Togashi Remembers Old Friend As Hunter x Hunter Makes A Triumphant Return

Esteemed mangaka Yoshihiro Togashi has finally delivered as the hiatus came to an end (at least for now). He recently reminisced about his dearly departed friend Kazuki Takahashi who tragically passed away while trying to save a group of people in danger of drowning. They both laughed about how their mangas contained jinxes in their titles. Togashi-sensei prayed so that the soul of his pal could find peace in the afterlife.

Also, Manga Plus and Viz include Hunter x Hunter’s latest chapter, which is available to read for free as of now. So look away if you don’t want your surprise to be ruined.

Spoiler Alert: Hunter x Hunter Chapter 391 – Clash Part 2

The cover page features Gon Freecss and Yusuke from Togashi’s previous work Yu Yu Hakusho.

hunter x hunter chater 139 cover page

The war between rival mafia groups continues as we see the bodies of two lifeless people strewn about on the path, with folks panicking. Hinrigh Biganduffno resumes his search for Hisoka Morow and instructs Lynch Fullbokko and Zakuro Custard to contact him in case either one comes across the maniacal villain. Hinrigh has bigger fish to fry and thus stays true to his grudge.

Hinrigh Biganduffno is the underboss of the Xi-Yu Family who has deep-seated hatred towards Morena Prudo of the Hei-Ly family. As a Conjurer, the blonde-haired man is sufficiently skilled to have a unique Nen ability. Zakuro explains his power, aka Bloody Mary, in vivid detail as Lynch gets creeped out by the tiny faces that develop on drops of blood (basically Nen, which are trying to trace where Hisoka lies in wait).

The underboss finally locates the woman he’s been tailing desperately by observing images captured by a man and a woman at a busy junction. He gives the couple a generous sum of money with the camera and gets custody of the object.

The man then turns the cam into a cat and uses it to see through the entire sea of people crowding the junction. On the other hand, three assassins who are part of the enemy Hei-Ly family end up seeing Hinrigh, who they are supposed to kill by any means necessary.

The 3 are Tevelares (Enhancer), Quorolle (Emitter), and Padaille (Conjurer). Padaille is hell-bent on getting rid of the target by himself and turns his hand into a hammer as he eagerly wants to impress Morena and hopes to see his ability at work. He fails to sneak up on Hinrigh and easily overcomes the attacker by turning the handcuffs into pigeons. He then taunts the remaining two and eggs them to try and take him down together. As Tevelares and Quorolle shoot at the pigeons, the foe informs them that they were originally handcuffs and thus cannot die.

This time, Padaille gets a shot in and is able to burrow through Hinrigh’s hand as the latter dodges to save himself. The duo that’s been watching the entire fight unfold decide against saving their comrade and bolt from the scene, fearing what’s coming, as Padaille meets a bloody end which he seems to enjoy after getting his arm cuffed to a leg.

Here are a few images from this chapter.

  • Hunter x Hunter Chapter 139
  • Hunter x Hunter Chapter 139

What do you think about the art and story of this chapter? What is Prudo’s end goal, and is there any way she could top Meruem’s popularity as a villain? Let us know your feelings about the latest chapter, and remember that the next issue will arrive a week later!