#Crunchyroll Trends As Bleach Moves To Disney Plus Without Notice

Bummer: Crunchyroll erases Bleach, and fans are downright pissed!

Just as the Thousand-Year Blood War arc was announced to turn into anime, a sudden wave of mixed feelings hit the fans across the internet as the popular anime series was taken down from Crunchyroll abruptly.

Amidst the rumors that surrounded Bleach’s streaming on popular streaming platforms such as Hulu and Disney+, this sudden removal of the content without any warning or prior announcement by Crunchyroll has everyone bummed out who was eagerly waiting for Soul Society’s return.

Much to the surprise that Bleach will be present at the New York Comic-Con later this year, no further information has been circulated regarding what platform the anime will air on for fans outside Japan.

As far as Crunchyroll is concerned, the popular streaming service has been receiving backlash on Twitter amidst the allegations made by the anime community.

From paying English voice actors way less than the overall production cost on Jujutsu Kaisen 0 to its controversy with Mob Psycho 100’s English voice actor Kyle McCarley due to SAG-AFTRA union contract issues, Crunchyroll is finding it hard to get in the good books of long time anime fans.

And to put the last nail in the coffin, this abrupt removal of an anime series as popular as Bleach would give Crunchyroll a hard time coming back to reasonable terms with the community it was supposed to serve well.

Angry fans took to Twitter to share their dismay on the matter, as many found themselves in the middle of a binge session when Bleach got erased. Yes, just like that!

Take a look at the reactions floating on Twitter since the matter got heated.

This is what getting your favorite anime getting taken down midway feels like. It couldn’t get more relatable than this.

The matter that initially started it all. Just something that no true fan would consider sleeping on.

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Crunchyroll has gotten itself on the wrong side of the spectrum. We sense more controversies knocking on its doors.

Ahead of the speculations of Bleach’s departure to Disney+, prior notice is the first concern the users are addressing.

Funimation getting mentioned in the matter pretty much sums up the backlash as far as creating a monopoly in the community is to be considered. Both the production giants have gone through a series of allegations as all the big title rights fall under their control, and fans are certainly not happy about it.

Who owns the streaming rights to Bleach is probably the biggest unanswered question on Twitter today.

A reminder that the Mob Psycho 100 controversy is not over yet.

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See for yourself. Keyword search in the Crunchyroll app validates the same.

Bleach anime removed from Crunchyroll

At the time of writing, #Crunchyroll is trending on Twitter. It’s only a matter of time before Crunchyroll decides to address the situation, and further information on Bleach gets out to calm the angry fans down.

What are your views on this issue? How are you planning to watch the Thousand-Year Blood War arc when it comes out? Do tell us in the comments.