggle to bring her down. Wonder Woman, however, chose the path of kindness and compassion long ago. No matter the situation, she never backs down from a fight and always puts her teammates first. This is what makes her the ideal leader of the Justice League as well. The Amazonian princess constantly reaches out to other members of the League who are distressed and goes out of her way to help them. If that isn’t good leadership, then what is?

Wonder Woman has proven time and time again that she would be the most influential leader among the big three, and she doesn’t even really want it. 

#2 Captain Marvel

#2 Captain Marvel - ENTJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ENTJ Personality Breakdown:

Captain Marvel is arguably one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe. She has the strength to take on Thor and Hulk at the same time while barely breaking a sweat. The character was written to be a robust role model for women everywhere, which shows.

Carol Danvers is portrayed as an ideological powerhouse that sticks to what is right no matter the circumstances. Captain Marvel is a good leader because she has never shied away from battle or failure. Even before becoming a superhero, Carol Danvers faced much ridicule and hardship in the Air Force as she was among the first women to join the force. During this time, Danvers failed many times and understood that no one could be defined by their failures. 

Captain Marvel has gone on to lead the Avengers on numerous occasions very successfully. 

#1 Captain America

#1 Captain America - ENTJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ENTJ Personality Breakdown:

At the top of this list sits none other than Captain America. If attributed to one word, the ENTJ personality type would be ‘leader,’ and no one has ever done it better than the First Avenger.

The most important quality any leader should have is the ability to rally the troops and be their source of hope even when the odds are high. Captain America has proved to be unrivaled in that department. Some of his speeches about justice and doing the right thing are powerful enough to make even the laziest among take up arms and follow him into war. Moreover, Cap does not just talk; he walks the walk. He has led the Avengers countless times and is still their most influential leader. His bravery and courage have inspired numerous young heroes and had a lasting effect on comic book fans.

Honorable Mentions

  • Damien Wayne (DC comics)
  • Mera (DC comics)
  • Queen Hippolyta (DC comics)
  • Storm (Marvel comics)
  • Injustice Superman (DC comics)

This brings us to the end of our list of super-leaders. They are always there for their team. What personality type is your favorite?


Is Batman an ENTJ?

Yes, Batman has ENTJ personality traits. He can adapt to any situation and is an effective leader if needed. He has successfully led the Batfamily and the Justice League on many occasions.

What Disney characters are ENTJ?

Buzz Lightyear and Nala are examples of Disney Characters that possess ENTJ personality traits. They are both natural leaders and have no problem taking the lead. They are effective in rallying the troops.

Is Dr. Strange an ENTJ?

No, Dr. Strange is not ENTJ type. He possesses more of the INTJ personality type. Strange is more creative, loves his space, keeps to himself, and is far from the leader type.

Is ENTJ a rare personality?

Yes, ENTJs are very rare. This personality trait is attributed to those who are good leaders by default. These are the kind of people who, if you put in a room full of people, will gain the trust and confidence of the room in a short period.

So, Who’s your favorite one on this list? We’d love to hear from you!

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