Classroom of the Elite Season 3: Everything You Need to Know

Classroom of the Elite is an exciting, multi-faceted series widely praised for its attention to detail and compelling plot. Examining issues such as social inequality, corruption in education and ultimately teaching readers valuable life lessons.

Classroom of the Elite has undoubtedly built its reputation as one of the most relevant anime titles in recent years, with strong writing, robust characterization, and a subtle message that education should be equally accessible to all, regardless of status or affluence.

Classroom of the Elite is a show worth watching for those who appreciate thought-provoking entertainment. Season 2 of the anime didn’t finish so long ago, and fans are already hyped for Season 3, so today, we’ll be talking about season 3 of Classroom of the Elite and everything you should know about it.

What Is The Storyline of Classroom of the Elite?

Classroom of the Elite follows a group of students enrolled in the prestigious Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School. These students strive to secure one of the elite spots at the end of their high school career and must work hard to earn a lofty spot in the social hierarchy.

The story explores how each student’s talents, background, and interactions with the other cast members mold them into who they become. With lives on the line, each student must make choices and decisions that will affect their educational journey.

All while surrounded by classmates like Kiyotaka Ayanokji, an enigmatic loner who hides his natural misanthropy behind his quiet, reclusive facade.

What Happened At The End of Classroom of the Elite Season 2?

After losing to Kiyotaka, Ryuen questions his decisions, which Mio disapproves of, given that he has become submissive. Kei is shocked by how strong her feelings have grown for Kiyotaka. Maya informs Kei that she will confess to Kiyotaka on Christmas Day in two days, given her affection for him.

When Kei calls later that night with inquiries about Maya, he is further perplexed by this and finds it even more perplexing. The next day, Kiyotaka tells Suzune that her brother feels she will benefit from joining the student council and urges her to do so.

Later that day, Ryuen and Kiyotaka run into each other and talk about how the former saved the latter by taking responsibility for the gymnasium incident along with Class D.

On a double date on Christmas Day, Kei and Hirata join Kiyotaka and Maya at their meeting. After watching a movie and having lunch together, Maya confides in Kiyotaka. He rejects her because he has never felt romantic feelings for anyone.

When Kei observes the rejection, he neither confirms nor denies that he sees everyone as an instrument for his gain. Following Kei and Kiyotaka as they part ways, Arisu claims to know Kiyotaka from the White Room and declares her desire to kill him. Then Kiyotaka questions if she can pull this off, possibly sparking a conflict.

Is Classroom of the Elite Season 3 Renewed?

With Classroom of the Elite ending its second season, viewers wonder whether a third season is in the works. You should know that season 3 was officially confirmed back in 2022 when the trailer for season 2 came out.

Studio Lerche will again be responsible for the animation, and will start airing in 2023. The huge success of both previous seasons and the popularity of the volumes within Kinugasa’s series that remain to be adapted into anime form made it obvious that season 3 would come out in no time.

This announcement was officially made when season 2 of the anime came out, and ever since, fans have been looking forward to it. Last season ended on a cliffhanger, so everyone is just waiting for season 3, and we are sure fans won’t be disappointed.

Classroom of the Elite Season 3 Cast and Crew

Providing voices for various animated characters, gaming characters, and even live-action television shows, voice actors play a vital role in making a show successful, so let’s look at the cast of Classroom of the Elite Season 3.

  • Chiba Shouya as Ayanokouji Kiyotaka
  • Kitou Akari as Horikita Suzune
  • Touyama Nao as Ichinose Honami
  • Taketatsu Ayana as Karuizawa Kei
  • Mizunaka Masaaki as Ryuuen Kakeru
  • Kubo Yurika as Kushida Kikyou
  • Satou Rina as Chabashira Sae

People who work behind the scenes are as important as voice actors, if not more, because an anime can’t be produced without them. Let’s look at the crew cast of Classroom of the Elite Season 3.

  • Seiji Kishi and Hiroyuki Hashimoto as Chief Directors
  • Sho Tanaka and Masahito Ikemoto as Producers
  • Kazuaki Morita as Character Designer
  • Masaru Yokoyama as Music Composer

Classroom of the Elite Season 3 Possible Release Date

Due to the positive reception and overall success of “Classroom of the Elite,” fans eagerly await news regarding a possible third season. Based on the usual release schedule for anime shows, the third season will air sometime in 2023, but looking back in time.

Both the previous seasons of the anime aired between July and November, so we can say season 3 will also come out between these two months. Unfortunately, official confirmation from the studio has yet to be announced.

So it is impossible to give an exact date at this time. All we can do is wait for any updates or statements from those responsible for greenlighting new seasons of this popular series.

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Classroom of the Elite Studio

Animation Studio Lerche is a Japanese animation studio founded in 2011. Specializing in creating unique, high-quality animated content, the studio has become well-respected for its quality animation production.

Notable projects include Assassination Classroom, Danganronpa, Sums of Wishes, and our favorite, Classroom of the Elite. Its works have been highly acclaimed by fans and critics alike, often garnering praise for their captivating visuals and compelling stories.

With over 12 years of experience in the field, Animation Studio Lerche continues to be a leader in innovating fresh new ideas for animated content.

How Many Episodes Did the 2 Seasons of Classroom of the Elite Have?

Classroom of the Elite season 1 anime adaptation has a total of 12 episodes, and season 2 has 13 episodes, each running for approximately 24 minutes. The first season aired from July 2017 to September 2017, and the second aired from July 2022 to September 2022.

Where Can You Watch Classroom of the Elite Series?

Classroom of the Elite is an immensely popular anime series. The show can be watched on Crunchyroll and Disney+, both offering subscribers access to the full library of past seasons and new content.

In a few countries, it is also available on Netflix; however, the show is no longer available on Netflix India. You can also watch the anime on Funimation and Amazon Prime. All these platforms provide dub and sub-episodes, but not all are free, so you might have to pay to watch on these legal platforms.

Is Classroom of the Elite Manga Finished?

The Classroom of the Elite manga and light novel is a popular series by author Syohgo Kinugasa and illustrator Shunsaku Tomose, released in 2015. The first part of the light novel that came out with the name Classroom of the Elite: Year 1 has a total of 14 light novel volumes and 12 manga volumes. Year 1 was concluded here.

The later sequel, Classroom of the Elite: Year 2, started airing in January 2020 and is still ongoing. So far, it has a total of 10 light novel volumes, and the manga series of Classroom of the Elite: Year 2 has a total of 1 volume. As of now, Kinugasa’s series is still ongoing, with no news on an official end date.

With both mediums of the franchise being rather successful, it is unlikely that the series will see a conclusion anytime in the near future.

How Many Manga Volumes Did the 2 Seasons of Classroom of the Elite Cover?

Let’s start with the first season. Season 1 of the anime covers the first three volumes, and the anime adaptation came out with 12 episodes. Season 2 of the anime was picked up in volume 4 and covered until volume 7.5. In these 4 volumes, there were a total of 41 chapters that were adapted for anime and came out in 13 episodes.

If we talk about the manga series, there has been no clue where it picked up or ended because the manga has been running behind the light novel series, so no one knows even if the manga has caught up to season 2 of the anime or not.

The series officially started as a light novel series, and fans took more interest in the light novel than the manga, so the manga didn’t become popular and appealing to the audience.

Which Manga Chapter Should I Read For Classroom of the Elite Season 3 Story?

If you want to stay ahead of the anime or you just like reading and Classroom of the Elite is one of your favorite series, you should start reading Light Novel Volume 8 from chapter 1, “A New Special Exam – Mixed Training Camp.”

The Light Novel series of this anime has been considered one of the best, and everyone who has read them has been a fan of it, and there is no changing the fact that the Light Novel series is the reason why this franchise became so popular.

What to Expect From the Classroom of the Elite Season 3?

Season 3 will begin with a fresh Special Test that will, this time, send all the Elites to a neighboring mountain. It’s crucial to note that, as Ayanokoji and Ryuuen concurred, our major protagonists are now in Class C and, with their current set in motion, will fully destroy Class D and transcend Ichinose’s B class.

Boys and girls will first be divided in this new exam, named Mixed Training Camp, and will then be made to form groups. Each team needs a captain who earns double points and bears the consequences if their team fails the test and is dismissed from school. Season 3 will be rougher, which means it will be more fun for us.

Classroom of the Elite is an anime worth watching for its dramatic and complex narrative. What’s unique about this series is its theme bringing attention to concepts such as socio-economic divisions, privilege, and power dynamics; all these are important topics in today’s world and point to their presence in our educational system.

People loved the first two seasons of this anime, and season three is coming soon, so what are your views and thoughts about the anime? Let us know it all.

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