Top 15 Strongest Demons From Demon Slayer (Ranked)

Demon Slayer or Kimetsu no Yaiba is one of the best anime you’ll ever watch. This shows all the emotions and elements that make you hooked to it from the very first episode of anime and the very first manga chapter. Season 2 of this anime finished airing not long ago, and when it was airing, it broke all the records.

The whole world was going crazy, and the animation was god-tier. We know about the plot of Demon Slayer in this verse, the terror of demons is maintained, and Demon King Muzan is the one behind all events to fight these demons. An organization known as Demon Slayer kills these demons and protects people.

So, the series has many demons from the first episode to the very last manga chapter. Several demons were introduced but didn’t you want to know who is the strongest? Today we’ll discuss the Top 15 Strongest Demons From Demon Slayer. This blog is going to be so much fun.

What Are Demons in Demon Slayer?

In demons, slayer demons are not something that comes from hell or anything. Instead, they are made by one person; Muzan was the first-ever demon known as the Demon King. Demons in demon slayer kill people and eat them to survive; they can’t come out in the sunlight. If they do, they’ll die for sure. They are like vampires but more dangerous since they don’t show mercy. But very few demons are still kind, and they don’t want to kill a human for their survival. The show is filled with different demons with different abilities and powers.

#15 Kyogai

#15 Kyogai

The Twelve Kizuki Status: Former Lower 6
Blood Demon Art: Drumming
Danger Level: 42%

Kyogai is one of the first demons that appeared on the demon slayer; he is the former lower moon six. His power is unique, and we’ve seen him in action in the drum demon arc. You might remember that Kyogai can control or change the position of the room, not just that he can even control gravity by using drums on his body.

One of his attacks can do fatal damage to his opponent while constantly drumming a claw-like attack will be drawn towards his opponent. Tanjiro was the one who fought Kyogai during the Drum House Arc.

 Before becoming a demon, he was a writer, but people didn’t appreciate his work. Drumming was his side hobby that later became his central identity after becoming a demon. Kyogai turned into a demon because people ignored him, and he suffered while being a human, and that’s when Muzan came and gave him his blood.

#14 Tamayo

#14 Tamayo

The Twelve Kizuki Status: No
Blood Demon Art: Spell Casting 
Danger Level: 50%

One of the most intelligent individuals in the whole series and a natural beauty, Tamayo. She is an example of being kind even though Mugen turned her into a demon. Tamayo doesn’t like killing people and drinking their blood. During the Asakusa Arc, Tanjior and Nezuko met her, and they became allies. 

Not just Muzan, but she is also the one who can create demons. That’s right, this is only the demon king’s power, but Tamayo had it as well. She also makes an antidote that can turn a demon into a human again.

 Look, you should always be careful. A beautiful face doesn’t mean the other person can’t be dangerous. Even though she is so kind and gentle her powers are insane. Flash Seed, one of Tamayo’s powers, can kill anyone. 

#13 Rui

#13 Rui

The Twelve Kizuki Status: Yes 
Blood Demon Art: Thread Manipulation
Danger Level: 56%

Rui might look like a child, but it’ll take him only one second to kill you. The main antagonist of the Mount Natagumo Arc and the lower moon 5 is one of Muzan’s favourite demons he has ever created.

 Rui is brutal, but this ruthless individual is somewhat calm and collective during fights. He never said anything insulting to Tanjiro when they fought and was always quiet even though his moves were deadly.

 For Rui, the family was everything. All he wanted was a happy family where everyone had good bonding with each other, but his nature somewhat created a toxic family where everyone feared him. Even when Tanjiro pointed this out, Rui threatened that he’d die a painful death if he didn’t take his words back.

Keeping everything aside, his blood demon art is so dangerous that it can kill anyone. He can manipulate threads and make them the most vital object that can cut any human or thing like butter. 

#12 Enmu

#12 Enmu

The Twelve Kizuki Status: Yes
Blood Demon Art: Sleep Inducement
Danger Level: 59%

A sadistic demon who loved watching people in pain. Enmu was the lower moon rank one, and he became even more powerful when Muzan gave him more blood. Making people fall into a deep sleep and turning their dream into a nightmare is how he enjoyed himself before killing them. 

The main reason he loved torturing is that many demons died in front of his own eyes, all because of the humans. Enmu was also the main antagonist of the Mugen Train Arc. 

During this arc, the whole train was taken hostage by him, and everyone on this train, including Tanjiro, Inosuke, Zenitsu, and Rengoku, was in profound sleep. When Enmu was still a human, he used to scam people by making them believe they were excellent even though they were not. 

And one-day, Muzan almost ate him, but Enmu didn’t scream or even feel any pain, and that’s when he was turned into a demon.

#11 Kaigaku

#11 Kaigaku

The Twelve Kizuki Status: Yes
Blood Demon Art: Electrokinesis
Danger Level: 63%

Many people might know, but if you have read the manga, you know who this person is. He is the guy who was in Zenitsu’s flashback when he was still training with former thunder Hashira. 

That’s right; he is Kaigaku, former demon slayer and senior of Zenitsu. He was an orphan who used to steal food for survival, and one time people died because of him when he let a demon kill people so the demon would spare his life. 

Later Kaigaku was taken by thunder Hashira who started training him along with our favourite Zenitsu. So now the question is, how did he become a demon, not a lower rank but the new upper rank six?

 Kagaku lost to Kokushibo and begged, and that’s when he got demon blood and became a demon himself. He is also mighty because Kaigaku knows thunder-style breathing, and when combined with his demon abilities, his power increases immensely.

#10 Daki

#10 Daki

The Twelve Kizuki Status: Yes
Blood Demon Art: Obi Sash Manipulation
Danger Level: 68%

When it comes to the saddest backstory, Daki is the one who remains on top. Before becoming a demon, her Name was Ume. She was the daughter of a prostitute and was raised by his brother, who the people of the Entertainment District also abused.

 When she became a teen, Ume was hired by a high-class brothel, and there she was going to learn how to be a good Oiran (SEX WORKER). However, when her first customer said rude things about her brother Ume stabbed his eye and left. 

That customer was a samurai who later burned her alive. Gyutaro begged people, but no one helped him or his sister, and that’s when Doma, upper rank six at that time, came and gave his blood to both of them, and they became demons. 

Daki was her Name when she became a demon, and she was a hella strong and ruthless demon. She was also the main antagonist of the Entertainment District Arc, along with her brother.

#9 Nezuko Kamado

#9 Nezuko Kamado

The Twelve Kizuki Status: No
Blood Demon Art: Pyrokinesis
Danger Level: 70%

We all love our cute Nezuko, but we all know how dangerous she is because Nezuko is also a demon. In the first episode of the demon slayer, Tanjiro’s whole family was killed by Muzan, and his sister was turned into a demon. 

Even though she became a demon, Nezuko didn’t forget his brother, and they both started a new journey together. I don’t know what I should say about her. She is the cutest character in the demon slayer, and even the weebs love her. 

The Entertainment District Arc didn’t end so long ago, and in this arc, we all saw how powerful Nezuko is even though Upper Rank Six demon Daki was no match for her. But we also learned that when she goes on a rampage, no one can stop her except the lullaby that her mother used to sing.

 We even saw Nezuko’s blood demon art that was so powerful she could manipulate her blood and make it work as fire that is effective against demons. In overall conclusion, she is cute but deadly at the same time.

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#8 Gyutaro

#8 Gyutaro

The Twelve Kizuki Status: Yes
Blood Demon Art: Blood Manipulation 
Danger Level: 72%

Well, I already explained most of his past. That’s because Gyutaro and Daki are siblings. Ever since he was born, his mother abused him because she was a mentally unstable prostitute who could not feed her kid and wanted him to take care of his own. 

But everything changed when Daki, or Ume, was born. Gyutaro’s life changed, and things were finally getting on track until that one day when he saw his sister getting burned alive. When no one helped him, a demon came and gave them their blood, and that’s when Upper-Rank Six was born. 

Gyutaro is a creepy-looking demon, but he is so strong even if his Flesh Kama cut your body, you’d be poisoned by him, and he can manipulate his blood and attack his opponents. Because of what happened to him during his human life, Gyutaro hates those who have extraordinary lives. He is a demon that kills people and devours them, but his love for Daki is still unconditional.

#7 Gyokko

#7 Gyokko

The Twelve Kizuki Status: Yes
Blood Demon Art: Porcelain Vases
Danger Level: 76%

Gyokko, the Upper Moon Five, is the antagonist of Swordsmith Village Arc. Talking about his personality, he is pretty short-tempered and gets very angry when someone disrespects his art. Managi was his Name when Gyokko was still a human. 

As for occupation, he was a fisherman, and people disliked him because he used to collect fish carcasses. Not just this, people called him mentally unstable, and this was later confirmed when Managi killed a child because that kid was teasing him.

 Even after killing, he filled that child’s body into a jar. That child’s parents were the ones who stabbed Managi and left him to die, and that’s when Muzan came and made him a demon. 

Gyokko is strong enough to kill a Hashira with ease. He can even regenerate himself fastly during the fight. His overall appearance is also quite creepy. We can even see small hands on his face.

#6 Nakime

#6 Nakime

The Twelve Kizuki Status: Yes
Blood Demon Art: Infinity Castle
Danger Level: 80%

A cold woman who doesn’t speak until necessary. That’s right; I’m talking about the Upper-Rank Four Nakime. In both seasons, she appeared only two times, and both the times, it was when a demon died. 

Nakime always carries a 4-string wooden biwa with herself that she always plays during the summoning of demons by Muzan. Talking about her past, she was a skilled biwa player but was not popular, and her life even became more miserable when she married a man who was addicted to gambling and spent all their savings. 

One day Naikme’s husband gambled on a dress that she was supposed to wear on her performance day, and out of anger, she killed her husband. But guess what, during the performance, she was very nervous because of the murder, but the performance became more impressive. 

And from that day, Nakime started killing people before performances, and one day she tried to kill Muzan, the king of demons but couldn’t do so, and Muzan made her a demon as well. As part of the upper six, Nakime is already so powerful. 

#5 Hantengu

#5 Hantengu

The Twelve Kizuki Status: Yes
Blood Demon Art: Emotion Manifestation
Danger Level: 84%

Hantengu is the former Upper-Rank Four; he was also the antagonist of the Swordsmith Village Arc along with Gyokko. This upper demon is unique from others because this demon has six different clones based on his emotions. 

Hantengu can control these clones, but he usually lets them act on their own. In jis past life as a human, robbery, and murder was his full-time job. When people suspected him, Hantengu said his hands did everything independently, and people concluded he was mentally unstable.

 When he was on death row, Muzan came and gave him some of his blood, and that’s how his life as a demon started. Just like other demons, regeneration and flesh control are some of his abilities. His six different clones possess different powers that are very dangerous and troublesome for opponents.

#4 Akaza

#4 Akaza

The Twelve Kizuki Status: Yes
Blood Demon Art: Destructive Death 
Danger Level: 88%

I’m pretty sure you already know about him, and if you don’t, then you have not watched the Mugen Train Arc. Upper-Rank Three Akaza was strong enough to kill a Hashira quickly, not just this; even Muzan admits that he is powerful. 

I can tell you that Akaza lost everything he cared about, and this society was never fair to him. I’m not going to talk about his past because you people are not ready. When his backstory is animated people are going to cry their lungs out. 

With nothing left to hold on to or to protect, he decided to become a demon when Muzan gave him the offer. Talking about his present life, Akaza is the one who goes on a special mission, and he has fought so many Hashira and is undefeatable. 

Akaza is, without a doubt, one of the strongest in the whole series. We all witnessed his terrifying power when he fought Rengoku during the Mugen Train Arc. Even flame Hashira, one of the strongest, got defeated and died.

#3 Doma

#3 Doma

The Twelve Kizuki Status: Yes
Blood Demon Art: Cryokinesis
Danger Level: 92%

The Upper-Rank Two is a psychopath who loves killing and eating young women. You might not believe it, but Doma has been a demon since birth. Don’t get fooled; he might look like a charming, friendly individual who talks in a gentle tone. 

People worshipped him like a god and even formed a cult, but he found everything annoying and thought humans nothing but a piece of trash. His mother killed her husband and later committed suicide, but Doma was unaffected. 

Even though everything was going well, Doma still chose to become a demon and started eating people of his cult. As he grew, he kept leading the cult and advised the people who followed in his footsteps. 

In a fight, he even defeated Akaza and became the Number Two, and Akaza became Number Three. This psychopath is so powerful that many people start trembling just by his presence.

#2 Kokushibo

#2 Kokushibo

The Twelve Kizuki Status: Yes
Blood Demon Art: Crescent Moon Blades
Danger Level: 96%

Upper-Rank One Kokushibo is here. Being rank one means he is strong enough to defeat all the other upper-rank demons, and you might not know that Kokushibo is a former demon slayer who was a user of the moon breathing. But the main thing is that he is also the twin brother of Yoriichi Tsugikuni, whom Muzan feared till this date.

His backstory is filled with jealousy and nothing else. Kokushibo’s human name was Michikatsu Tsugikuni, and he was always jealous of Yoriichi because his twin brother was better at everything than him. This born genius had a natural talent for using a sword. 

He became a demon because Michikatsu could never surpass his brother; becoming a demon was hope for him. Well, everything did pay for Kokushibo to become the strongest demon ever made by Muzan, who was also the only user of Moon Breathing Style.

#1 Muzan Kibutsuji

#1 Muzan Kibutsuji

The Twelve Kizuki Status: The Demon King
Blood Demon Art: Biokinesis
Danger Level: 100%

Here he is the Michael Jackson of the anime world and the first-ever demon known as the Demon King. You all are wondering if Muzan is the one who can turn humans into a demon, then how did he become one, right?

 Well, when Muzan was still a human, he suffered from an illness, and by the age of twenty death was assured. A doctor treated him and gave him a medicine made from Blue Spider Lily. Even though Muzan killed the doctor, he later noticed that the treatment was working and gained immortality, but the sun was harming him.

 This is how the first ever demon was born. The show’s main antagonist, the king of all demons, is just untouchable. No one can beat him except one person, Yoriichi Tsugikuni. We won’t be saying anything else about him because we don’t want to spoil your upcoming season.

 But Muzan’s blood demon art is also very different from others; he can shape shift his body part or even change his gender.

So, this is the end of the blog. I hope you liked this blog on 15 Most Powerful Demons from Demon Slayer. But more demons are powerful, but they didn’t get more screen time. For them, we have some honourable mentions.

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Honourable Mentions

  • Yushiro
  • Susamaru
  • Yahaba
  • Kamanue
  • Mukago
  • Rokuro


Who Are the 12 Demons in Demon Slayer?

Upper 6:

  • One – Kokushibo
  • Two – Doma
  • Three – Akaza
  • Four – Hantengu
  • Five – Gyokko
  • Six – Daki and Gyutaro

Lower 6:

  • One – Enmu
  • Two – Rokuro
  • Three – Wakuraba
  • Four – Mukago
  • Five – Rui
  • Six – Kamanue

Who Are the Upper 6 Demons?

Here are “The Original Upper Six” demons from demon slayer anime.

  • One – Kokushibo.
  • Two – Doma.
  • Three – Akaza.
  • Four – Hantengu.
  • Five – Gyokko.
  • Six – Daki and Gyutaro.

Who Is the Number 1 Demon in Demon Slayer?

Muzan Kibutsuji is the king of all demons, or you can say god/creator of all demons.

Who Is Upper Moon Demon 1?

Michikatsu Tsugikuni aka Kokushibo 

Who Is the Upper Moon 5?

Gyokko is the Upper Moon 5.

Who Is the Strongest Demon?

Muzan Kibutsuji is the strongest demon in the whole series.

Who Are the 6 Lower Moons?

  • Lower Moon 1: Enmu.
  • Lower Moon 2: Rokuro.
  • Lower Moon 3: Wakuraba.
  • Lower Moon 4: Mukago.
  • Lower Moon 5: Rui.
  • Lower Moon 6: Kamanue.

Who Is the Upper Rank 2 Demon?

Doma is the Upper Rank 2.

What Is the Upper Moon 4 Blood Demon?

Hantengu was the previous upper moon four, but he was replaced by Nakie after his death.

Who Is the Lower Moon 5?

Rui is the lower moon 5.

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Well, That brings an end to our countdown of the most powerful demon from demon slayer. Which one is your favorite demon? Let us know it all on our Instagram page here. Make sure to check more often for more amazing content related to anime.