Killer In Love Manga Officially Ended

It might be sad news for many of you, but the Killer in Love or Kimi ni Koisuru Murderer manga has finally ended. You heard me right. It has ended. Killer in Love, created by Akiyama Enma has been a rollercoaster of emotions. To be honest, it’s been an incredible journey.

This manga is filled with emotions and many teared up while reading it. The physiological theme combined with a lot of thrills and suspense made Killer in Love a masterpiece. And if you have not read the manga, you sure have missed a lot.

People loved this manga because of its characters and how they faced each problem. It’s based on the toxicity of a relationship, but it’s dark.

On September 13th, the manga’s author, Akiyama Enma, announced on his official Twitter account that Killer in Love had concluded. Check out his tweet below.

September 14th is when the final chapter came out in Japan, and by September 17th, it was released worldwide. Responding to the tweet, fans showed love for the manga and were sad because it had ended. Not just this, they even praised the author for his amazing work.

Killer in Love Plot

Our story starts with Suzuki Ryuto, an introverted individual who is just pretending to be happy. He tries to blend in with everyone else, even though others make fun of him.

Everything changed for Suzuki when he attended a party where he met a beautiful girl, Kokoa. She asked him to pretend that Suzuki was her boyfriend. The reason for this? That’s because somebody has been stalking and harassing Kokoa. However, their fate changed entirely after meeting each other and led to several tragedies.

Total Volumes/Chapters And Where To Read

Akiyama Enma’s Kimi ni Koisuru Murderer or Killer in Love manga began publication in December 2020 and ended in September 2022. The manga ran for almost two years; within this period, five volumes came out with 39 chapters. You can read the manga online for free at Comikey.

Will Killer in Love Get An Anime Adaptation?

We can say that in the future, this manga will get an anime adaptation for sure. That’s because people have shown much love to this manga, reaching over 10 million views or readers on several sites.

And after receiving an animation, the series will inevitably become even more popular. That’s because people love watching psychologically themed stories. Its anime will be quite a success.

Have you read Killer in Love? Which aspect did you like the most?