Does Naruto Die In Boruto (5 Mind-Bending Fan Theories)

My dear weebs, averagebeing is back with another blog. Believe me, this will be a fun one because we are here with a theory topic today. You are all familiar with the Boruto Series, right? It is a sequel to one of the best anime of all time.

Naruto has a great storyline and many unforgettable characters. There is no possible way that anyone would ever hate the series. So, We thought why not give you some exceptional fan theories about how the Naruto Uzumaki dies in Boruto or what Naruto’s fate would be like.

We’ll be giving you the five most accurate and reliable fan theories, and you’re going to love them. So, without wasting any time, let’s get into our topic.

Does Naruto Die In Boruto?

Does Naruto Die In Boruto?

Well, Naruto is still alive, at least for now. There are 246 episodes and 70 manga chapters, and Boruto is still airing. Naruto is safe and sound in the show, but we’ve already seen many things that indicate that Naruto will die in the Boruto series. For example, In manga chapter 55 and anime episode 219, Kurama died and is no longer a part of the series.

In this arc, we’ve already seen how much Naruto suffered while fighting Isshiki Otsutsuki. Fans believe that Kurama’s death has already affected Naruto in terms of power.

We have yet to see what will happen in the series next, but the latest chapters are making everyone crazy because there are new plot twists, and Naruto is falling apart after each turn.

It’s just a matter of time. Naruto might die soon, or maybe he might not.

Who Kills Naruto In Boruto Series?

Who Kills Naruto In Boruto Series?

There are three people who can kill Naruto even though it’s just a fan-made answer. We can expect Sasuke, Boruto, and Kawaki to kill Naruto. It could be any one of them.

Look, I’m not saying we have a precise reason for it. Let’s start with Kawaki. Back to manga chapter 1, Kawaki says he’ll send Boruto where he sent Lord 7th, so what does that mean?

The Hidden Leaf was destroyed, It was just Boruto and Kawaki fighting on Naruto’s stone face but we can also expect that Kawaki might not have killed him.

Instead, he sealed Naruto in a different dimension. Ok, this makes sense, right?

But why will Sasuke ever kill Naruto?

If you remember, Sasuke once said he’d kill Boruto if necessary, but Naruto won’t let that happen as he has already said no matter what, he will protect his son at all costs.

Maybe we can expect a final fight between Naruto and Sasuke for obvious reasons where Naruto loses and dies. This is not so accurate, but this can happen because they are men who stick to their words.

One will protect his son at all costs while the other will do anything to protect the ninja world. So, now why will Boruto kill Naruto?

Look, it’s not Boruto anymore. It’s Borushiki. As of new manga chapters, Boruto is no longer a human. He goes rampage more often, and his Karma Seal has become more evident.

Maybe Momoshiki takes over his body and kills Naruto. We’ve already seen Borushiki destroying Sasuke’s Rinnegan. So, these are the three people who can kill Naruto. It might not make so much sense, but they do when you think rationally about it.

What Is Naruto’s Fate In Boruto?

What Is Naruto's Fate In Boruto?

Naruto might die, he might not, but one thing is for sure he will suffer more than anyone else. We had already seen how things were affecting him when Kurama died. Everyone was heartbroken, and we all saw how Naruto broke down into pieces. Even now, he knows there is no end to this pain.

Even if Naruto survives till the end, his suffering won’t end anytime soon. His fate in Boruto is to suffer. There is no doubt about it. But keeping everything aside, we can expect that Naruto won’t die till the end of the series.

After all, he is the Hokage, and most of the fans are just watching Boruto because of the old generation.

If you remember, Masashi Kishimoto took over the series. One of the reasons behind that was that he knew that another author might write Naruto’s death which would be a total disaster for the whole franchise. His death is a big deal in the anime world, so we can expect that he’ll have natural death and live a long life.

I assure you when the day comes, The entire anime community will be taken over.

Is Naruto’s Death Necessary?

Is Naruto's Death Necessary?

Killing Naruto would be foolish because the whole Boruto series is running on his shoulders. If he gets killed, most fans would just stop watching the show. But from the plot point of view, his death is “Necessary.” Naruto’s death will be why Kawaki and Boruto’s characters develop.

Besides, after his death, the whole fandom will focus on his son Boruto as for now, people like to see Naruto more.

Other than this, it depends on the author Masashi Kishimoto. It is totally up to him and the creator had full freedom of what he is going to do. But if it wasn’t convincing enough, Naruto’s death will make everyone hate the current Boruto series.

Naruto is like a child who grew up in front of us, and his death will tear down the whole anime world.

You can see many discussions all over the internet that the entire Boruto series is nothing without Naruto, and once he is dead, hate will start spreading even more than it is now.

The series is already getting a lot of hatred because most powerful characters are already nerfed, including Sasuke, Lee, and Konohamaru. Once Naruto is dead, the show will lose a vast audience.

Here are the five best fan theories on what Naruto’s fate could look like at the end of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

#1 Theory

#1 Theory

The first fan theory that makes the most sense is that Naruto will not die till the end of the show. Instead, It will be Boruto who leaves his soul.

If we go back to the first episode, we can clearly see that Kawaki said he sent Naruto somewhere. What if he sealed him in a different dimension so he doesn’t interfere in Kawaki’s fight with the new evil Boruto or a weakened Naruto might be sealed so he can be safe, away from the battlefield?

This does make a lot of sense. Besides, Boruto is the real antagonist of the series, and he’ll be the one whose going to destroy the Ninja World. To be precise, It’ll be Borushiki.

Momoshiki, as we all know, can take over Boruto’s body, with which he can do as he pleases. What if Boruto understands this and makes Kawaki kill him?

This can surely happen, and the new manga chapters are making clear that Boruto is dangerous for everyone. But yeah, his death will affect Naruto the most, which we are not ready to see yet.

Fans were happy because, in the end, Naruto got everything he deserved. He never had a family. He made his dream come true, he even became the hero of the ninja world, but again, he had to suffer. This is something no one wants to see.

#2 Theory

#2 Theory

This theory is quite messed up, but it is a genuine one. We all know about the Otsutsuki Clan, but Kawaki and Boruto don’t know everything about them.

As of chapters 66-68, It is revealed that Boruto is now a 100% Otsutsuki and he’ll be sacrificed. What if Kawaki gets to know about the real power of Otsutsuki, and he tries to get it for his benefit?

Kawaki sees Naruto as a father figure, but what if he kills him when he gains the real power of Otsutsuki?

We know that Momoshiki can gain control over Boruto because he is the vessel, but just like him, Kawaki is also the vessel of Isshiki. Even though Isshiki is dead, the Karma seal has not disappeared, which means he is still the vessel, and now he is an Otsutsuki.

In the final fight, Boruto is fighting Kawaki so he can protect the ninja world and take revenge for his father’s demise. But right now, this doesn’t make any sense.

Why would Kawaki ever kill Naruto, right? Well, He may become an Otsutsuki and lose control but yeah, it’s just a theory so that anything can happen.

#3 Theory

#3 Theory

This theory is quite similar to the second one. We all know that Naruto and Sasuke fought Jigen and Isshiki Otsutsuki, and we’ve seen that both the Otsutsuki quickly overpowered our heroes.

As for Kawaki, he is the vessel of Isshiki, which ultimately makes him the owner of all the powers that Isshiki had.

As a vessel, he is already 80% Otsutsuki. So what if Naruto and Sasuke both fought Kawaki?

The theory is that Kawaki overpowered both of them, Sasuke lost his life in the battle, and Naruto somehow escaped, but Kawaki thought he was dead. If you remember, In the first episode, Boruto had Sasuke’s black cloak, and he also had his sword.

So how did Boruto get Sasuke’s cloak?

Firstly, These have a student and teacher relationship so Sasuke might’ve lost his life, and Boruto inherited his will to save the ninja world.

Meanwhile, Naruto is safe somewhere where no one can reach him as he might be in the sage world, or just recovering from the battle and will arrive during the final fight between Boruto and Kawaki.

#4 Theory

#4 Theory

This fan theory makes the slightest sense, but many fans believe that Sasuke will be the one who will defeat Naruto.

I know you are thinking the same as me. Why does Sasuke ever hurt his friend?

As I’ve explained earlier, Sasuke is a man of his word, and he knows how much of a danger Boruto is to the ninja world.

On the other hand, Naruto is ready to fight the whole world to protect his son. So many people believe that Sasuke will try to kill Boruto while Naruto tries to defend him, and that’ll lead to a battle between the two legends, and both of them have fair reason to fight.

One is to safeguard the future of the ninja world, but the other is thinking about his precious son.

Even though this doesn’t make sense if Sasuke is the one who killed Naruto, then why would Kawaki ever say those words?

Many fans still believe a fight will break down between both of them over Boruto and that fight would be deadly.

#5 Theory

#5 Theory

It’s not a theory, and it’s more like a discussion. Will Boruto kill his father, Naruto?

Well, let me tell you, this will never happen, but according to one of the fan theories, this is on the cards.

As said earlier, Boruto is the vessel of Momoshiki Otsutsuki, and he can take over Boruto’s body.

We’ve also seen how Borushiki destroyed Sasuke’s Rinnegan and was about to kill him, but somehow Boruto gained control over his body. So, We can surely expect a fight between Borushiki and Naruto, which might happen after the time skip.

If they both face off, there is a chance that Borushiki might overpower Naruto because he doesn’t have Kurama anymore.

But again, he is the Jinchuriki or God Father of all the tailed beasts so that he might overcome Boruto.

Anything can happen, but this theory can be misleading because if this fight ever happens, there is no chance that Naruto will die. And another reason this could never happen is that if this happen at the start, The plot would be ineffective.

Why does Kawaki ever claim that he has done something to Naruto while Boruto has already killed him? It’s just a fan theory, and it’s pretty much a topic of discussion, so yeah, it counts.

What do you think of these fan theories on Naruto’s fate, Will Naruto get killed in Boruto?

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