Marvel, DC, Anime Fan Shares A Life Lesson For Everyone

Be it an hour-long movie or anime that ran for over two decades, each minute changes you. It inspires new memories while rejuvenating old ones.

Comics, movies, and anime have all been with us through thick and thin.
The expression and discourse of humans depend heavily on stories. Thus, stories in all forms play a vital role in our lives.

A Place Further Than The Universe anime shows how it can tingle with viewers’ emotions, how they long for the freedom to be unrestrained to travel the globe and escape their monotonous daily lives. A Silent Voice showed the true essence of redemption. Naruto has been with us since we were kids; it had an impactful effect on molding us. It showed the value of friendships, dreams, relations, family, perseverance, and more.

For the better or worse, Stories change us all – this is the tale of Justin and how the entertainment media changed his life for the better.

Justin Lord - averagebeing tales

Name: Justin Lord
Lives In: U.S.A

"For the majority of my life, especially my childhood, I grew up feeling powerless. Being the Batman in a Justice League family where I was good enough to get what I wanted to be done but not as strong comparatively. 

Characters like Peter Parker showed me that the quiet, nerdy, and quirky guy could get a girl. Dragon Ball showed besides a little screaming and a lot of work, a few life-threatening situations can make you stronger as long as you trust yourself and have a little hope, even though for some heroes, it starts with an S. 

I always wanted to be a hero because Marvel, DC Comics, and anime taught me that real power is being who you are despite what you're not and how far a little love can take you.

Every arc in our lives is so different than the Cell games or even a 'Death in the family' with the point being that the problems will come. Just like us watching these shows/movies and reading comics, all we have to do is remember how to be human instead of something that we're not while knowing we're not in this alone even if everyone can't be saved just as much as letting ourselves be saved."

Key Takeaways

#1 Break Through The Shackles

A nerdy and quirky guy like Peter Parker can get a girl. All you have to do is be you. And Batman showed us that one does not have to be born with superhuman powers to be a hero.

Someone as simple as you and I can be heroes; a thought is all it matters. Like, how Justin said, “For the majority of my life, especially my childhood, I grew up feeling powerless.” But for him, being Batman made his life perspective completely different. The same goes for many of us, breaking through the shackles that hold us down and people who set boundaries and goals for us. You decide your own fate!

#2 It’s Not The Destination, It’s The Journey

Dragon Ball has taught us countless lessons. One of the most important lessons it has taught us: To push through all the limits. And this is what Justin meant by “a few life-threatening situations can make you stronger as long as you trust yourself.”

We’re all occasionally terrified to be tested, but if you strive to be the best version of yourself, you’ll have the courage to meet problems head-on. Pushing oneself to the maximum will open doors to new opportunities. Work hard, eat, study well and sleep plenty; these are the mantra of Son Goku.

#3 More Than A Letter

"I chose this symbol not only to stand for Superboy, and later Superman - it will also mean saving lives, stopping crime, and giving super-aid wherever it's needed!" - Superboy.

The symbol may mean everything or absolutely nothing, depending on who sees it. But the “S” symbol on Superman’s chest is more than a letter. It is a symbol of hope. Whether you are down and out or living your life at the pinnacle, a little hope goes a long way.

#4 The Arcs Of Our Lives

Justin already mentioned it, and it is not something new for any of us, a life without problems is like a train ride without tracks. Every superhero has gone through a bad phase of life and coped with it. Peter Parker lost his uncle, Batman could not save Jason Todd, and Naruto was shunned by his villagers.

We have to thread across many uncharted territories throughout our lives; all we have to remind ourselves is we are humans in the end. We fail, we get up, and we move on.

#5 You Are Not Alone

“Knowing we’re not in this alone” is the most crucial life lesson Marvel, DC, or Anime, teaches us. Say it. You are never truly alone.

Orphaned Clark Kent, who believes he is the only Kryptonian left in the cosmos, finds comfort in his companionship. Naruto had Iruka Umino when no one believed him, and Luffy’s crew followed him to the end of the world when no one did. Batman has the Batfamily, Spider-Man has his friends, and like many of these superheroes – You Are Not Alone!

We’re glad you stuck with us to the end of this tale. We hope it inspires you to do better. Do let us know your thoughts in the below comments, and share this tale with your friends.

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