What Episode Does Itachi Die & How? Everything You Need To Know

Itachi Uchiha was a powerful ninja who hailed from the infamous Uchiha clan of the Hidden Leaf Village. Itachi dedicated his life to protecting the village and its people, even if it meant sacrificing himself.

He orchestrated an elaborate plan to protect Konoha from being consumed by darkness, which involved massacring every single clan member and sealing away their powerful Sharingan eyes.

With his coup complete and illness from overuse of his Mangekyou Sharingan taking a toll on him, Itachi chose to use what little time he had left to pursue redemption for those he had wronged so that more chaos would not arise in the future. His selfless sacrifice set a standard for courage and loyalty rarely seen in any shinobi, cementing Itachi’s legacy as one of the most revered Leaf Village heroes.

Now, do you actually know how and why Itachi Uchiha, the child prodigy died in Naruto? Let’s clear things up!

How Did Itachi Die?

After years of pursuit, Sasuke Uchiha eventually located his elder brother Itachi to exact revenge for his family’s murder. During their battle, Sasuke employed the chakra-draining ability he had obtained by using Orochimaru’s cursed seal to use jealousy to overpower and defeat Itachi.

With both men at their wit’s end and Sasuke on the verge of death, Itachi chose to sacrifice himself, and not just this; he even removed the cursed mark placed on Sasuke by Orochimaru.

The battle between these two brothers was outstanding, and it amazed everyone. Everything related to their fight was considered a masterpiece and a work of perfection. The struggle between these two ended with Itachi losing his life and poking Sasuke’s head one last time.

How Old Was Itachi When He Died?

Itachi Uchiha was 21 years old when he died in the manga series Naruto. Despite his young age, Itachi was a powerful ninja and an exceptional clan leader. He inherited the Sharingan at the age of 8, became a Chunin at 10, and a Jonnin at 13.

By age 15, he had mastered all five elements. At 13, Itachi became ANBU captain and developed his own Mangekyou Sharingan, ensuring his ultimate power. During these years, Itachi also revolutionized the world’s Shinobi system by changing how Ninja villages were run.

Finally, after protecting the village and his little brother Sasuke from the shadows, Itachi Uchiha died at the age of 21.

What Did Itachi Say To Sasuke Before He Died?

The first time when Itachi died during the battle with Sauske, his last words to him were, “Sorry, Sasuke.” These words were said by Itachi while having a smile on his face, and this showed that his long-lasting suffering has finally come to an end.

The second time Itachi died was after his fight with Kabuto, and he was released from the reanimation jutsu. At that time, Itachi told Sasuke that he should’ve told Sasuke the truth a long time ago. If Itachi had done that, he wouldn’t have stood up like a failure in front of his little brother.

Not just that, Itachi even told Sasuke that no matter what happened or what choices Sasuke made, Itachi was always going to love him. These words show Sasuke’s importance to Itachi and his unconditional love.

In What Episode Does Itachi Die For The First Time?

Itachi Uchiha’s death first occurs in episode 138 of Naruto Shippuden, titled “The End,” where he passes away after battling Sasuke for the final time. Uchiha sacrificed himself to end the hostilities between his brother and the hidden leaf villages, thus bringing peace.

His death sealed both a jutsu that released an infinite Tsukuyomi as well as a decades-long feud between their clans. With his dying breath, Itachi apologized to his brother and pleaded not to hate their clan.

Itachi’s death is one of the most emotional moments in all of Naruto, cementing him as one of the most significant characters in anime history.

How Did Itachi Die The First Time?

Itachi Uchiha’s death the first time was a long and painful process. After initially being defeated by Sasuke in battle, Itachi implants his own Mangekyo Sharingan into Sasuke before weakening and ultimately dying due to early-onset Kusanagi aging syndrome caused by overuse of the Mangekyo Sharingan.

As he lay dying in his brother’s arms, Itachi declared that his actions were all done in order to protect the Leaf Village and apologized to Sasuke for everything he had done. Many believe that Sasuke killed Itachi, but the truth is he died because of his illness.

Either way, Itachi just wanted to be freed from his lifelong grief, and he wanted Sasuke to be the one to end his suffering.

Why Did Itachi Poke Sasuke’s Forehead?

Why Did Itachi Poke Sasuke's Forehead

Prior to his death, Itachi Uchiha is known for having poked Sasuke’s forehead lightly in a brotherly gesture of affection. This action served multiple purposes and was not an empty gesture. By poking Sasuke’s forehead, Itachi acknowledged him as the younger sibling, showing respect, paving the way for guidance and protection.

He also demonstrated that protection could be found in relationships other than family, implying that Sasuke should look to people like family for support. Finally, he was conveying his regret, knowing that taking his own life would leave Sasuke with a substantial burden, yet also providing him with educational tools to live with one’s actions.

Altogether, this single act summed up Itachi’s whole feelings of responsibility and love towards his little brother and his last memento for the future.

What Episode Does Itachi Come Back To Life?

Itachi Uchiha returns in Naruto Shippuden Episode 298, aptly named “Naruto vs. Itachi,” marking the end of a long journey. After making the ultimate sacrifice to protect Konoha, Itachi returns as an Edo Tensei and assists his brother Sasuke in the Fourth Great Ninja War.

His arrival proves invaluable while alive, he only ever had access to half of the story, which was largely kept from him by his village. With his new understanding of events through his unique eyes, he plays a pivotal role in uncovering the truth behind their family’s downfall and ultimately defeating Kabuto and troubling realizing the reanimation jutsu.

In What Episode Does Itachi Die The Second Time?

Itachi Uchiha, a character in the popular anime and manga series Naruto, died for the second time in episode 399 of the show’s Shippuden arc. However, Itachi has already died once in episode 138 during his confrontation with Sasuke from earlier arcs.

Itachi ultimately uses Izanami, a powerful genjutsu technique created by the legendary Hagoromo Otsutsuki, to trap himself and eventually end his life to break the Impure World Reincarnation technique used by Kabuto Yakushi.

This decision symbolically reinforces Itachi’s desire to ensure that no harm would ever befall his brother. Using Izanami and taking on this momentous sacrifice yet again, despite knowing what it would mean for him as an individual, Itachi solidified his noble values throughout an emotional and heart-wrenching final confrontation with Sasuke.

How Did Itachi Die The Second Time?

Itachi Uchiha died for the second time on the battlefield during the Fourth Great Ninja War, when he and Nagato sacrificed their lives to singlehandedly stop Kabuto’s reanimated army. Itachi had already died once previously in a battle against his brother Sasuke.

But with the Jujutsu Kaisen Ritual performed by Naruto and Killer Bee, Itachi was temporarily revived to fight alongside Naruto, Sasuke, and the other Kage of the four nations. He used one final ultimate Ninjutsu technique called Izanami, which stopped Kabuto’s Edo Tensai Jutsu and reversed it so that every soul within it would return to its respective grave.

As a result, Itachi died again along with Nagato to protect the safety of all who Kabuto’s resurrection technique has controlled.

What Was Itachi’s Influence On Sasuke?

Itachi Uchiha had a profound influence on his brother, Sasuke. As a mentor figure, he guided Sasuke in the ways of the ninja world and taught him techniques that would serve his brother well in battle.

Through these teachings, Sasuke was able to hone his skills and become one of the strongest characters in Naruto Shippuden. Moreover, Itachi also inspired Sasuke to develop into a warrior who embodied principles like strength, loyalty, and courage, which were inspired by Itachi’s selfless acts of courage that he undertook with regard to protecting Konoha from Akatsuki and protecting Sasuke himself from even darker forces.

Essentially, Itachi aligned Sasuke with positive values while helping him grow into an incredibly powerful shinobi.

How Does Konoha View Itachi Uchiha?

Konoha Village views Itachi Uchiha as a legendary and revered figure who gave his life to protect the safety of his village.

Although he initially left behind bad memories of being a merciless killer, it is gradually becoming more widely known that he sacrificed himself to become a peaceful warrior, acting out of love and not malice.

Itachi was respected for his strength, tactical genius, and unparalleled skill as an ANBU captain. While the true extent of Itachi’s motivations is still fiercely debated today, it is without a doubt that Konoha celebrates the legacy of their fallen comrade and believes that Itachi acted on behalf of the village’s best interests.

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Does Itachi Show Up In Boruto?

In the anime series Boruto, the fan-favorite character Itachi Uchiha does not show up directly within the manga or anime of the new Boruto series. However, in one of the episodes, he was shown in Sauske’s flashback, which was Boruto Episode 98.

His presence is felt in many aspects of the story. While Itachi does not physically appear in Boruto, he still impacts the current storyline by influencing Sasuke’s character development and mentorship of Boruto as a shinobi; Itachi’s presence serves as inspiration for many of their actions.

Moreover, members of Akatsuki, a criminal organization affiliated with Itachi, make appearances and are often referred to by other characters within various storylines. As a result, while Itachi may not be an explicit part of the show, his presence exists in spirit and continues to be felt in each episode.

Itachi Uchiha is one of Naruto’s most complex, compelling, and well-crafted characters. His background as an elite shinobi of Konohagakure provides a fascinating dynamic to his character arc and journey as a dual agent between the Akatsuki and Konoha forces.

His conflicts, motivations, and morality make him an exceptional protagonist. Itachi’s willingness to sacrifice himself for the safety of his native village and then later accept death is also an inspiring quality that makes him great. Itachi is more than just a good or bad character. He occupies this moral grey area where both sides are given equal weight, further emulating his heroic traits.

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