Matt Walsh Strikes Again! The Daily Wire Host Drags An Infamous Dictator Into A Feud Against Otakus

Matt Walsh is a right-wing commentator and influential political figure from the United States of America. Primarily operating as a columnist for the Daily Wire, Matt also hosts a podcast associated with the same network. Recently, he starred in “What Is a Woman?” which was a documentary (directed by Justin Folk) that fixated on the definition of womanhood and how it has evolved over the years.

Mr. Walsh has been heavily criticized by the left for his views on abortion, transgender rights, and the ongoing civil war-like scenario transpiring in the USA. A few days ago, Matt commented on anime and how it is all “Satanic,” according to him.

I don’t know about you, but in my opinion, he’s trolling. A devout Christian like Matt Walsh won’t be able to sit through anime series’ like Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, and so on without muttering a few curses.

Recently, he also included Adolf Hitler in a heated debate. As you all know, Adolf Hitler presided over Nazi Germany and was responsible for the massacre of more than 7 million Jews during the Holocaust. He is disliked in most parts of the world, aside from members of the “Aryan Nation” and other white fascist organizations that believe in the principle of racial superiority.

Matt stated, “74 percent of all serial killers have an anime habit. Hitler was also into anime, reports suggest.” He also said that those who consume anime content have an “87 percent” chance of being possessed by a malevolent demon. While he hasn’t presented an argument that helps establish his opinion better, Matt is a known provocateur who was featured on a Dr. Phil segment a few months ago where he debated a couple of lovers who don’t buy into the gender binary.

A fan commented on his latest video that addressed this particular subject, saying, “As an anime fan, I laughed so hard! I truly hope to achieve this level of sarcasm one day. Matt is the true king of deadpan humor.”

You can watch the entire clip spanning almost ten whole minutes here. It also has a Goku thumbnail.

I think his phrasing in this video proves that Matt is trying to bait the trans community once again. Think about it; at the beginning of this video, he says that questions about whether he has watched anime or not are “irrelevant”, all that matters is his “truth.”

Even Candace Owens has chimed in to “stand by” Matt and his opinions pertaining to this topic he is completely unaware of.

What is your view on this controversy surrounding Matt Walsh? Is he just trying to fool around and provoke the menaces within the otaku community? Or does he have a more sinister agenda to propagate? Let us know how you feel about this entire matter, and visit for more updates!