JJK Chapter 201 Suguru Geto Summons A Creature That Resembles Lord Ganesh

JJK will be on a break in the next issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, Chapter 201 explained!

Jujutsu Kaisen is a modern-day phenomenon in its own right. Alongside Chainsaw Man, it is one of the most popular shonen mangas that focuses on supernatural entities and abilities associated with the murky world that lies beyond the material one.

The return of the anime was officially announced not too long ago. Hence fans are excited and can’t wait to see Gojo-sensei back on screen. Studio MAPPA will be returning for this project. Jujutsu Kaisen 0 proved to be a great success worldwide; hence Japan will keep blessing us with epic content.

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Spoilers Alert: JJK Chapter 201.

The President of the United States expresses displeasure at the suggestion of his subordinate Cyrus, who firmly believes that humans could be abducted for the sake of research on jujutsu sorcery.

However, Cyrus doesn’t want America to lag behind giants like Russia and China and needs to find enough Japanese victims to move forward and become substantially powerful by harnessing cursed energy as an alternative source.

The leader of the free world asks Lieutenant Gary how many men he would require to pull off such a dangerous job. Gary worries about Satoru Gojo, regarded as invulnerable, but Kenjaku reassures him by stating that the white-haired sorcerer will be sealed in November.

JJK Chapter 201 Kenjaku

The Lieutenant seems to think that a single battalion would be capable of pulling off this mission without a hitch. Kenjaku again steps in and asks Cyrus if he would be satisfied with a dozen sorcerers in the trap, and Cyrus has no problem accepting the proposal. Gary believes that the Japanese aren’t well equipped with weapons and are prone to be skinny, but Kenjaku insists at least 800 men should be deployed.

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Kenjaku suggests that the Japanese aren’t weak, which leads to Lieutenant Gary roaring with laughter. This irks Uraume, who wants to test what will happen if a confrontation breaks out. The crafty Japanese sorcerer hopes to fight against 15 soldiers deployed to protect the higher-ups. Gary thinks that 13 elite ones will surely get the better of Kenjaku and gives assurance to his leader.

The President and his lackeys head toward the East Wing to protect themselves in the event of fallout, and we get to see Kenjaku and Uraume at the West Wing.

JJK Chapter 201 Elephant

Pseudo Suguru Geto wants to use a particular technique in order to show the watchers what sorcerers are truly capable of. In contrast, Uraume is unsure if the Americans will be useful. On the other side, the President questions Gary about sending in such high-ranking men after the two from Japan, to which the Lieutenant replies that a flawless victory is what defines the country, not a meek one.

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As soon as he utters those words, the panicked elite soldiers float in the air as a curse resembling an Elephant peers at them. Then Kenjaku enters the frames and states that if the others have understood what true power looks like, then they should get started with the hunt for sorcerers as soon as possible.

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